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first name: Shanon
location: Upstate NY
pups you have: Gunner

comments: Our pitbull, Gunner, is 2-1/2... he is white and has one green eye and one blue eye, and is deaf in one ear.  He can hear very loud noises, comes to our loud claps... and hand signals work just fine.

We have two children ages 10 and 4 and he's great with them.  Still a crazy puppy, but calms down more and more every day.  I'll send some pictures! 

Thanks for your time and for what you're doing at SPBR!



first name: Joanna
location: Haledon, NJ
pups you have: Hollie and Tony

comments: I am impressed. You did alot to this site since last time I saw it. Good luck and let me know if u ever need any help. I rescued my dogs too. Hollie from Passaic Animal Shelter and Tony from Paws For Love. I'm sure you know Linda :) Good luck again. :) Joanna

First name: danielle, davonesse and my mom
location: Bronx, NY
pups you have: Buster

comments: hello, my name is danielle and i live in the bronx , new york . i am 12 years old and i have a beautiful pit bull named buster.

my mom and i were looking at your site and we fell in luv with all of the dogs. it was really sad to see the pictures of the dogs that had passed away. my mom is always trying to help people in our neighborhood with there pets.

buster is 2 and we want another pup but we dont have the space now. i just wanted to tell you that what you are doing is great!

when i am older i am going to join the aspca nypd so that i can help dogs get out of bad situations. i am sending pics of buster so that you can see more pitbulls that are loved! keep up the good work and god bless!


if you ever need a volunteer to come help clean up after the dogs my little sister and i would luv it!

WOW -- what a responsible young woman danielle's mom is raising --

-- and those BEADS on BUSTER --




first name: madeline
location: trumbull, ct
pups you have: george

comments: I love pit bulls! I am Madeline and I am 9 years old from Trumbull. I thought that me and my friends could sponsor you or help raise money. I have a 9 year old pit bull mix named George. My dad rescued him from Yankee stadium. Everybody thinks pit bulls are mean but they are mostly just love bugs. It gets me so angry to see a mistreated pit bull because they have a bad reputation. When I grow up I want to be just like you. I have helped the trumbull animal group and when I heard about you I decied right away my answer was found. PLEASE RIGHT ME BACK. PLEASE PLEASE PLESE WRITE BACK AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS LETTER. PLEASE! this is a picture of george

- madeline

Well, how beautiful, and how humbling. To win the respect of a child is priceless. Thank you Madeline, and to Madeline's parents, for raising such a strong, vibrant, pit bull loving girl -- !!

PS - George, you hit the jackpot -- even if she makes you wear roses -- !!



first name: Phil
location: Leeds, England
pups you have:

comments: Hi eric,

I'll be brief as I'm sure you have many e-mails daily. Just wanted to you to know how fantastic your site is and how touching it is to see some one who is able to express his love for dogs in such powerful way. The info given by the site on PB's is very interesting to me as a dog lover, in the UK PB's are outlawed under dangerous dogs act, so its unlikely I'll ever be an owner, but its heart-warming to hear about the success stories and to see the great photo's of PB's in the company of those who want them in their lives. The photos are a credit to you and are an inspiration to me, to know that owning a powerful breed dog is nothing to do with status or threat but more to do with understanding respect of creatures that so many people are willing to dismiss and throw away.

Thank you for the info, wonderful pics, and your kindness to the dogs.


Thanks for the reply Eric. Glad you got my comments. I'm what you might call a basic internet user, dont even have a digital camera!, although I'm able at least to have Precious as my wallpaper on my PC at work. Wish I could contribute to your great photos. Couldnt quite find an area on your site for comments/guestbook but would like to add something from the UK if I could. Lots of people in the UK have what the press call 'Pit Bull type dogs', and whenever I see them outside my local gas station or 7 - 11 looking tough waiting for their owner, a quick whistle or click of fingers always send the tail wagging or a roll over for belly scratch giving away their true personality. Our short staffordshire terrier seen on the streets of Leeds where I live is steadily getting longer on the leg and much much heavier, so I think there may be more PB relations in the UK than I thought. Great that you replied!


Really appreciate your response and interest Eric, my wallpaper is Prec sitting, appearing to stand guard in a wharehouse, lots of boxes saying 'Animal consumption only'. There are so many pic's I'm not sure where I found it on your site, but she looks v handsome. Kind of you to poss mention my comments on your site, I'm sure your'e always busy but dogs are my life and a great distraction from selling cars! Thinking about some re-training to try for a career as a dog behaviourist. Wish I could help with your cause, keep up the empassioned work. If you have time let me know what section I might see the comments if they make it.





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