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Emma is both a beauty and a scholar!


Click here for her second year 2006 update!

Click here for her one year 2005 update!



Emma could be Ms. America if she wanted to -- she's both beautiful and intelligent, and to boot, she's a pit bull!

We rescued Emma from Hartford AC on her kill date -- she waited her 7 days and without adoption prospects, her options were slim. Quite honestly, it was the EARS -- what a BEAUTY!

I received a great application from Alena, in Troy, NY, for Emma. We took a 3 hour drive for the home-visit, and we couldn't have been more pleased -- Alena and her roommates hammed around with Emma like she'd been there all along -- except for a morning after "she PEED in my bed" call, Alena and Emma have seen eye to eye ever since!

I recently got a message from Alena that little Em passed her obedience class -- GOOD WORK GIRL! Below is her proudest moment -- a beauty and a scholar!


Emma at her graduation -- proud as a peacock and a PURE BREED REPRESENTATIVE --

GOOD WORK, Emma and Alena!


Here's Emma with her new momma, Alena, and friends -- we THINK she was happy!


Here's Emma and momma, happy as can be...!


Emma gets to be the little girl she's always wanted to be!


On her new sofa, thinking, "Okay, Eric, you can go now!"


Emma in our yard as a foster -- such powerful finesse...


At the home-visit...


A success story, through and through -- we're proud of you, girl!


March 2005 update!


Well, a year later, Emma is still thriving in her forever home... here she is with her boyfriend, Max...



Her momma writes:

"My boyfriend has an 8-month-old American Bulldog named Maximus.  Emma and Max are like two peas in a pod - Max can handle Emma's "play" style.  I'll attach a picture of the both of them."

GREAT WORK, Max and Momma!


May 2006 update!

Alena writes --

"Hi Eric, Alena and Emma here, reporting from Brooklyn.  It has been a good year -- I've made some big life choices and now I'm going to school to become a counselor.  This summer I'll be working on a therapeutic farm that does wildlife rehabilitation, organic farming, and has a bunch of farm animals, as well as a residential facility and school for emotionally or behaviorally challenged children.  It is my dream job come true! 

Emma has been busy getting fat (well, not too fat, but so much bigger than when you dropped her off!).  Emma is quite the social animal, and New York has been the perfect place for her in many ways.  She has a little trick to get belly rubs - wherever there is a crowd of people, she just lies down, sighs, and gives the puppy look.  People are all over her.

I'm also sending a pic of Emma in her new sweater that I knit for her and she is doing a new trick: "sit pretty".  : )

I hope you are doing well. 
Best wishes,
alena + emma

All I can say is, thank God for people like Alena!