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They love each other...



Well, Redman (now Monty) has an angel, or two... or three... looking after him. Redman was originally a West Virginia pup, found one day while children threw rocks and stones at him.

Redman next went to the local shelter, and suffered weight-loss and infection -- he was kept in an outdoor kennel, and was slowly deteriorating. Here are pictures of his conditions...



Redman was clearly not doing well at this shelter. Enter, the first angel -- Carrie, from Boston. Carrie wrote, "He cannot stay where he is at. I am so afraid of him being stolen and he also cries and cries for someone to come and play with him. " Redman was shortly thereafter transported to Northern VA, and I drove down one hot August Sunday from CT to retrieve the sweet boy. Here Redman and I are, at our meeting -- :)


Thereafter, Red was a sweet boy with me, going along to dog fairs and just being a friendly pup. He played with the other dogs great, and loved to sit on sofa and watch everyone coming and going.


Redman became more and more of a special dog to me, with the sweetest eyes and personality -- he was so sweet when I would walk him, and when I would come home from work to take him outside, he would run so hard he would hit the wall, then turn to run out the door, and run in to the sofa -- finally making it out the door! Redman was indeed thankful where he was, and he didn't forget where he came from.


Yesterday, Melanie and Wade came to visit, initially looking for a puppy. They found the rescue on Petfinder. Redman was out for a walk, and when they met them, it was all over. They were exceptional applicants from the outset, with Melanie writing in her application:

"We have both had tragic losses of our best friends/pets in the past 3 years, and after allowing each other appropriate grieving periods, we are now happier than ever to be "parents" once again.

My dog Tyson meant everything to me - there wasn't a place I went with out him. I know that I can never replace what he meant to me, but I am looking forward to building a new family with one of your rescued pups. Wade also suffered when he prematurely lost Trigger, his pitbull, to a cranial absess that burst and he unable to be saved.

I volunteer most Saturdays at the Danbury Animal Shelter by walking the dogs, which unfortunately are only allowed out once a week -- it is the closest thing I have to having one of my own other than the two dogsitting jobs I have."

Melanie and Wade passed their home-visit last night with Redman, too, and she called today to say, "Thank you for giving us the best thing that ever happened to us." She said Redman is very intelligent, and has learned additional obedience over the past day, and she says he acts like her little shadow, following her around the house and discovering his new world.

So, in short, Redman has many angels around him, and for that we are oh-so-thankful.



Update: We recently received this photo of Red and his new momma, Melanie -- this is why I do it -- I love this boy, and he is happy ever after --



Here's an update from 10/15 from Mel --

"Hello eric!

Monty is the best dog ever....mostly my dog :)- no matter how hard I tried to sell him on Wade.He is very much a momma's boy and that is fine with me!

I have restructured my schedule so that I am now nannying 3 days a week tues,Wed,and thursday giving Monty and I long weekends together. I am also able to come home any time to walk him and play. We couldn't be happier...Wade gets a little jealous of Monty, but it is getting better :)

As far as the housebreaking- he only peed once in the house, but in his defense he didn't know how to get outside and it was only on the first day.

I  lobbyed fr him to be loose during the second part of the day and he blew it. He tore up the house and peed on both beds and so needless to say, he is in the crate when we are not home. He knows when he has been bad and literally can not handle when I am mad at him, so I can't stay that way for long. I love Monty so much..thank you thank you thank you!

He is sitting, laying down and coming when called. I brought him dogsitting with me this week and he was playing so nicely with the other dogs.

How is Elmer?


Here's an update I received today, 10/21, from Melanie -- what a perfect pair!

"Last night Wade and I were finishing up painting the trim white in our bedroom and by "our" I mean Monty and my (his snoring bothers Wade) bedroom :)

Anyway, Monty knows I am his safe haven as I am always defending his mischevious behavior. SO he was taunting Wade by inching up close to the trim (which was wet still) while enjoying getting a rise out of Wade. He would then run bhind me and kiss me incesantly, almost saying "Mommy isn't this fun???"

Monty has been so good for me, I have been sick for a good amount of time now. I had a surgery last Tues. to take a biopsy sample from my throat. Turns out everything came back the way we hoped,as there was no indication of cancer cells :)

Monty has had everything to do with my recovery and I am feeling 100% again!

Monty and I spend the majority of our time at Tarrywile  Park or visiting his buddies at the pet store. Monty loves to spash around in the lake!

His allergies have improved drastically and his wounds from chewing himself are healing up and vanishing! I have been treating him with tea tree oil (smells really good too!) and sena dyne or something like that....he is doing really well!!!!!

I love him lots! Hope all is well with you and your crew!


Winter Update!



Redman came back to rescue after a few months in his placed home --



Dogs get returned for various reasons, and adult dogs often take longer to place in adoptive homes --




Per my adoption contract, if an adopter needs to relinquish an adopted dog, they call me first so I can take the dog back in to rescue -- this is before taking the dog to the shelter, or placing the dog with friends, etc --



This has worked very well, and with the help of some great people and shelters, dogs have been given third- or fourth-chances --



Redman was no exception, and he came back to rescue to await his perfect forever home --



-- you can see here, he's a bit chubby, but that's better than being too skinny -- !!



-- and he's still as sweet as he ever was --



-- many who adopt pit bulls and their variants, tell of their keen interest in licks and loving --

-- well, Redman is certainly no exception -- !!






Spring, 2005 -- Redman packs his things and moves to Cape Cod --

-- see his journey here -- !!