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To quote Barry Manilow -- looks like he made it -- !!

Click her for the big man's 2011 update!

Click here to see our boy one year in to his adoptive home - April 2008!

Click here to see our boy's 6 month update - Oct 2007!

Back in January, 2007, a momma and litter came to rescue in bad shape -- their story is here.

One boy, in particular, caught my eye -- the runt of the litter that was no bigger than my fist, yet had a strong will to live -- so I named him Mighty -- and here is his story...

Here is Mighty's mom, Mitzi, as she came to the shelter --

-- basically starving herself tofeed her babies.

The litter, here, was overall healthy, initially, until a "foster" down South kept the babies -- poorly.

In short, when received them, 7 of the 10 babies died, two of them with the Southern "foster" --

-- I later found out this "foster" cremated the two pups in herback yard in a 55 gallon drum --

-- heartbreaking -- :(

On to little Mighty --

-- here is how he looked 1 week in to fostering --

-- just unattached, and seemingly dis-interested in much --

-- so, we started feeding him -- a LOT -- !!

I syringe fed him Esbilac liquid every hour, and he ate Oma's raw chicken veg mix (heated, of course!) as his main regimen --

-- here he is, with brother Harv, when I first realized this boy's will to live --

-- he was like a little hoover vac, easting food off my hand -- !!

-- and then, after his mean --

-- I know, I know, not any beauty school product, buy hey, that wasn't his intention --

-- he was hanging on, trying to live.

-- and then, as the days went on, his fur started coming out in patches --

-- as if it couldn't get any worse -- :(

-- so here was might, looking a little better, a week later --

You can see the size difference here -- Mighty is roughly 1/2 the size of his brother.

And this is where he spent many moments --

-- either under the blankets, atop a heating pad, or in my fleece pullover -- :D

Again, the boys and their size difference!

One week later, and Might's doing quite well.

What makes me happy about him is his responsiveness and alert eyes -- something he hadn't shown much of before -- GREAT NEWS -- :D

Here's the boys' eating regimen --

-- Might is still fighting here --


And then, I'd see him running around, looking like this --

-- and I knew we still had an uphill battle -- :(


As the snow flew outside, the next week delivered a revelation for our boy...

Boom -- !!

Just like that, our boy went through a transformation -- !!

He was nice an weighty, and you couldn't feel a BONE on his BODY -- !!

Plus, he started shedding his old, ratty fur, and came in to a nice, sweet fuzz --

I LOVE IT -- !!

Also, our boy is much more alert, and his eyes are tracking together --

-- thankfully -- !!

-- gone are the blank stares on these boys' faces, and now they're exploring the world with a fresh new outlook -- :D

And this little man -- what a survivor -- weighing just a couple of pounds soaking wet, and finally coming along --

-- look at those eyes -- :D

So, to me, gone are the days of teetering with death, and in are the days of GROWTH -- !!

Mighty actually preferred the raw food over the traditional canned food -- and to me, that was wonderful -- the raw was all natural, more easily digested, and it KEPT THEM EATING --

-- without that desire, they would have perished -- :(

So, with that, these boys are on their way --

So that's where we are, all, made the best of a bad situation, and I was ecstatic that these little souls were pulling through.

All was being done in memory of Cooper, Dixie, Trixie and Pearl -- plus their three siblings that died before the transport up North.

And now, a little personality started coming through on our boy's face!

Beth in Georgia sent up a load of toys for the pups --

-- and they obliged -- !!

Slowly, Might kept developing --

-- nothing short of stunning, he is, our little Mighty -- !!

Here they are, though not equal in size, still brothers, and still full of it -- !!

A second later, they're back at it again -- !!

So, BIG THANKS to Beth for bringing a twinkle in these boys' eyes --

-- they're happy and healthy -- FINALLY!

Just look in Mighty's eyes -- there's nothing but happy, healthy days ahead for this boy --

What a long, hard trip this has been --

-- here's the first day I saw Mighty, after Erica had him in intensive care at her vet's for a week --

-- and as his recovery continued -- still not much fervor in his eyes --

-- and then today, sort of a GQ-ish "what?" look --

-- we'll take it -- !!

And finally, my favorite pictures of the "recovery" -

-- his wrinkly pig look -- !!

So now, we fast forward another month, to a family that is very much hurting from the loss of their beloved, Drexel.

Julietts and Ram are wonderful people, and the collage below shows that love...

After a great home-visit, Juliette meets her newest addition --

-- complete with prom-king leash and collar -- !!

Little Lu-Lu assumes her role as Grandma to Might -- !!

And Ram's not far behind, admiring his newest pile of wrinkles -- :D

Ram is a tattoo artist, and here is Juli's arm, complete with Drexel-love -- :D

-- and on the other side, Lulu gets her spot -- !!

And now, here they are, one happy family --

-- so with that, Mighty is off to his next chapter --

-- andit is sad, but triumphant.

As you can see, he's a little ham-bone, as are Juli and Ram, eating up every second with their boy -- !!

And I say my good-byes --


-- and Mighty leaves, knowing he's found his new momma, and his new life.

So, when life gets mundane, and non-rewarding, think of stories like this --

-- the little boy that could.

He fought with his entire life to get to this moment, and we were so proud to deliver...

-- for the record, Might serves up a smilin' pitbull grin -- :D

-- and we remember, who he was, just three short months ago, when I expected to find his little body stiff and cold each morning when going to the crate --

-- but instead, found a little boy, vibrant and looking for life -- :D

And, to me, there's no denying this boy's new home --

-- that it's almost divinely chosen for him --

-- he's not replacing Drexel to Juli and Ram, he's just a new addition --

-- and they love him so.

At home, Juli writes, --"HOORAY!!! We are so happy with him here- he's doing wonderfully! he is such a lovebug. loves to be in our laps, or right next to us, leaning on us. he's been really good with respecting Lulu's boundaries, and I think she's actually starting to like him - in spite of herself- she is like one of those old ladies who can't stand kids!"

"My mom has three little dogs- chihuahua mixes- who are over alot, so he's been getting schooled in the likes of little dogs barking at him- and the other day he chased and chased one in circles in the yard, they were playing- but couldn't catch her- they were having such a blast-
my 13 year old stepson, Malcolm, LOVES him-
Josie (2) is a little scared, she likes to check him out when he's in his crate, but I know they're going to grow up as the best of friends-
he loves my two cats, actually, loves every one,
the other night we went and visited a friend of a friend's animal sanctuary- thye gave us a special tour for our employees from the tattoo shop and us, because one of our artists tattoos the guy who runs it-
thye have macaws, alligators, chinchillas, sugar gliders, giant pythons, tortoises, rats, the list goes on, well as part of my determination that Mighty will be as well socialized as drexel, that is, to the nth degree, we brought him, and he did great!!
we started puppy class last night, and it went well, he really didn't know anything, but he's already learning stuff!
I can feel Drexel watching over us... God, I miss him so much, and can still drop tears at any moment, but Mighty is giving me such pure puppy love it really helps.
I will post some pics from the past few days soon-
yesterday was my birthday, and I couldn't have had a better one!
thank you all for your support,
eric you are awesome!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! and Tracy, and Jaime, the list goes on...
what a great community of good people.

and further...

" he keeps fidgeting around in my lap, because he's alittle big for it, and I'm typing, but he doesn't want to get down!! Eric, I'm touched that we're "hallmark home" status- but it is true- our animals truly are family members and live like kings and queens-
the Drexel tattoo isn't even a memorial one! I got it like 10 years ago, when I was an early- 20 something still getting used to the power of my love for a dog- my Drex who taught me so much-

Well, blessed are the joymakers --

-- and triumphant are the survivors -- :D

Thank you to everyone, each step of the way, who made this story possible -- I am so proud of our little man, and of his new family -- !!

We look forward to many future updates -- !!


Happy happy, joy joy!

Well, what a happy update we have -- indeed!

Juli writes --

"So I took Mighty and Lulu for studio portraits...

... and they CRACK me up!!

it was SO hard to get them to sit like that. Mighty kept trying to eat the little white plastic flowers that were in the astro-turf mat. And Lulu kept snarling at him every time he'd nudge her too much.

"We tried to get Mighty to do his straight-up bunny ears but no go. I wish I could get him to do those on command!

But I love the pics!! Isn't Mighty handsome? and we got one with Lulu's tongue out a little!


"Lulu IS an italian greyhound-
but ususally they're skinny and don't have such bug eyes.

she's 13 and is deaf and has heart disease (4 different meds twice a day!) but i love her!

you guys think these pics of her are funny, I have thirteen years of Halloween photos of her and drexel...oh boy!"

Well, what a moment for me, to see this boy all grown up, and thriving.

Also, to see him such an ambassador of the breed, living in an every day family, and glowing --

Here's Lulu, his little sister, who he used to look up to --

-- well now, with his growing as it is, she looks up to him...

... but I'm sure she's still in the driver's seat -- !!

Bahahahah -- she says, "Yes, Eric -- I am -- !!"

So, to those who said it couldn't be done -- that he would grow up a man-eater and consume Lulu, the baby, and Juli's Boston home --

-- it isn't so.

Little Might is now Big Might, and he's a role model to how wonderfully these dogs can do when raised in caring, loving households.

I still am amazed such a little boy grew up to become such a handsome young man -- !!

Thank you to Juli and Ram and family for letting this boy thrive, and for keeping us updated --

-- Mighty represented so much hope to all of us as we watched him fight to survive, and now the fight is over -- he's gliding through life without a worry on his mind --

-- exactly as we'd hoped he would --


Life at one year -- YIPPEE!!

Well, Juli sends her one year update of our boy, and she does it so well --

-- so here goes -- !!

"It's hard to believe it's been a year since we brought or little runt home-"

When we brought him home, he was Lulu's size- he didn't know how to climb the stairs, or go to the bathroom outside, or walk on a leash-

"he has come so far! and he is HUGE now!"

just a quick note here -- this is a perfect picture -- !!

We've loved him from day one, but our friendship with him has deepened every day. He is truly an intuitive, sweet dog.

These past few months, while joyous with the birth of our baby Remy in December, have been sad as well with Lulu's deterioration. She had congestive heart failure, and was completely blind and deaf. I found myself in the same place again as I was with Drexel last March, and on Wednesday I had to let her go.

Again, I'm heartbroken. And I have a weird feeling: this is the first time in two years that I haven't been nursing a very sick dog- it feels weird to not be giving pills and shots twice a day. I just try to think that Lulu is with Drexel now, licking him.

Like I said, I was amazed by Mighty and how he was with Lulu. She had become somewhat ornery in the past few months (understandable I think!) and any time she thought Mighty was near she'd start a vociferous barking spell in whatever direction she thought he was in. It was funny.
And Mighty would just look, or he'd let her hustle him off the couch. I think he knew what was going on with her. I'm so glad we took these pictures last fall...

Since Lulu has been gone, Mighty has been extra clingy with me, following me around. Does he know that I need him to do that, or is it because he's sad too? Probably both.

(here he is with my sister and Josie and Remy)

So, over the past year, we have had so much fun getting to know Mighty. He is such an integral part of our family. I love that he and Josie are such buddies! He is AMAZING with the kids, hilarious with the cats and the parrot, and loves all other dogs. He is such a funny goofball in the yard- we play with him every day and he is so funny. He loves his squeaky toys and Ram made him a rope toy swing to play with.

Mighty and I started an agility class together a couple of weeks ago and I'm so excited! It's a blast! I wanted to do something together with him while continuing his training, and he is a natural for agility. I'm really enjoying it- and it's nice to have an hour a week of time just me and Mighty, while the babies are home with Ram, is great.

I think it's very important for Mighty to be very well-trained so that he can be a breed ambassador for all pit bulls, every where we go.

He is truly a blessing in our life, and we adore him.

I wish I had more pictures of me and Mighty- but I'm always the one taking the pics!

and let me apologize for not always being active on this forum- even now I type one-handed with a squirmy baby on my lap, I parked Josie in front of the TV and Mighty's waiting to be fed- but know I am always thinking of all of you and am grateful that you sent Mighty to us to complete our family!

Well, all I can say is, there is no greater joy than to see little Mighty flourishing in this picture perfect home.

A little over a year ago, SPBR took a risk on a family we only knew as words on an application --

-- though after their home visit, they really began to shine.

And then, as I saw our cherished Mighty flourish in his new home, I could only be thankful for Juli and Ram.

They're kind people -- they're giving people, and at a time of their lives when they were building from within, they didn't shut the most needy Mighty out, saying, "Not in our house."

Instead, they opened their door and their hearts to this little boy, kept his original fighting-for-life name (which means the world to me) and set off to make this boy the absolute best he could be.

If you met Juli and Ram in the street, they aren't people you would find bragging about how big their flat screen is or how many tons their truck can pull --

-- instead, you'd find two people very in love, who through that love are raising two beautiful children, and who have given their absolute best to Drexel, Lulu and now, to Mighty.

Mighty is blessed, Juli and Ram are blessed, and this journey is a true celebration of life.

It's 2011, with Mighty and family doing GREAT!!

Well, we noticed our site-views spiked in the past days, so giving it a look led us to this story, little MIGHTY --

-- and the folks at referring the story --

-- a LOT -- !!

I sent some of the comments off to Juliette, and she, in kind, sent me a MIGHTY update -- !!

So, on we go...

Juli writes -- "Mighty is doing so great, as Ram says, he's such a “domesticated” dog- he really knows how to lounge, if you know what I mean!! While looking through photos to send, I realized I need to make a book, called “my dogs being cute in 5000 ways.” but couldn't we all make books like that, lol?"

"Anyway, as you can see, Mighty is practically joined at the hip with our IG Ella, which is just amazing to me because it's exactly how my beloved Drexel and Lulu were, except that Lulu didn't like to play, and Ella loves to play."

"She'll get Mighty going in the yard, biting at his heels and barking at him so he'll chase her, and then she'll hide under the car, and then chase him again. It is so funny to watch."

"a couple of comments about some of the pics:

I love the one where Mighty has his cone on (I don't even remember why he had it then) and Josie has the plastic bucket on her head in solidarity;"

"you can see that Mighty loves car rides, both in the front seat and in the kids' carseats;"

"Mighty went to Harvard! I took him to do a study at the Canine Cognition Lab at Harvard University (!!);"

"we have three cats and a parrot, and they all get along great, and we've added cats along the way as some have gone to join Drex and Lulu, :( , but Mighty is not fazed one bit."

"Cats are just part of the family to him! During the day when I'm working at home he and Ella like to hang out on the dog bed on the porch and watch the world go by, and bark at the dogs as they walk by."

Ha ha HA --

-- here's our boy, with kitty and bells -- watching him -- !!

"the pic where he's trying to curl up in the cat bed is because there was no room on the couch and he was protesting!!"

"When I put the kids to bed at night Mighty and Ella always come and get under the covers -- !!"

Well, I just can't express the real joy I see in this placement --

-- Juli and Ram adopted a dog I love very much, and now he's part of their every day American family, thriving --

-- loving --

-- and representing -- !!

We love, too, that Juli has a little chronology of Might's life here --

-- the adventures of Mighty are far and wide -- !!

Hahaha --

-- here, we can't tell who's LAZIEST --

-- or who's SWEETEST --

-- obviously kitty can fend for her own if she needs to, though I don't think it's too necessary -- !!

This picture just says it all --

-- look at Might's collar --

-- "adopted" --

-- period.

And what a little friend he has too, in his bedmate -- !!

This journey helps us believe in the good in this breed, and in people -- THANK YOU ALL -- !!