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Zoe has beat all the odds in life -- and now she's home!!


Last December, I got a call from a fellow rescuer about a nearby family who had to downsize their pups due to a recent lay-off.

So, off we went, to April's house.

At the door, I was greeted by Miss Zoe and her kin -- all of them still feeding from her at 8-9 weeks!!

Zoe knew this life very well --

-- sure, she would jump through the plexi-glass windows on occassion, but the neighbhors always brought her back, and all she wanted to do was play with their dogs!!

Also, April had kiddos and cats --

-- and Zoe did fantastically with them --

-- score 1 for Zoe!

What Zoe DIDN'T have going for her was that she was a pit bull -- and that she was brindle -- and that she wasn't a puppy -- :(

Society wants light-colored lab and golden puppies, oftentimes --

-- and Zoe was none of them -- :(

Zoe's dad, Tim, loved her very much, and was concerned of her fate with SPBR.

I told him we'd work and work to get her the best of homes -- and that was the beginning of our journey with Zoe!!

In some ways, looking back on this, I ask myself, "What in the world were you doing, Eric? Taking in a brindle adult female?"

From the "non-rescue" people I know, many folk seem unable to even tip decently at a diner, let alone take in a brindle pit bull mommy!

So, over the next months, we waited, with Zoe's page here --

-- and I really fell in love with this girl.

She was so gentle, so sweet and she was so good with everyone -- she really deserved the best of homes -- even if she wasn't puffy and pink -- :D

So, fast-forward to July, and Sybil's application comes in -- wanting to foster.

That's a great start -- fostering -- and she wanted an ADULT -- even better!

Sybil has 3 kids, a husband, a staffy bull named Monty, some cats and the like -- definitely a busy household!

Well, after Syb passed her home visit, she was okayed to come see our potential fosters!!

Here is the Monty --

-- a 7 year old neutered staffy bull.

He's quite the pork-chop -- all compact and full of attitude --

-- but oh-so-sweet -- and so well behaved!

Also, gotta LOVE the frog-legs on him!!

So, after some back and forths with Monty and Zoe, Syb said it was a GO -- !!

As they left the driveway, in their car, Zoe was in the crate in the back, the 3 kids in the middle seat, Syb driving and Monty in the passenger seat -- PRICELESS!!

In the next days, I get an email from Syb -- "Zoe is doing well. We see she is advertised on Craigslist here in Rochester. That CAN'T BE -- WE want to ADOPT HER!"

I was so proud of my girl.

Next, I shuffle off to the Rochester area, and find Zoe's family in a tidy, pleasant section of town, where the neighbors all know one another, and where everyone stops to pet everyones' dogs -- !!

Everyone had met miss Zo-Zo in the neighborhood, and they gave her a resounding PASS --

-- YAYYYYYY, Zo-Zo -- !!!!

In the back yard, there's every day America --

-- as is in the front yard, and inside this loving home.

I still can't get over that THIS GIRL scored so BIG with this home -- !!

Looking down the road, I see many future walks for Zoe and Monty, enjoying their days, and living their lives in a dream...

Who I really give kudos to here is Sybil.

Instead of going and cherry-picking a puff-a-doodle from the newspaper, that would be supposedly EASY and the like --

-- she calls up a pit bull rescue and says, "Hey -- how can we help?"

And then, from there, she trusts our judgment placing just the right dog in her home -- a home with her beloved children, cats and Monty --

-- again, priceless.

So, here's the family -- Dad, daughters, Monty, Mom and Zoe.

Syb has introduced Zoe and Monty, but SLOWLY -- which is PERFECT.

A slow, effective introduction is everything with new dogs in existing homes -- and so far, all is going great.

A poorly done introduction is never forgotten by the pups -- and may break the adoption -- :(

Well, you can see, Miss Zoe has certainly bonded to her new mom in no time -- and she enjoys receiving the mothering for a change -- !!

Syb is great with Zoe --

-- she called an obedience trainer, and they said their appts. were booked for months.

When Syb said, "We adopted an adult pit bull and are helping her acclimate to our home", the trainer (after some raised eyebrows) put Zoe at the top of their list!

Here's the main chunk of the house -- MONTY!

He's a full staffy bull -- an AKC pup --

-- and his regal name is "phat head and his flying circus" -- or something like that --

-- what a TRIP!!!

He's a sweet boy, and he makes plenty of interesting noises to keep everyone entertained!!

Next is Zoe with the kids, and from April's home and her upbringing, Zoe doesn't disappoint --

-- she's a princess with Syb's 3 children.

I love it.

I just do.

This girl has come SO far, and has beaten ALL odds to make it to this photo.

I am so thankful we could get her here.

So, on that note, we'll revel some more in the hugs --


Hahaha --

-- honestly, these weren't even staged --

-- it's just the way Zoe's new family rolls with her --

-- and obviously, Zo-Zo isn't complainin' -- !!

What's also very cool is that Syb's oldest daughter has to write a junior thesis this next year, in high school --

-- and she's chosen Breed Specific Laws ("BSL") as her topic --

-- and her disagreement with them.


-- HOW can such great people exist??!!

And don't think Mr. Monty-beans is left out of the snuggles and lovin's, either --

-- he, too, takes all he can get!!

So, back to Zoe --

-- she reminds me why I couldn't work at a shelter or a pound full time.

The moment she came in the door, she'd basically be deemed "unadoptable" --

-- by no fault of the shelter.

Like I said, she's brindle, she's an adult dog, and she's a pit bull --

-- three strikes against her -- :(

In the 9 months I have had Zoe, I have had exactly one person interested in her -- Sybil.

On a cheery side, Syb can't say ENOUGH about how pretty she thinks Miss Zoe is --

-- Syb says how she LOVES Zoe's coloring, and how she ADORES her temperament --

-- honestly, we've found her one-in-a-million home.

And so what if it's "not reality" to the hardcore pounds and the like --

-- to us, it's the best reality we can come by -- and we'll take it -- !!

When SPBR's Mary came over to Syb's, here's Zoe's "meeting a stranger" test --

-- KISSES!!!

Honestly, why can't stories as this be in the paper about pit bulls?

Why do they have to all be negative and angled against them?

Zoe was raised right from a baby, and except for April's financial situation, she'd still have her --

-- spayed, that is -- :D

All dogs that leave SPBR are spayed and neutered -- no question -- no "favors" or "stories" make up for that requirement.

I love this picture, too --

-- it's Syb's two daughters, with Zoe, playing with a foster baby (Tilly).

Look at how responsible the daughter is holding Zoe -- !!

While that's a smart kid in some ways, it's also the result of GOOD PARENTING!

I love it!!

So, there we are --

-- our girl has hit a gold-mine --

-- she's loved for who she is, and is cherished.

Her new family is a responsible, caring home, that tells Zoe they love her, on their conditions.

She must be an obedient, respecftul dog, and they'll give her all the tools she needs to thrive.

In short, a perfect home.

Along her journey, Zoe will get the life of any dog in a typically healthy, happy home.

She'll get hugs when the kids come home from school, she'll eat meals with the family at mom's feet, she'll sleep with the kids, she'll watch TV before bed --

-- in short, she'll have a life we all envy!!

So, a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers at SPBR who went through Syb's application and said, "YES YES YES" to her foster prospect.

Another THANK YOU to Ashley for a great home visit --

-- and a final THANK YOU to Syb and her family for giving Zoe a life that dreams are made of.

Really, you all have inspired me.

Oftentimes, in rescue, it's easy to turn a cheek and say, "No, thank you -- we're full" --

-- well, with Zoe and her babies, we were there for her, and now she's paying that off hundred-fold.

She's everything we told Syb she'd be, and then some.

She is a breed ambassador and will change many, many opinions about pit bulls in the coming years.

For all of that, we're thankful -- and so proud.