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We all know that sequels can be pretty ho-hum, but in this case, we've got a winner!


Click here for Penny's memorial -- and our plea for Redman

Click here to see Redman one year along!


Here's the re-telling of Redman's walk down the lane to "happily ever after" --

-- he originally was adopted by the couple at the right in CT, who had to surrender him 4 mos later for personal reasons.

More on his prior adoption is here.

They DID the right thing, by bringing him back to SPBR upon surrender, instead of dumping him in a kill shelter -- this boy is special, and too many people have blessed him along the way.



Next, enter heaven --

-- Penny, a prospect in Cape Cod, whose pit bull recently passed due to complications from cancer surgery.



Here's part of the email I just received from Krista, Penny's friend --

"Hi Eric, 

Tomorrow I get to meet Redman, the new love of Penny's life...

In a matter of a week our lives were changed forever when we lost DunnDunn.  I rescued Dunnie from an animal hostpital where he had been living in a concrete cell for a year - everyone that worked there "loved him but couldn't take him".  So I went for a visit one day and decided he should come home with me for the weekend. Which turned into a week, month, and then almost a year...until Penny met him.

Thank you so much for giving Penny such a wonderful gift - I can't wait to meet Redman.  When we lost Dunnie I wanted Penny to meet Lexi because I know the life that she offers her dogs is absolutely amazing...24 hours of companionship is hard to come by.  Especially when part of it is cruising in a jeep with the top down!  He is really going to have the best life you possibly could have ever imagined for him, hands down.
Your site is incredible and I've sent to everyone that I know - especially the people who think I'm crazy for loving pit bulls so much.  If you are ever in the area (Boston) and have some dogs with you - let me know, I'd love to meet you guys!


Okay, now could someone tell ME where to get friends as good as this -- !!

Below is Dunnie -- you can see the love in his face...



... and here's Penny. She has so many great traits as an adopter -- foremost, she chose REDMAN, an adult, over puppies that were available --

-- that in itself is worth a happy dance!

Adults have many advantages over puppies -- including they're already housebroken, and their temperament is already defined, and known by the adopter.



Inside, Redman meets Penny's best friend with a wag...



... and he quickly goes back to momma for more hugs and lovin'...



Then he comes to me for a quick "high five" --

-- I must say, Redman, we hit the jackpot this time!



... and he agrees...!!!



Next, Penny's daughter comes home and warms up to the little man...



... and he makes his round for kisses...



... "hmmmmm -- NEXT!!"



... and he licks his next victim!



Outside, we couldn't be happier -- a stockade fence, and Penny saying she ALWAYS supervises dogs 100% when outside --



Thor give the lawn a quick test...



... and Onyx joins in on the fun...



Of course, Thor lets it be known that HE would like to join Redman in this home, and that after some minor negotiations, he would happily live his days out on the Cape -- !!



Inside, Penny reviews obedience with our boy -- and he REMEMBERS -- !!!


-- and not to sound too much like a queen, but I just LOVE this house -- !!



That said, my work is done, and Redman has a new lease on life.



He is blessed, and doesn't he know it.

Penny works at a company that relocates trees for zealous land-owners on the Cape. This means she can bring Redman to work with her, and he will be a regular passenger in her Jeep Wrangler, buckled in, of course!

The great thing about Penny is that she realizes Redman has his own personality already, and that she will be patient in getting to know him -- if he doesn't like certain circumstances, people, etc., then she'll modify his exposure to those situations --



There we have it, two happy clams...

... here's Penny's one-day update --

"Redman is a sweet pea!!  All night every hour he would look at me as if to say thanks this is great!!  And kiss me all over my face (my bed is pretty comfortable)!! I tried to coax him into the shower, he felt bad that he didn't want to and tried (stuck his head in) I think I'll try a sponge bath on the deck.  I appreciate all the time you spent here yesterday, and my apologies for the length of's a serious decision. 

It was very obvious that your dogs are not the only ones with a heart of gold.  Red met the kitties and went crazy, hopefully he wanted to play with them and not use them for cheweez....time will tell.  He is a very appreciative and grateful dog....and that's a good feeling for both of us.  Red and I are staining the deck and then going for a roadtrip to buy toys and real cheweez later.  Thank you again, keep in touch.....I will too.  




Thank you, Penny, for giving this boy a new lease on life -- he is one of my all-time favorites, and came from such a difficult beginning -- and now he has the life of a prince --



One year on -- May, 2006

Well, Redman's anniversary just came up --

-- he has been with Penny for a year!

Penny's friend is in photography school, so Red and Penny took advantage to enter in a recent photography contest --

-- here's Penny and Red --

-- formal --

-- and informal -- !!

Penny writes --

"I have had Redman for one year.....and ......6 days!! He is definitely my best friend. Just like with all intense has at times been challenging :) but well worth it.

When your husband, boyfriend, friend or child hits a hard don't give up on them."

"Redman has proved that with guidance and understanding....rewards are immeasurable!!

When Redman first came to my house, he needed some work with manners -he didn't understand that here in the country we don't bury every bone in a 3'deep hole or that just because the stick of butter was left on the table it was not his!!!"

"Redman has also taught me that alot of the times his shortcomings were actually derived from mine. Knowledge is king.

Red is a wonderful addition to our family, we all adore him and I can't imagine life without him. He never gave up on my ability to learn more about him ......while he was learning more about me."

"Thanks Eric for what you do and your guidance and support and thank you Karyn for your training wisdom."

Well, awww -- !!



Here is the original story I wrote about dear Red, a little over two years ago -- look in his eyes -- :(

"Redman was originally a West Virginia pup, found one day while children threw rocks and stones at him.

Redman next went to the local shelter, and suffered weight-loss and infection -- he was kept in an outdoor kennel, and was slowly deteriorating. Here are pictures of his conditions...

Redman was clearly not doing well at this shelter. Enter, the first angel -- Carrie, from Boston. Carrie wrote, "He cannot stay where he is at. I am so afraid of him being stolen and he also cries and cries for someone to come and play with him. " Redman was shortly thereafter transported to Northern VA, and I drove down one hot August Sunday from CT to retrieve the sweet boy."

And here is where he is today --

-- vibrant, healthy and loved --

-- this is a miracle of sorts, for Redman, and also for all those who believe in re-homing adult dogs to great adopters!

So, Redman is home -- and loved -- and is perfect --

-- when people ask Penny what breed he is, she merely says he's a "fuzzy bunny' --

-- who knows exactly where he came from, or what he "is" --

-- but for Penny, he's her world, and she is his world --

-- for this, he is in one of my hallmark homes, and I couldn't be more proud!


June 2010 - love is all around

Well, how do you remember someone you love who has passed?

By talking about them as if they're still with you --

-- and by using their life example to make your every day a more meaningful one --

-- that's what Penny is to me -- through her adoption of Redman, and through her friendship with me.

Penny was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in October 2009 --

-- she passed in June 2010, surrounded by love from everyone.

She was 46.

Here is Penny in hospice, in June 2009 --

-- and here is my memory of Penny --

"penny's love for life was unstoppable. i first met her in 2004, when i pulled up in front of her house with an old army bus full of pit bulls up for adoption -- and she said, 'come on in!' we laughed, we played and in the end, she adopted redman, an older, abused southern dog."

"over the next months, penny and redman became inseparable, and he even had a stint going to work with her every day! once, she called and said, "aww eric -- redman ate a plastic dinosaur head and now he can't poop -- we went to the vet and they removed it -- now it's a $3,000 dinosaur head!" she would never quit this boy, and i knew it -- i was so proud.

penny was so proud of her daughter amber, too, constantly sending me videos and audios of her singing - saying "i'm SOOOO proud of her -- her voice is SOOO beautiful!!!" and amber's high school graduation pictures -- priceless."

"in dog rescue, we often have meet-n-greets, where our fosters bring their dogs to someone's house, and the potential adopters come to meet them. we did that halloween 2005 -- in penny's KITCHEN! after much pooping, peeing, laughing and giggles, we had some great homes lined up for dogs that would otherwise have been euthanised -- after some cleaning up, all penny said was, "i'm hungry -- let's go get some chinese food with amber" -- like it was all in the game -- penny knew the importance of helping these voiceless souls, and would do whatever she could to help them.

penny is still very much alive in me and in what i do -- her laughter, her love of life, her generosity -- she knew what was important in life and she knew how to have a good time on her journey through it --

-- i will miss her very much -- and while i know i will see her again some day, that doesn't take away the hurt i have, knowing i can't call my friend in the cape to get a quick laugh, hear of amber's latest journeys or see how my little man redman is doing.

thank you, penny, for showing me what is really important in life, and for being such a great mom and friend to many."

At left is the photo used in Penny's obituary -- with Redman -- :(

This past Monday, I received --

"Hi Eric, I am sure you have heard about Penny's passing. I need to speak to you about Red. He was diagnosed with Cancer about a year ago and he had some surgery to remove it but his diagnosis was not good and they said it would probably return. After that Penny got sick and we kind of put all his illnesses aside. He is depressed now, but still eating and drinking. The family is thinking of putting him down, but I said I would talk to you first. Please give me call when you can.
Roz (Penny's Friend with the big hair!)

So now, we are looking at bringing Redman home --

-- back to rescue.

We're not sure what's going to occur --

-- he needs to see a vet --

-- he, like his momma, has cancer --

-- he is limping -- a lot -- :(

We have to ask ourselves, "What would Penny want?"

And well, we know what she would want --

-- for Redman to be treated for his cancer, and for him to live the rest of his life as painless as possible --

-- that's what Penny wants --

-- not for Redman to go to a pound, or to be euthanised --


We here at SPBR are promise-keepers to the dogs we rescue --

-- and with every dog we save, we do our absolute best to ensure they never, ever return to the conditions they came from before rescue --

-- at right, is Red, before SPBR, in 2004 --

-- and I promise you, Redman, we are still by your side -- and Penny's -- and that you will never go back to such a life.

So, what we need MOST of now, for Redman, is donations for his cancer treatment and care --

-- I am going to set our goal at $5,000 --

-- a lot of money --

-- but hey, I am going to try -- :D

To us, Redman embodies why we rescue -- in his past and current state -- period.

And we believe, that through tons of cross-posting, Facebooking and whatever else, we can find people who believe enough in this boy to say, "For Redman, and for Penny, here is our contribution."

So, if you can, please help us --

-- we are a public charity -- under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code -- so your deductions are tax deductible --

-- more importantly, they will go 100% to this boy's care --

-- and to Penny's memory.

If you'd like to PayPal your donation, click here --

-- or, by mail, we're at:

po box one
east aurora, ny

Make sure to put "for Redman" in your subject line --

So, Penny-in-heaven, rest well --

-- we're taking care of your boy --

-- and for everyone out there and their generosity, thank you -- thank you -- thank you -- and please cross-post this where you can --

The Redman fund, as of 30 June 2010 --

You can write on the web page that Pennys friend julie has donated $100 because I know how much Redman meant to Penny