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12,000 lbs. of blankets plus 3,000 lbs. of dog equals HAPPY DOGS -- !!

In Mid-June, Lori from Linens for Animals contacted SPBR --

-- she had a LOT of linens to be donated by a nearby launderer for a 501(c)(3) organization --

-- well, we took her up, and at right is the end result -- !!

As soon as we got the linens, they were going out the door, to our many local fosters -- !!

Later that weekend, I wrote our story to Penny Eims at the "Dog News Examiner", to which she responded with the following -- !!

Well, if that wasn't good enough, a week BEFORE the linens came in, we had ANOTHER email, tha the Mars Company was donating a LOT of food --

-- like 3,000 pounds --

-- to a non-profit rescue -- !!

Well, we took them up on that, and as you can see at left, did they ever deliver -- !!

The foods donated were Pedigree "Little Champions" and their Pedigree wet food --

-- PERFECT for our little 'uns in foster, who often need their food blended as they're weaning from their momma's milk --

-- well, babies, we have you food a plenty now -- !!

Here's the second load --

-- a LOT of canned food --

-- and my boy, Elvis, probably wonders, "Oh my -- this is wayyyy too much food for me" -- !!

Well, Elvie, not to worry -- this goes to our three litters in foster --

-- again, perfect timing -- just PERFECT -- !!

At an odd moment, Elvis slips in a quick kiss --

-- maybe as a "thank you" for our continuing to rescue, as he was a rescue back in 2003 --

-- and maybe just because he's just plain feeling amorous --

-- either way, we'll TAKE IT -- !!

So, in short, SPBR's 501(c)(3) has been a real help for us, allowing us the basics of rescue, donated.

While we often have no problem fundraising for veterinarian bills, etc., it's the smaller details that add up, like blankets and food, in this case --

-- so, in short, THANK YOU to our donors, and we look forward to working with you in the future --

-- you've made a lot of little lives breathe a little bit easier, and for that, we're just plain THANKFUL -- !!