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Kate is now a queen -- with that, you'll agree!!


Click here to see 2009 is doing this girl right!

Click here for Kate's 2007 update!

Click here to see Kate's new friend!


Here's the story of Asia's baby, Kate (formerly Jezebel), who sailed in to a lovely home.

To the right is momma Asia, who came to rescue from New York City -- falling in to great luck -- more on her story can be found here.


Here's little Jezebel, now Kate, at one week old -- the only girl of a litter of 6...

... plus, she was the runt of the bunch -- !!


Here she is, at three weeks.

I love seeing the tiny inkdots on puppies noses fill out to blacken them up -- protecting them from the sun -- !!


Here's out little lady, being airlifted with brother Smidge...


... and it's really, really hard not to call favorites with babies like this one...


Here's the brood, at five weeks, sleeping in a ball...


... time passes...


... and we're ready for our coming out!

We pile in to the car and head out to Merideth and Ian's, who were kind enough to have the event at their house...


Shortly after our arrival, Merri has a baby in both arms...


... and baby number 1 says, "Waaaaiitttt a minute here -- I though I was the only baby -- !!"


Here's Billie, or Prince William, who is Kate's new brother --

-- Price William and Queen Katherine -- we like it -- !!

Notice Billie's left ear is docked -- Ian and Merri found a lump there, and their vet removed it, preventing future problems with cancer and the like --

-- we loooveee responsible parents -- !!


As the party goes on, Kate thinks, "How can I ditch these brothers, ASAP??!!"


And the deal is sealed -- Kate's found her forever home...


... not so quickly, missy -- !! First the spays and neuters, which can be explored more here --


Now the clock's at 8 weeks, the babies are bathed, and we're ready for our home visits and placements -- !!


We all pile in to the car, including a few add-ons, Turtle, Onyx and Plato -- all who were in an urban shelter and who had reached their "time" -- ie, their time was up --


First Smidge goes home on Long Island --


-- and Kate peers with envy --


-- then she retreats to a warm towel, saying, "I'm still the runt, you know -- !!"


Next is Turtle, in downstate NY --

-- Kate says, "Whatever, striped boy..."


-- and she again gets comforted by a warm blanket --


I assure little Kate that her turn is coming -- !!


She says, "Okay -- but my patience is running THIN with all these boys -- !!"


Next is Plato, in Yonkers -- Kate howls him off --


-- and she instead heads for the mirror, primping for her upcoming placement -- !!


She also fits in a small beauty nap --


And then we're HERE -- !!

Kate loves on her new dad, Ian --


-- and the babies are reunited --


This is nothing short of a family affair, with grand-parents and video-camera rolling -- !!


Kate meets the senior members of the family --


-- and with that, we're done -- a fitting, loving home for this little peach -- !!


3 weeks later...


As time passes, Kate gets bigger, and faster...


... barely stopping for the camera's eye -- !!




... zoommmm....


She settles down quick for a stomach rub... !!


... and savors it... !!

Merri writes...

"She is doing just spectacular!  She is loving romping in our large yard and sniffing every square inch!  We play all the time and she is really feeling at home here.  She sleeps completely through the night in a small crate in our bedroom and during the day when she's resting she is in her crate in the kitchen.  She loves to pull her toys and run with them all around the kitchen.  It amazes me how much weight she can carry!"


Here's the money shot -- baby in her element -- !!

Merri continues...

"We had her at the vet for a meet and greet last week and they said she's doing just fine.  She weighed in at a little over 5 lbs.  They all fell in love with her instantly...which is obvious!  How could anyone not just be smitten with her?  :) "


... and she's off again -- !!


2 months later...


Fast-forward two months --

-- baby's growing up -- !!

Note the Home Again Micro-chip tag on her collar -- GOOD WORK, Merri and Ian -- !!

More on the chip can be found here --



Ian writes ...

"We took Kate up to my aunt's farm in Maine this past weekend and got some pretty shots of her :) "


So this is a success -- from beginning to end -- this girl is loving her new life, and her family loves her --

-- and guess what, little Kate -- you look EXACTLY like your momma -- !!

GREAT WORK, Merri and Ian -- !!

Want video? Click here


Friends forever...


Ian writes --

"As I think I told you, my sister and brother-in-law got an English Bull Dog a few weeks ago. Well, Kate and Daisy have become fast friends. It's a total riot watching them romp around."

Here, anticipation...



... and they meet... Daisy finding herself pinned -- !!


Two ladies, albeit different builds -- !!


The play-bow -- always a good sign -- !!


Happy days...

... enjoy the rest of your summer, girls -- !!

Kate's fairy-tale life continues!

Since we last saw baby Kate, she's gotten BIGGER -- !!

Ian writes --

"Kate has become an amazing ball retriever. We spend hours each day throwing the ball to Katie, along with long walks and some good indoor playtime."

"Kendall, our three year old, loves to throw the ball to Kate and watch her catch the ball in the air. It's amazing how well Kate does with the kids too. She's extremely gentle with them and gives plenty of licks."

"Ty, who is 18 months, loves to throw his toys for Kate to retrieve. It's funny to see them play catch in the house. Ty will throw a ball 2-3 feet away and Kate will fetch and drop it back in  his lap. So funny to watch."


"Billy and Kate received new collars a few weeks ago from your friends at Blocky Collars. What a great product. You'll find some shots attached of Billy and Kate showing off their new bling :)"

"Kate of course has meshed into the family perfectly. Kate and Billy both sleep in our bedroom with us (Kate on/in the bed most nights). Billy and Kate often kiss and rub noses in the early am.

It's ridiculous to watch them (especially as Billy was once a dog that would NEVER get near another animal without showing aggression)."

"Anyways, I hope all is well with you and your Brood. Meri and I still log in each day to see site updates with SPBR so keep up the amazing work!"

Well, if Kate isn't living the epitome of the good life -- !!

She's come soooo far in her past three years, going from an unwanted puppy in NYC to now an integral part of a loving and growing family.



2009 -- YAY KATE!!

Ian writes --

"Will write more in a few days, but let's just say that Kate had an incredible weekend running around my aunts farm in Maine. While she was never outside alone, she got to run off leash when we were outside. I saw this photo and thought you'd appreciate it.

I hope all is well."


And over the summer, I received --

"Hi Eric!

We hope this email finds you and your pack well!!  We got some GREAT shots of Kate this past weekend and wanted to share them with you as we know that no one can appreciate the 'pit smile' as much as you can!!!

"Kate has grown from an amazing puppy into a fantastic dog.  She turned 3 on April 1 and just continues to become more fabulous every day!"

"She's an champion ball chaser and walks with me and the kiddies as if it were her job!!!  She's very protective of us and guards the children with her life.  She snuggles and sleeps with us and gives love freely!  Lots of puppy kisses around here!!  She is OUTSTANDING with the children...very careful, cautious and gentle.

We are blessed to have found her through you and even Billy (our pit/dalmatian mix who is now 13!!) loves her.  "

"And although he'd NEVER admit it we catch him giving her kisses every single morning.  It is the cutest relationship ever. We are positive that she's kept him spry and helps him keep the spring in his elder step!!

We often look at and keep up on the fabulous work that you continue to dedicate your life to.  Keep up the wonderful job!!


Ian and Meredith Winston"


Well, all I can say is what a blessing good living is. To have had the opportunity to save little Kate, her mom and littermates from euthanasia, and then, from time to time, to be blessed with such updates from absolutely fantastic people --

-- my life is blessed.

Thank you to the Winston's for making many a people smile with this update, and we here at SPBR are so glad little Kate has brought such joy in to your life.