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first name: Bobbie Jo
location: Washington DC
pups you have: kuma and rummy

comments: I couldn't leave the website without saying THANK YOU!! The world needs more people like you.

My babies, Kuma and Rummy, were born outside to a pit mother who was tied up to a tree-- left to fend for themselves. Despite their cruel start in life, they are wonderful and loveable.. I can't imagine my life without those two! Thank you for bringing hope to the sweet and oft misunderstood breed!!!

Bobbie Jo, Matt, Kuma and Rummy


first name: Liz
location: Northeast US
pups you have: Minnie

comments: Hello Eric -- I've been a fan of your site for about a year now. I love your dedication to such a misunderstood breed. I own a 6yr. old spayed female pit-bull - Minnie. I'm always keeping an eye out for another dog to join our family. I purchased several products to help advertise your site. I noticed my t-shirt and license plate frame get the most comments and questions, I happily answer. Keep up the good work. I also look forward to your updates. Thank you. Liz

Here's proud Minnie with her mates!!



first name: Thomas
location: PA
pups you have: Alan

comments: Hello Eric, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how great it is that you do what you do and I love your website, many lunch breaks have been spent laughing and enjoying your photos and stories.  I have been working with all breed animal rescue, for about 3 years now and have grown very fond of the pit-bull breed. 

"Anybody who has ever had the pleasure of owning one knows what I mean.  I adopted my last foster, Alan(attached) and he has been velcro to me from the first day I had him.  I am guessing that he has some pit in him due to his very strong build, but what an absolute bundle of joy, he had a pretty rough life before me, from shelter, then a home, then a foster home, then me, and from what I know none of the places before were very forgiving to a puppy with boundless energy. 

Thank god he found me and now he is mine forever."

"The Harrisburg PA Humane Society is full of Pit-bulls, pure and mixed, east and west shore alike.  I went to the East shore shelter and played with three last Saturday that have been there for over a year, and their spirits are not broken yet thank the lord, such awesome animals. 

Keep up the wonderful work and if you ever need a transport or temp foster or anything in Harrisburg I would love to help however I can.

Thanks, Thomas "


first name: Debby
location: Boston , MA
pups you have: Chloe

comments: Hey there Eric. Chloe and I have been fans of your website for a very long time. We admire your love and understanding of this wonderful breed. I have been a mommy to Chloe since she was 12 weeks old. She recently turned 11 this past May and is the best companion a person can have.

She does have "issues" with other dogs which is unfortunate, but it hasn't stopped anyone from loving and caring for this amazing little animal. Just look at the smile on her face. Who can resist?!

Although Boston has become rather unfriendly towards pit bulls, we have been trying to promote the breed whenever possible. Chloe's friendliness and good nature has won over many skeptics. And I do my part by volunteering with a local all-dog rescue here.

I have sent links to your site to many friends and cyber friends. Chloe and I really appreciate all the great work you do in helping her fellow bullies.

Keep up the good work!

Well, it's great to see Deb is such an understanding, loving mom of her Chloe, who couldn't have asked for a better 11 years -- GREAT WORK, DEB!

first name: Dave
location: Bergen County, NJ
pups you have: Zeus

comments: We were looking for to rescue an American Bulldog, but when we saw 'Zeus' snoring in a dish pan at the rescue, it was love at first site.

We suspect he is a cross between pit and amstaff, because his head is flat and wide, with the classic 'V' in the forehead, larger than most pits we have seen.

He's everything you could want in a companion, inquisitive, tenacious, intelligent but all else loving and gentle. He deserves to live forever!!!

And just like that, we now discover little Zeus has a wheel-chair --

-- and Dave never said a word about it, taking Zeus' challenge in stride.

This inspired me to do Chico's obituary, here, to which Dave wrote --

You are a godsend for these animals.  That is an awe-inspiring story.  It's good to know there are other people that are believe as we do, that just because your companion is injured or sick, you don't just put him down.

I'd have sold a car if I needed to get the money for Zeu's double knee operation, or back do what you have to do, they give it back Tenfold...but you know what I am talking about.

If you ever get to Bergen County, dinner is on me.  Your dogs are welcome too... Dave

Well now, any words I add to this can't add much, but in short, thank God people like Dave are out there, making this world a better place, day by day...!!

first name: ilona & frank
location: The Netherlands
pups you have: Bam-Bam

comments: Heey -- i just wanna say that you do good work for the pitbulls in the usa -- and go on with the good work!

We also have a american stafford terrier - her name is bam-bam. We live in the netherlands but here you only can have a stafford if you got the right fci certificate of orgin for dogs! Stupid law!

Keep up the good work and save the pitbull's - here is a picture from our doggy!

Greetings -- ilona & frank and BAM-BAM


first name: Alison
location: Santa Barbara, CA
pups you have: Daisy Mae

comments: Hey there!  I wanted to say "Thank You" for all your hard work.  I am a newer (one year) pit bull guardian and the lifestyle of having a dog that is 10 dogs in 1 agrees with me. 

I wanted to let you know that my dog, Daisy Mae, is currently the Dogster Dog of the Week and is getting the attention of about 10,000 people per day since she's on the dogster home page.

You can go to the main page and Daisy is The Dog of the Week on the upper right or her direct link is .  I'm so proud of Dogster for choosing an APBT as their Dog of the Week and it's a great chance to teach others about the loving nature of this breed & to dispel myths. 

Look at how trepidacious Daisy looked on her 3rd day with us. Now she prances around!  Raw food has totally changed how soft she is and the condition of her skin in just 3 weeks too! 

Also, I just made "pup pals" with Dolly, that all white girl who is being fostered right now.  So good for you!!  Keep up the hard work. 

When my beloved APBT, Bella, passed recently (she looks so much like your Victor!), all I could do was cry and I would read your success stories to pull me out of my slump enough to get out of bed.

So you are helping people too when you help dogs.  You are fighting the good fight and there are happy pitties in homes all over thanks to you!


Well, what a great addition little Daisy Mae is proving to be with Alison and her boyfriend -- and how GREAT it is that she made Dogster's "Dog of the Week" --

-- GREAT WORK, ALL, and keep representin' -- !!


first name: Jen
location: Nazareth, PA
pups you have: Yankee and Eddie

comments: thanks for putting up such a great site! we have one pure piddie (yankee) and one mix piddie, which we rescued from a shelter. they're the most amazing dogs i've ever had. you've done a great job portraying this breed as the loyal, loving dogs that they truly are. i wish the uneducated public would read your stories to get enlightened.



first name: Victoria and Zach
location: Colorado
pups you have: Kiya and Lily

comments: I stumbled upon your website and I cannot thank you enough for the work you do!  I have two rescue pitties and I will never own another breed of dog.  They are the most affectionate, expressive, amazing dogs!  I currently live in Denver and we fighting aggressively to overturn the current pit bull ban (well did live in Denver until we were forced to move).  The persecution is terrible in this city!! 

It is so reassuring to see that there are so many individuals out there that love and support pitties.  Keep it up! Thank you again.  It warms my heart.

Victoria, Zach and "The Girls"--Kiya and Lily



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