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Love hurts -- even if it's for the better -- !!


As we received her --

Dear Eric:

My name is Dottie, and I ended up in this shelter place when I was just a young puppy of about 3-4 months old.Some great people came to adopt me, and I knew “home” for about three months. They had to move one day, and I heard that I could not come along. Bummer!

So, I landed back at that nice shelter. Thankfully, those shelter people loved me and kept me safe. I found another home and thought everything was cool. My new person and I traveled the country in his big rig, and I got to see lots of sights and explore this great US of A. (OK, I probably saw some things that we shouldn’t discuss, but traveling was fun.)

Anyway, we hung out at a motel in Missouri when we were not on the road. The digs weren’t great, but at least I had people. You won’t guess what happened next…my person left me at the motel one day and never came back! It wasn’t even like a Motel 6, where Tom Bodett would “leave the light on” for me!!!

I was alone in that motel for about a week. Some folks fed me occasionally, but they sent me to *another* shelter once they realized I’d been permanently abandoned. That new shelter was just awful. I waited and waited for someone to come get me, but that never happened.

I heard the shelter folks talk about “putting me down” or something like that, but then they found I had a microchip. Lucky for me, they contacted the nice shelter in Arkansas and let them know I needed help.

What is wrong with these people?!!! Can’t they see I’m precious? I’ll do anything to please my person, and I like other dogs. I know how to sit and even know how to keep a clean house (if you know what I mean). I’m still very young – about 1.5 - 2 years old – and I *promise* to be a good girl forever.

I just need a new person to believe in me. I’m still willing to trust – are you?

Because I have an advocate named Sue at that nice shelter in Arkansas, I was able to come back here.


I am now in the Fayetteville, AR shelter (third time, if you can believe it!) waiting for my one true love and faithful owner. I’m a faithful companion, so it’s only fair for me to have a faithful owner. Please, please help me. The folks here are really nice, but most people don’t understand Pits like me. I don’t know whether I can find a wonderful new family – after all, I thought I had a good family twice before. Surely, the right person is out there…I just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him or her yet.

Sincerely, Dottie

Well, what a sad start life was for this BEAUTIFUL example of a pit bull -- really -- :(

After her trip up North, Dot went to foster with Alissa on Long Island, and her life became an amazing transformation -- !!

Here she is with Alissa's Lola, putting her in a compromising position -- !!

As you can see, Dottie wasted NO TIME at all making Lawwwnnn Guyland her new digs -- !!

To me, the miracle of Dottie is her ability to adapt.

Sue, in Arkansas, said Dottie was going nuts in the kennel, going somewhat kennel crazy, and aggressing at other dogs -

-- well here, you can see Lola and she as BFFs -- !!

But LEWIS, on the other hand --

-- OMG --

-- he is Alissa's English Bulldog --

-- as Dottie sat content as a princess, Lew said, "MY house -- this is MY HOUSE" -- !!

Lola and Dottie --

-- honestly two girlfriends forever, and they exemplify the pain of fostering --

-- when you really really love the foster, but also realize it's best for them to be in their forever home.

Alissa writes after her placement --

"My heart aches for her!!! I miss her so much, but her new mom Kate sends me updates and pictures and I really think we made the best decision for her. Shes getting LOADS of attention, and has another dog to play with!. Shes an AMAZING dog and deserves all the butt rubs, cookies, and comfy couches the world has to offer her!"

"She loves the water. She would stand on the dock all day hunting for ducks. Her new mom said she took her to the Ocean for the first time on Saturday and she DOVE head first into a big wave!! She has NO FEAR!"

So, now begins a new chapter for Dottie --

-- her "happlily ever after" chapter --

-- though it wasn't done without a good deal of heartache from Aliss and Lola --


So, after one final scan for ducks, Ms. Dot is ready to go --

-- well almost --

-- she needs to have a final tug on Lola's hind-quarter --

-- Dot's signature move -- !!

And aw -- so sad --

"This was her last night here with us.....It was like Lola knew :( They did everything together...this is how they slept was heartbreaking. But I explained to Dot that after that night, she would be in her forever home where she wouldnt have to worry about where she was going to go next, no more cold shelters, no more people that would discard of her like she meant nothing, she would be forever loved, and have a family of her own that would give her warm hugs and kisses like she deserved."

Here she is, meeting her new Dad --

-- and Aliss writes --

"Dot now lives in beautiful Montauk NY minutes from the beach! Rich and Kate are her new parents...she has a big brother names Yukon who is also a rescued pitbull! They absolutley love her! I have a feeling shes going to be quite the daddys girl!"

Awww --

-- he does absolutely love her --

-- no question.

Is this my new home you were telling me all about?????

Here's her new mommy Kate!

"Her new brother Yukon! He was a stray that Kate took in over 4 years ago! Hes such a happy jolly little man!

He COULD NOT get over the fact that he was getting a new sister! He did not stop smilling!!!!!"

Wow --

-- what a catch Yukon got coming to this home --

-- and Dot got the same luck with Rich and Kate --

-- just plain LUCKY -- !!

Here's the intro...

... with all going well...

... and even Yukon ignoring Dottie's evil stare, saying "that's MY super-sized tennis ball" -- !!

And finally, Dottie enjoying her back 40 --

-- HOW GREAT -- !!

-- bahahah -- not so quick, Ms. Diva --

-- Yukon side-swipes her out of the blue -- !!

And here, the babies' spoils -- !!

Here's Dot's first night --

-- a success -- !!

And Rich, with the pups, in their final, forever element -- :D

So now, someone is in love all anew --

-- and it's Dottie --

-- and we couldn't be more proud.

Dottie is now home, and it's for good --

-- due to a lot of people's caring for her 100%.

Whether it was Sue tracking her down all through the South, or Danny driving her up North, or Alissa fostering and loving on her, or Rich and Kate, giving her the ultimate gift, we are thankful.

Thanks SPBR for believing in me!!!

Thank you to everyone -- for making this beauty of a girl complete, and for not falling-through on her one last time.

Dottie is home, and this is the stuff that good living is made out of --