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Valentino -- home at LAST, home at LAST -- !!


Click here for Val's happy May 2011 update!!

Click here to see Val one month in to his new HOME -- !!

Click here to see Val one week in to his new digs -- !!


Sometimes you KNOW you have the PERFECT dog, yet he doesn't get adopted --

-- that was my case with Valentino -- SO pretty, SO sweet, and FULL of character --

-- well, one fine February day, we got the following from Kevin & family, in Southbury, CT --

"Hi Eric, we are very interested in adopting a new member of our family. We recently lost Roxy, our pit bull mix, to cancer. Roxy was my best friend, companion and went everywhere with me.

She can never be replaced, however, I know we can help and love a dog in need, as much as a dog can help and love us.

An application is attached. I would lke to talk you and get an opinion on which dog may be best suited for us and talk to the foster family, if possible, since Charlotte and Abby are quite a distance away.

Thanks, Kevin.

At left, Roxy.

In my mind, PINCH ME -- what a GREAT potential FAMILY -- !!

Before we knew it, we were OFF to Southbury, and here was our destination, complete with our red and white boy -- !!

Inside, we met Kevin --

-- and ol' Val was sort of in shock --

-- "all this, for ME", Val thought -- !!

And within a moment, Val snapped out of his euphoria and JUMPED right UP on the FURNITURE --

-- HAHAHA --

-- NOT the best way to wow your new peeps, Val -- !!

Anyway, Val is so CUTE that nobody minded his little acrobatics -- !!

Next, Val gave Kevin proper greetings --

-- from the OTHER sofa, mind you -- !!

And next, a king on his throne -- !!

Bounce bounce --

-- Val hits up the other sofa, like he's lived here ALL along -- !!

Happy boy, happy adopter --

-- what else could we want -- !!

What I love about this family, too, is that they didn't say "NO NO NO" to the furniture --

-- all they did was put a blanket down, and let ol' Val acclimate --

-- we can worry about furniture training LATER -- for now, it's the ADOPTION that counts -- !!

Here, Val shows some of his innate CHARACTER --

-- draggginnnnngggggg himself oh-so-slowly off the sofa -- !!

Next, Val plays SMART --

-- he's gotta convince MOMMA that he's HOME and that he's gonna STAY -- !!

And with that, Val becomes the family dog --

-- the loved dog --

-- the family member --

-- the reason we rescue --

Next, our boy shows his softer side --

-- takin' and givin' hugs --

-- AWWWW -- !!

And before we know it, he's back on his perch --

-- demanding chin scratches -- !!

Finally, we're ready for a family photo --

-- but Val has some other things in mind --

-- namely, LICKING his new FAMILY MEMBERS -- !!

Hahaha -- the big licker strikes again -- !!

And finally, Val is harnessed for a picture --

-- all except his tongue, that is -- !!

And here we go --

-- Val happy, at home, with the most loving of families --

-- we're SO proud -- !!

And then, before you know it, he licks MOMMA --

-- and he's HAPPY as a CLAM with that lick --

-- wish momma could say the same -- !!

So, there we are --

-- our boy is JOYOUS with his new home --

-- and so are we --

-- THANK YOU VAL, for smilin' like nobody can here, we know you're happy with your new HOME -- !!

Hahaha --

-- more licks and love to poppa --

-- basically, the best "thank you" you could give -- or get -- !!

So, there we are --

-- our boy spoiled, home and lovin' his new life.

I love Val, that goes without question --

-- and to let him go, after fostering him for more than a year, well, that's tough.

But, seeing this stellar, beautiful family --

-- well, that's a no brainer -- !!


One week in to it -- !!

One week in to it, Kevin writes --

"Tomorrow will make a week that Valentino has been with us.

He is learning his boundaries, counter surfing is down to a minimum, he understands the kitchen is off limits while we are cooking and eating.

Val is settling in and LOVES lying in front of the wood stove."

"He is scheduled for his 1st vet appointment on Monday and a training session in mid March.

Hoping the weather breaks so we can get him outside.

As I write this Val is snoring away curled up on his bed near the wood stove."

"I will keep everyone updated and thanks for all your support. Kevin and family."

Who WON here --

-- Val, or his new family -- ??

I think BOTH -- !!

Just look at his pumpkin head here, leaning on his sister --

-- he's HOME, people -- !!

Ha ha ha --

-- love the caption here -- !!

And here, bliss --

-- absolute blis -- !!

My favorite picture, saved till last.

It brings me to tears.

At the end of the day, we are so blessed and thankful to be able to help dogs such as Val --

-- and to find such wonderful families as Kevin's --

-- truly phenomenal --

-- thank you, all, who made this happy ending a REALITY -- !!


One month in to it, all is WELL -- !!

Well, it looks like our little MAN is becoming quite the PRINCE in his new HOME -- !!

Kevin writes --

"Val is settling in nicely, however, I don't think I'm learning his rules quick enough for him. He loves going for rides in the pick up truck and takes all the sites in."

"With the warmer weather and snow just about melted, we have been able to prove to Val that he actually does have a yard to play in."

"He follows next to me while I'm on the yard tractor and likes to jump in the seat and try to help. Only if his paws could reach the pedals, I could sit back and watch him mow the lawn.

Only problem, he takes too many breaks......must be a union worker. After the work is done, Val gets to play ball with his girls and show us some of his moves.

We'll keep everyone posted to Val's progress. Kevin, Lisa, Amanda, Rachel"

Well, I just don't know what to say here --

-- I love Val as my own dog -- I fostered him for a long time --

-- almost two years.

I looked at his face so many times, while we went for walks, while he sat on the sofa, and said to myself, "I just love this boy."

So, as you can imagine, placing him ANYWHERE was really tough -- !!

Well, to see Val THIS happy, and THIS content --

-- well, I know that letting him go was right for him, and for Kevin's family -- really.

Families like this, and dogs like this, are the reason I still do rescue.

Most of the internals of rescue are very unrewarding --

-- but this, just this, makes it all worth it -- !!

So again, thank you to Kevin and family --

-- you've taken a great boy here, and made his every wish come true --

-- he gets all the love and attention he needs, and reciprocates it with everytthing he's got --

-- now that's true love, for both sides --

Here, the happiness of a family, together forever --

-- and just LOOK at Val's St. Patty's day COLLAR -- we LOVE IT --

-- thank you to everyone who made this adoption possible, and my only suggestion here is to get ol' Val on a Flexi Giant lead, so in case he ever sees a squirrel or other prey, our pretty boy won't run off in to the wilderness --

-- instead, he'll remain with the BEST family he -- or we -- could ever have WISHED for --


Ahh, what a way to bring in MAY -- !!

Momma Lisa writes --

"Val is doing FABULOUS.  He loves to be outside.  The girls have been taking him for walks and the little man still thinks he is a lap dog.  We will be sitting on the couch or chairs and he just HOPS up and makes himself comfy!!! RIght now he is laying on his bed because Kevin didn't want him on him anymore.  I must say instead of avoiding what we tell him to do he is getting so much better.  Even though we know he is giving us the "middle paw" LOL, because he just wants to be next to you and be loved.  He is such a mush!!!!"


"I can't believe how good he is.  I sit in the kitchen every morning reading my e-mails from work and he will come down from bed and just go in his "room" (crate) and just sit there and hang out.  He is such a good boy.  I would actually think about leaving him but he still sometimes likes to attack the counters and what's on them.  I am truely amazed at how great he is.  I had my reservations in the beginning.  Kevin has had him outside and he just sits right next to him where ever he working.  The girls and I went shopping a few weeks ago and all Kevin did was sent us pictures of Val laying on the grass next to the tractor as he was working.  I am glad he is here. He has brought so much love to the family.  At first I thought it was WAY to soon but now I am glad he is here."

Just PERFECT, all!!!