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Sherelle is now a cow-girl in a real woman's world -- !!


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Here's Sherelle, a real sweetheart, who taught me a lot about pit bulls --

-- and, of course, Sherelle's story is a sad one.

In fall, 2004, I got a call from Sherelle's mom who said her husband and she needed temporary boarding for She-She (say Shay-Shay) because their apartment was giving them problems -- and that they were planning on moving in a home in May 2005, when they would come and get her --

-- I took She-She on a boarding basis, fair enough, and that was that.



I immediately noticed a growth on She-she's right flank and took her to the vet -- grade II mass cell tumors -- cancer, to you and me --

-- She-she's mom said, "Oh, I'll pay -- do what you have to do" -- and that I did -- getting the tumors removed (left) --

--$1,000 later, no word from She-She's mom, and no boarding payments --

-- thanks to some GREAT people out there, like Morgan in VA, donations paid for over 1/2 the surgery -- the rest I paid for personally --



In the following eight months of fostering, I received no word from repetitive emails to She-She's original parents --

-- thus, over $3,000 in surgery and boarding bills accumulated --

-- that was bad, but what was worse is that She-she was dumped by her prior owners who had her as a puppy --

-- dumped, to never been seen or cared for again by them --



She-She was depressed -- and I really mean it -- she barely came out of her crate, and didn't eat for a week straight -- I thought she was going to get sick --

-- over time, she slowly came around to being sweet, playing with my other pups, and howling with delight when I talked baby-talk to her --

-- but, she still needed a home -- the impossible, I thought -- an 8 year old female pit bull -- nearly impossible --



Then the blessing came -- I received this email from Deanna in May 2005 --

"I recently lost my AmStaff at 10 yrs old.  She taught my niece and son how to walk.  She was my best friend, and came with me everywhere.  I am looking for another...


Deanna is a horse-rescuer, and her site is here -- she is in Upstate New York --



We hiked to Deanna's farm and gave a look around --

-- what a beautiful world it is up there --

-- all I said to myself is, "She-She, you CAN'T screw this up - !!"



Here we are inside the barn...



... as we enter the office, She-She is overwhelmed with her new equine world!



She previews the landscape...



Okay, now THIS is when you can tell you've come to the right place -- She-She was already on Deanna's screen-saver!



And here is Deanna's prior girl --

She writes:

"I saw an ad in the paper about 5 years ago February for a free AmStaff.  I went, I met, I fell in love.  The owner had died that November, and Roxy lived alone in the apt from Nov. until February. 

When I walked into the house I saw a boucing bundle of dog leaping over the couches, plowing under the tables, and racing around the room.  When I walked into the living room she cowered under a coffee table.  She was so scared.  Her owner's last name was the same as mine, (no relation) and so the owner's daughter decided she should be mine. "



She continues:

"At age  17 I brought her home, with my sister and my boyfriend, and my mom moved out, terrified of my new baby girl.  I noticed a limp in Roxy as she tried following me all over.  I took her to a vet, who told me she sprained something and would be fine.  I didn't think so.  I got a second opinion and we found luxatated patellas.

  My boss at the time helped me pay for the surgery to fix her.  It helped, but she was never perfect.  She came all over with me.  To my boyfriend's house to play with his dog, to work, to the bank, to dinner, to the laundry mat, on camping trips, you name it, we did it together. "





"My boyfriend and I broke up, and she was the deciding factor in my future relationships.  She made the decisions.  She came with me to softball games, family reunions, everywhere.  She played with my friends' dogs and slept where I slept - in hotels, at home, at friends' houses."



She continues --

"When I got married, at age 21, she was there.  When I had my son, she took over sleeping under his crib.  When it came time to teach him to walk, she never missed a lesson, letting him pull himself up on her, using her scruff, ears, lips, and stood like a rock, she took his first steps clinging to her back.  My son, now 2, will not sleep without Roxy in his bed, under the covers with her head on a pillow.

Roxy was getting sick. She had allergies and moving around was getting harder and harder for her.  More and more little bumps (what someone told me what from vaccinations) where showing up all over her body.  But she insisted on following me to the car everyday and coming to work with me.  She would follow me around the farm, about 50 feet behind me, as she got slower and slower.  I would get to where I would be going, and on my way back to the barn, when she'd be half way to the original destination.  But her spirit could not be stopped.  She would sleep with whatever kids weekended at my house, cuddling up to them like littermates."





"Monday I brought ,my students and their horses to the memorial parade we had in our town.  I left Roxy home, as I didn't want to force her to walk the distance requires.

As I was returning, my dad called me on the cell phone.  He asked to speak to my husband, who was driving.  I handed the phone to my husband and could hear my dad's voice through it, tell him to pull of the road.  He tried to not let me hear, but I did - he told my husband "I don't know how we're going to tell Deanna, Roxy is dead."




"My baby died without me there to hold her.  I started shaking and opened the car door and fell to the ground screaming.  My husband was able to get me home, where I just lay in the grass shaking and wanting my little girl. 

She died of natural causes, and was peacefully sleeping when her time came...without me there to hold her, but maybe she didn't want me there, as that morning she wasn't her usual anxious-to-go self.



Finally --

"I do not know how to get through this, as she is what got me through everything.  I had wanted to get another dog before she passed, so I wouldn't feel like I was replacing her, but I know now that is impossible.  However, I do need a new companion to get me through the day and sleep with my son, as he is wondering where his Roxy is....a 2 year old doesn't understand.....

If you have anything in mind, please let me know as soon as possible...but don't call me, I'm crying to much to be on the phone.....
Thanks in advance



What an enormous love Deanna has for Roxy --

-- and what a healing welcome this email was for me --

-- it made neither Roxy nor She-She a business decision, a selfish-choice or something to be bitter about --

-- instead, it made these two dogs gifts from above that we could help --



Back to the home-visit...

... in the horse arena, She-She shows uncontrollable joy at her new home --



-- and she says, "I'm gonna prove that this old dog can learn a new trick or two" -- !!



... and that she does -- !!



-- with bells on -- !!



Next, She-She meets Deanna's two-year old son, and love becomes them --



Deanna is an exceptional adopter -- only 23 years old, and she is one of the best I have encountered -- mature beyond her years, and of the highest responsibility --



-- her little man agrees, and thanks his mommy for a new best friend -- !!



CJ, her husband, is exemplary too -- he is a drug and alcohol counselor and is as level-headed and responsive with She-She as I've seen --



So, with that, the family affair begins -- and the cycle is complete --



Deanna recently updated me, saying:

"I brought her to my meeting last night, and she was fantastic with all 30 kids, and when the snacks came out, she ran over to the table to find hers, but when I said no she came back to lay at my side. She is great!!"

We are still working on some integration issues with other dogs, but She-She is coming along --

-- if you have a second, please visit Deanna's site here or email her here and thank her for helping this wonderful girl -- !!


Sherelle's November 2005 update!

Well, happy news comes from the horse farm -- !!

Deanna writes --

"Hi Eric!! You put Sherelle on your calendar!! Awww!!!  She is doing so well! We are so happy with her.  She has become Andrew's guardian, they sleep together and he will not do anything without his Sherelle.  She has become accustomed to the horses - at first she barked and barked, and tried biting one, but with some work on the leash, she has gotten used to her large neighbors."

"However, she does not, I repeat DOES NOT like cats...under any circumstances...but she is adjusting well to Ghost, and our client's dog that visits on the weekends.  She absolutely adores any and all children.  She will not take food without it being offered, and if just such a good dog.  We are so happy with her Eric."

"She has even changed some of our clients' opinions of "pit bulls".  They see her and instantly panic as she wiggles and howls a "hi, how are you, I'm Shay Shay" but then she leaps on them and covers them in kisses and resumes her place by Andrew, who she has to protect at all times :), and everyone realizes what a wonderful breed she is, and how horrible the stereotype is."

"Thank you.  I've attached some recent pix of Shay and Andrew... Deanna"

Well, through all of the 100s of emails I get, the thousands of miles I drive, and the negative people who are always trying to stop my rescuing this breed...

... this story makes it entirely worth it.

I am so happy to be able to help needy dogs like Shay and to make little boys like Andrew happy -- while promoting this wonderful, misunderstood breed. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful story -- so many negatives were overcome, to produce something so positive!!

Thank you so much for giving her the life no one else could, Deanna --

-- that makes a world of difference to her -- and to Andrew!


February 2006 update!

Well, it's winter, and Sherelle and her mates are are snuggled in, happy as bugs in a rug --

-- her momma writes --

"Eric - Sherelle and our Weimarener are (finally) good friends - it took awhile...maybe mostly to our hesitance of putting them together since they are both so strong, but for the past 3 mos now, things have been great."

Well, it's obvious to see She-she is a little powerhouse, as is the Weim --

-- introducing them slowly and surely was a great move by Deanna, since a bad introduction of two pups is seldom EVER forgotten -- !!

She continues --

"They eat, sleep, drink, play together with no problems...and of course that means Andrew now has 2 guardians :)"

"Shirelle, we've decided will never like cats...but we can, of course, live with that :) Enjoy the pix! Hope all is well!! Deanna & CJ"

Well, this is a true success story --

-- 8 months after her adoption, She-she is finally home, 100% --

-- and Deanna and CJ are great -- 1-in-a-million, in fact --

-- instead of finding all the negatives of why a girl like Sherelle woudn't work in their household, they instead focused on the positives, and slowly made things right --

-- instead of a quick cry for "IT WON'T WORK" help, they instead took months to do it right.

These are adopters and homes I cherish -- for Sherelle, for the Weim and for little Andrew --



March 2006 update!

Well, Spring is around the corner, and little Sherelle is ready for it -- !!

Nothing makes me happier to see updates like this --

-- Shay's story just keeps getting better and better --

-- LOOK how PRETTY she is -- !!

Deanna writes --

"She sits in Andrew's car-seat when its not in the car, like "don't forget about me...strap me in and lets go!!" :) "

And look at her with her Weim-buddy --

-- he's a BIG boy, and they're friends for life -- !!

And my favorite --

-- her intuition with little Andrew --

-- letting him play with her and being a sweet-heart --

There's nothing like the present for making memories, that's for sure --

-- and Sherelle's come eons from her past, of an abandoned pit bull with ailing health --

-- now she's a soul-mate for little Andrew, and a real ambassador for the breed --


April '07 -- and all is well

Deanna sent me the following pictures of Sherelle doing just fine, thank you -- !!

Here she is, on the sofa, enjoying her world as a cow-girl --

-- and here is the photo that stole my heart.

This is the most meaningful picture I have yet to receive from one of my adopters --

-- a boy and his dog, forever.

Both are growing up, and growing older, and both re loyal to each other forever.

I am so proud of Deanna for her work with Sherelle, and I am so happy that I was blessed to help Sherelle reach this level of joy in life.