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Debs was a diamond in the rough -- and the rough is finally over -- !!


Click here for Ginger's 1-1/2 year update!
Click here for Ginger's one month update!


Little Debs, a 1 year-old pit bull, came in to New Haven Animal Control last October, as seen at left.

Her luck was luck like many pups' in an urban shelter -- pretty hard up. The staff loved her, the volunteers played with her, and they worked hard to place her.

The pit bull over-population epidemic is huge, with many open-admission shelters having mostly pit bulls -- and, unfortunately, most of them don't make it out alive.

This was soon to be Debs' story.

Last Tuesday was her euthanasia date. The vet was performing these functions, and then came to Debs. Oddly, he ran out of the euthanasia solution, and said he would come back Wednesday for her treatment -- :(

Oddly enough, though, last Tuesday was when Carol, a New Haven volunteer, sent me the "Needy in NH" pictures, featured here.

I posted the pictures of these pups, and waited. The next day, Kim's application, from all the way in Upstate NY, came in, and it was exceptional --

-- and she wanted to save Debs.

At first, I hemmed and hawed, that it was too risky, etc., etc. -- but due to Summer, a SC friend, and Kim's perserverance, Debs' Wednesday euthanasia appointment was canceled. We asked the staff and volunteers for an honest assessment of Debs' temperament --

-- they said, unanimously, PASS -- !!

Fast forward a couple of days, and on a cold winter Sunday, Thor and I showed up at New Haven Animal Control to try and help this girl out --

Here is when we met Debs, with a volunteer.

I admire volunteers at urban shelters so much. Dogs are very social beings, and need playing, petting and fun, just to keep from going crazy -- and to keep themselves adoptable.

Also, the volunteers, as with Carol, are often the main way to get outside exposure for dogs like Debs --

Well, after a moment, Debs shows she's a sweet-heart, through and through -- !!

With that, I happily adopt her from the shelter, and we're off to Upstate --

-- shelters like this perform a critical function to the pet overpopulation epidemic, and in Debs' case, they meant the world to her -- !!

Debs went from an unwanted stray, to an adoptable, healthy girl.

Next, the transformation.

We meet Kim and Mike at the home-visit, and Debs' tail is a-wagging -- !!

Debs proves herself a little ham, wiggling and waggling around the floor, all too happy to playt with her new toys --

Kim assures me, this girl will be spoiled -- and then some --

-- there's no question about that -- !!

Back to the craziness --

-- Debs stops for a moment to almost say,

"Am I really here??!!"

Yes you are, little Debs -- and from the looks of it, you're staying -- !!

I just can't get enough of these pictures -- !!

So, with that, we're all set --

-- and I give Debs a goodbye-hug --

-- and this girl returns the favor -- !!

This placement means the world to me -- it really does.

I do rescue for the dogs saved and for the adopters' kindness -- and that's it.

Things like the Internet and its nuances are used as a mere tool for placements. While the Internet is helpful, there are also negative sides to it, and a balance has to consistently be kept in keeping with the real world --

-- this is the real world, and this is what's important.

Since Debs went home to Kim, Kim writes --

"Hi Summer.  I had to write to you.  I am ecstatic with my doggie!!!  Eric dropped her off around 11:30 today.  I was a little worried about what she would be like in person, but I could not possibly ask for a better pup.  She is so friendly!!  She's quiet (haven't heard her bark yet nor has Eric and he's had her since last night), calm, easy going, BEAUTIFUL, etc etc. 

I feel so lucky and so fortunate to have gotten her.  I told Eric I feel like I hit the lottery.   She's laying by my side now in her new bed as I type this note to you.  (sleeping hard - she's starting to snore. ha ha.  she's so cute!!)    I am so happy, Summer!!  If she stays the same as she's been the past few hours, I don't see her needing obedience class ever.  She's just perfect!!"

"Anyway, after Eric left we went outside for a short walk;  ran into two other doggies being walked and all she did was watch them (no barking, no growling, no tugging!!)

After our walk we came inside for a much needed bath; then it was off for our first car ride together to see Eric again for a bit, then back home for a nap.  Whew, it's been a pretty full first day for me and the new pup. OH, all that and we've had a name change too ... Ginger (no more "Debs").  

"It's going to be difficult for me to leave her tomorrow when I have to go to work.  The good news is I live only five minutes from work so I can come home at lunchtime to check on her.

Summer, once again thank you so much for all your help.  All your emails, all your phone calls, all your time and devotion - I can never thank you enough.  You and Eric are wonderful people for what you do.   Please know how truly grateful I am for everything both you and Eric have done for me.  

Have a great week!! Kim"

Well, from all the great folks at New Haven to Kim and Mike, Debs (now Ginger) thanks you -- !!

You made a world of difference for this girl, and she will remember it and show her thankfulness for it, every day of her spoiled life -- !!


Happy at one month -- !!

Well, one month after going home, little Ginger is doing GREAT!

Her momma writes - "hi eric.  the little princess is (i'm staring at her now trying to find the right words) ... absolutely perfect.  she's sound asleep in her crate now.  (she often goes in there on her own - i think she feels safe in there, although the couch is her preference. ) "

" i just got off the phone with my mother and she asked about ginger as well.  

she said "i'll bet you can't wait to get home from work every day to see ginger" ... that's exactly how i feel.  i think about her all day when i'm at work."

"i hate thinking about her being home alone in the crate for 8 hours, but i know she's in a better place now than she was before and that helps to make me feel better.

monday we had our first vet appt.  they loved her there and she was such a good girl.  the vet's office called me later monday night to tell me ginger tested positive for worms."    

"yesterday we started her on medication to eliminate worms. they also told me there is infection between her toes - they said probably caused by being wet so much at the shelter.

they gave me a special kind of shampoo to use and said to scrub between her toes.  we did that last night and i honestly think she enjoyed her bath and being pampered!!"

"eric, i still can't believe how fortunate i am to have gotten such a good girl.  i'll admit i was a little worried before she actually arrived at my house.   

like many other people, i thought the breed was bad news."

"i had my mind made up the i was in for a rough ride once this dog arrived, but i was determined to save her life no matter what her temperament and personality.   i couldn't have been more wrong about my initial thoughts and fears!  she is such a  happy, friendly, well behaved pup. 

i just love her so much."

"last, i could write a long paragraph about how much i appreciate what you've done and what you continue to do for these dogs, but i've said it to you before, probably too much and it must get old. 

just know this dog brings so much more happiness and joy to my life and i can't help but smile every time i look at her."

Well, here's a shot that sort of epitomizes Ginger --

-- a rags-to-riches queen that is thoroughly enjoying her new life --

-- it's sort of like she's saying,

"Now I can be the LADY I always wanted to be -- !!"

Mind you, she still is quite the clown, and enjoys many nights of leisure with Kim and Mike --

-- GREAT WORK, EVERYONE! From the great folks at New Haven to Kim and Mike, you've proven that story-book endings can still exist -- !!

At 1-1/2 years, Ginger's still blessed!

Well, it was December 2006, and Ginger's mom said, "Girl, we're movin' down South" --

-- so Ginger obliged -- albeit unwillingly -- !!

Add a little angel dust and a lot of moving trucks, and next our girl's in Florida -- !!

Whoa, Ginger -- everything's different down here, isn't it -- ??

Uh-oh --

-- Ginger's not listening --

--- SHHHH -- be very very quiet --

-- momma's on a mission -- !!!

And she's got her prey cornered --

-- a GECKO -- !!

Well, Ging, that's about as far up as you're gonna get in that tree -- !!

And with that, she's done with her hunt...

... and look at how HAPPY she looks -- !!

Next, as all queens do, the beauty rest --!!

Then it's off to the pool --

-- motorin' -- !!

I love watching dogs swim -- they're so relaxed -- and so weird about it --

-- almost, when they're swimming, the look on their face is like, "WHAT?"


Some dogs are definitely water dogs, and some aren't --

-- my Spud takes daily swims in my pond, whereas Preccie and Daisy act like the water's going to MELT them -- !!

And with that, the queen's swim is complete -- !!

So, Ginger, it's as if an invisible hand has picked you up from your prior life and blessed you by putting you in your present one.

I am sure you remember your past days -- the bad ones --

-- the breeder ones -- :(

But I am also sure you remember the kind folks at New Haven who helped you, and who believed in you, and who said, on your behalf, "She's a keeper."

You are an anti-statistic, Ginger.

A pit bull from an urban shelter that made it out -- and flourished.

All our thank yous go to your mom, Kim, and to you, Ginger, for being an exceptional girl.

We are so proud to be part of your success!