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Cubby is loved...

Click here for Cubby's (Bubbles') Jan 2005 update!

Click here for our 2011 memories of this little prince...



If polygamy were legal, this would fit the bill --

John and his wife stopped by from the Hamptons tonight to adopt Cubbie. They passed their homecheck yesterday with flying colors (THANKS CHERYL!) --

-- John is in love with Cubbie -- there's no other way to say it -- John looked at 100s of pups on Petfinder and ended on Cubbie -- determined to adopt him --

-- from John's application, he wrote, "I work at home so the dog will never be alone. I will not even visit friends unless they allow the dog to come with me. I took my last dog to outdoor cafes, shops (East Hampton is very dog friendly), recording studios (on the rare occasions that I work outside of my home), etc. I have 2 acres of land with 1/2 acre fenced in and live 1/2mile from the bay and 3 miles from the ocean. The dog will have a very good life."

-- an hour after their departure, I received a call, and looking at my caller-ID, realized it was John -- "oh no, the dreaded 'we're returning him call'" I thought" --

-- it was John, indeed, and he asked if Cubbie could eat tonight, since he was recently neutered -- PHEW, I thought -- I said, "sure, a premium dry food and water -- he might have diarrhea from the diet change" --

-- and John said, "we were thinking chicken and rice" -- I quickly corrected "oh yes, chicken, water and rice" -- PERFECT --

Cubbie is spending this evening in John's Manhattan apartment, to be whisked to John's East Hampton house tomorrow...

This is a long way from Cubbie's "impound #69" days at the city pound, when there was reservation on his "adoptability" because of his kennel cough --

-- this is why I do it, and this is why I love it --


Here is Cubby in the Hartford pound... to go from near-death to happy-ever-after -- Cubby is blessed...

January, 2005!


I recently heard from John -- here is what he writes:

"We changed Cubby's name to Bubbles shortly after we got him and he is known and loved by everyone in the village of East Hampton. Just had a check-up with Dr. Dowd at south fork animal hospital and he's in great shape and has reached a perfect weight (51.2 lbs.) I've been told that he's their best patient-agreeable, friendly and just a joy to deal with.

I generally drive into Manhattan on Mondays and we always go to the Washington Square dog run. Again, everyone - dog and human alike - who meets him, falls immediately in love with him."

John continues:

"We go to the ocean beach whenever weather permits but because of the stigma about pit bulls in the Hamptons, I keep him on a long lead to allay any other dog owners fears. Eventually, when the entire population out here knows him, we'll experiment letting him run off the lead. For now, he has our 2 acres and the dog run to run freely in and he frequently has the company of other dogs, whose owners take advantage of our property.

His diet consists of chicken (or fish), rice and a veggie-usually Broccoli. He has knuckle bones stationed all over the house (and yard) so his teeth are perfect.

In the top picture, Bubs is in bed watching his favorite program- the Purina Cog Competition-apparently the "flying disc" competition is his favorite.
Anyway, as you already know, I work at home so he's never alone. In short, we found the perfect dog and he has the perfect life.

Thanks again-John"

Perfect -- absolutely perfect.... THANK YOU JOHN!

October 2011 -- words are hard to come by...

John writes --

"Dear Eric,

I hope you remember us.
My wife Ania and I came from East Hampton to adopt Cubby (whom we renamed Bubbles) about 8 years ago.

He has sadly passed away, from abdominal cancer which had spread to his lungs.
We had him put to sleep before the suffering began, as he was beginning to cough up blood and the outlook for a painless future was bleak.

Needless to say, we're heartbroken.
He was the sweetest, gentlest creature God ever created-beloved not only by us but by everyone who met him.

I have never seen so many people break into spontaneous tears upon hearing of his passing-he was a permanent fixture in our town , whom every one was happy to see on our daily strolls through the town and then onto the beach.

In fact we, spent every day-regardless of the season, walking the sands of East Hampton and Amagansett with he Bichon pal, Arby.
He had the best life any dog could possibly have had and he filled every day of my life with joy-the pain right now is immeasurable.
I know you understand this.

And I know it will pass.

He continues ...

"I know there will never be another like Bubbles-he was extraordinary-but I know there are a lot of wonderful, loving Pit Bulls out there and I can't imagine my life without one.
If you could please help us find another dog-one who like Bubbles, is friendly with other dogs.

Perhaps you can direct us to dogs on your website that you think might be appropriate for us.
And tell us when you might be free to see us (perhaps sometimes next week) as it's a bit of a journey from East Hampton, we need to make some advance preparation.
If you'd like to call, please feel free. .

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for your consideration and thank you so much for Bubbles.

Sincerely John and Ania

And then, on our facebook, John wrote --

"You never really know they're sick until the sickness takes over.

You love them and they give you a thousand times more love in return and they are happy in a way that defies all reason and that makes you love them with a sublime unreasonableness which is multiplied every day in ways that only you can know and all you ever want to do-the only thing in your life that you know with absolute certainty that you must do, is protect them.
As they have protected you."

And you don't want to believe the signs.

After all-they can't tell you if they're feeling punk and they're so easily distracted, content to revel in the littlest things-so happy for that piece of Jarlsberg or that ride in the new convertible.

Top down, wind rushing unimaginable odors to their precious wet noses-dead squirrels, discarded turkey sandwiches, deer, and all that foreign dog pee-lord how they love that.

And embracing life with super human vigor-basking in our unqualified and inexhaustible love-they say fuck it, I hurt but I'm here.

“Where we goin' dad”?
“Where's my bisky”?"

"At first you dismiss the barely perceptible lethargy-the one-second difference in response time.
“C'mon Bubs, let's go to the beach”.

2 seconds later, he jumps off the bed, ready to go.
It only used to take one.

Your heart asks your brain to calculate a solution, based on desperate and disparate data.

Maybe he was stung by a bee or he ate garlic or was depressed because I went to Paris or…

At this point, your heart and brain team up to slap you upside the head and command you to “take him to the vet”.

And he was happy to be there.
They loved him and he loved love.
He loved every stranger he ever met.
That was his way.

So to him, this was just another blissful day full of adoration.
More smells, more biskies, more petting, more kind words.
They helped him go out the way he came to me.
Kindly and gently.

Knowing he was loved.
Waiting for the next bisky.

Well, our hears here at SPBR are heavy, hearing of our dear boy's passing --

-- what a life, what an example and what a victory for Bubbles, going from the Hartford pound to the Hamptons with John and Ania.

I remember the day clearly, when we pulled Bub from the Hartford pound -- all I could remember was "Wow, what a happy, carefree boy" --

-- and that's what he was till the very end -- so much that it hurt.

We love you Bubbles, and we love the love you gave, and we're so thankful we could help you.