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Robbie lives the mantra -- "Rise And Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions" -- !!

In May, 2009, Robbie found himself in a bind --

-- his NYC owner was arrested, and Rob-boy suddenly became a "stray", and off he was to the pound --

Ironically, in May 2009, I was to photograph Kat and Andy's wedding in CT --

-- and instead of giving them a trite gift, SPBR rescued Robbie from NYC, and changed his name from "Spot"to "Robbie" --

-- why "Robbie" -- ??

Andy's mom, Robyn, at right, succumbed to breast cancer shortly before Kat and Andy's wedding --

-- here is her photo on their wedding table --

-- so, I thought, let's keep Robyn alive with the gift of life by saving our dear "Robbie" --

-- and the name just stuck with our happy lad -- !!

With that, the wedding day went off without a glitch, fun photos were taken, and Robbie was now an SPBR pup -- !!

Fast-forward a year, and SPBR gets a great great application from Joe, in Buffalo, for our boy --

-- so, after a home visit and a meet and greet by Joe, off we were to do the placement -- !!

Entering Joe's pad, we noted it was QUITE swanky --

-- we LIKE -- !!

Next, we love readers --

-- as do our pups --

-- there's nothing more relaxing than a stay-at-home owner, cuddled up with his pup and a good book --

-- all is looking GREAT thusfar -- !!

And then, with Joe's choice of great "thinker" books, we like him even MORE -- !!

Finally, Joe and Robbie meet, and we know we've got a connection --

-- smiles ABOUND -- !!

Shortly thereafter, Robbie gets down to business --

-- the peanut-butter-filled marrows are on short order -- !!

Next, Joe, being a real gentleman, offers us tea --

-- just LOOK at Robbie here, sorta winking-and-grinning at the same time -- !!

Robbie isn't quite used to the cultured world of tea time --

-- oh, boy, you'll learn to love it -- !!

And then, wouldn't you know it, with everything going PERFECTLY, ol' Robbie decides to POOP on the RUG --

-- OMG -- !!

Well, Joe, being a great great guy, says a quick "it happens", picks up the poopers, and we're off to business, once again -- !!

Next, Robbie helps Joe to clear the freezer of human food and to make way for Robbie's DOG FOOD --

-- I LOVE IT!!

Robbie will continue his raw dog food diet, more of which can be found here -- !!

One ten-pound chunk of turkey-veg mix, locked and loaded -- !!

After the work, comes play, and the two new buddies bond --

Here, you can just see -- and feel -- the joy of these two together --

-- it's almost celestial -- !!

Next, our Rob-boy shows he loves loves loves the belly rub, and Joe obeys -- !!

And here, Rob's tongue is like a giant air conditioner, cooling our boy off in all this excitement -- !!

So with that, our work is done -- and Joe's new relationship with Robbie is beginning --

-- really, so sweet.

Rob and I try to posture to say our quick good-byes --

-- as you can see, it's a little awkward -- !!

Chaos almost ensues --

-- and then, finally, Robbie gives me a big kiss good-bye -- !!

So there we go --

-- and for this, we are thankful to a long line of folks for believing in one beautiful dog --

-- starting with the tireless folks at NYC's ACC, and ending with Joe, the portrait of a great adopter --

Joe recently wrote --

"Robby completed his Veterinarian exam with flying colors. A week of medication cleared up his ear infection. Other than that he was in perfect health.

He was pampered at Dog days of Buffalo with a shampoo, ear cleaning, flea dip and nail trim. He left glowing and smelling like Spiced Sugar Christmas cookies. Both the Vet and groomer were impressed with his behavior.

He had a little fear agression our first 2 weeks together, since then he's been a real gentleman. Robby actualy gets complements every where we go (Proud owner). We start obediance training on 1/8/11 (for me) and I'm very excited to begin.

What a joy he has been.

Amen -- and AMEN -- !!

So, in closing, here's our happy Robbie --

-- and Joe, petting his belly.

Look at the tattoo on Joe's arm --

"Lambs become Lions" --

-- from the bigger quote, "Rise And Rise Again, Until Lambs Become Lions"

That, in a nutshell, is what Robbie did, going from "unwanted" and "abandoned" to "loved forever" -- thank you, God.

Adult dog placements are absolutely the most rewarding to do --

-- while the pups take longer to find great adopters, when the pup is finally placed in a great home, you just know it 110% --

-- look at Robbie here -- he's so HAPPY that he can finally contain himself --

-- and look at Joe here -- he's so proud and happy with the adoption process, that I'm sure he'll do it again, and encourage his friends and family to do likewise --

-- thank you, all, for your endless efforts to find these loving, caring creatures the best of homes --

-- to them, and to us, it makes a world of difference!