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Eli's definitely got an angel (or two) watching out for him -- !!


Click here to see our boy in print, in November 2006!

Here's the story of little Eli, a pit bull who was found on the side of the road with a broken leg --

-- he had been hit by a car that kept on going...

... his original story is here...


He was taken to the local animal control, who took him to the emergency hospital --

-- there, he examined and treated for his fractured leg, plus some scrapes and bruises --

-- after that, Dr. W called me about him, and I came and photographed him for the site --

Not too long after, we got a GREAT prospect for him, and Dr. W came in EARLY to volunteer her time to neuter him --

-- WAY TO GO -- !!

Also, time was of the essence -- little Eli had only 5 days at the clinic, and then he would be euthanised -- :(


Well, here's our little man on his discharge day --

-- you can see the new personality and light in his eyes --

-- he's HAPPY and he knows he's been BLESSED -- !!

PS - his original owners never came to the town or clinic to claim him, so he classified as abandoned --

-- not for long -- !!


Here he is, greeting me --

-- body lean and all -- !!


He bids farewell to the staff, and in his excitement, he pees for about 30 seconds --

-- well THAT can be taken care of, little man -- !!


Next, he and I take a break before his home visit --

-- what a SWEET boy little Eli is -- such a great example of the breed --


-- at the home visit, he goes down his checklist --

-- and the first box is "smells" --

-- PASS -- !!


He seems to whisper,

"I love it here..." --

-- that he'll express more in the next pictures -- !!


Then he meets his new momma, Keri --

-- Keri has breed experience and is also very committed to Eli --

-- he will be an only-pet here, which I think is critical. The combination of his healing leg, plus the new surroundings, make for an "only pet" home -- at least for now -- !!


And then he comes back to me, for another ruuuubbbbb -- !!


He shows momma where he loves being rubbed most --

-- his belly -- !!


-- and then he breaks out in uncontrolled happiness ---

-- THAT we like -- !!


More hamming it up by Eli -- !!

Realize the huge amount of pain this boy is going through with his front leg, and he's still sweet as a pea --

-- sure, he's on some pain meds, but never enough, right Eli??!!


Momma finds another "spot" for rubbin' --


-- and as you can see, Eli takes full advantage of the attention -- !!


The beauty of this boy, going from basically road-kill to this --

-- happy, loved, and loving --


-- and as only those who have pit bulls really know, can they EVER smile -- !!


Next, we see if this sweet boy can do any tricks --


-- and he sits for treats --


GOOD BOY, Eli -- !!!


He's also a prince about being housetrained, going to the door when he needs to go out -- !!


As you can see, Eli was definitely and "indoor dog" in his past life, and will DEFINITELY be one again -- !!


As I get my bags ready to leave, Eli shows a bit of a long face --


-- but NOT for long -- !!

As you can see, he's happy as can be here -- !!


He takes a second to realize his blessings --

-- still smiling -- !!


-- and then smiles so much it hurts -- !!


He comes to momma --


-- and gives kisses --

-- with that, we're done, and he's home forever -- !!


Thank you so much, Keri, for making this boy's life complete again --

-- in 3-4 weeks, he'll heave his cast off and will be ready to butt-run around the house -- !!


The odds of such an adoption are pretty slim, and I am very thankful for adoptors like Keri --

-- Eli is an adult male pit bull with dark coloring and a temporary handicap --

-- and NONE of those issues phase either him or Keri --

-- THAT'S what we like to see -- !!


Look forward to future updates on this boy, and just compare this picture to the first couple at the top of this page --

-- you KNOW he's happy -- !!



Eli is famous!

Well, I got an email last week that our boy, Eli had made it big, and that he was in print -- !!

So, I ordered the book, by Joan Banks of

The book features many short stories of dogs' lives that were markedly changed by petfinder and the pups' adopters --

-- it is a great holiday gift, and can be found here.

So, on to our boy --!!

Here's Eli's story, "A Smilin' Pit Bull", which is chronicled in pictures above, and in print below --

-- here's his story...

So, Eli (aka Lennox) had a bad stroke of luck, and then a mighty fine one -- !!

I am very happy with the write-up on or boy -- one thing, at the right here, is that Keri was taking Eli to the dog-park -- I have since spoken with her on this, and have pointed out the merits of close, 1-on-1 supervised play instead!

Again, as always, many thanks to the great folks at -- without it, many rescues, like SPBR, wouldn't work -- !!

Also, please consider purchasing a copy or two for holiday gifts -- or simply getting one for yourself!

Again, the book can be found here.