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SPBR went to NYC for Funny for Fido 2010 -- we had a BLAST!!


Four years ago, Justin Silver, a professional comedian in NYC, started Funny for Fido, and because of his ownership and passion for pit bulls, we've known him ever since!

Check out his site here.

Why we went --

-- and what we do --

-- is shown in this little girl --

-- Piggy.

She came to SPBR from NY Animal Care & Control last winter --

-- fought, lost and upset.

After a little time and a LOTTA love, this girl came out of her shell and was a spring chicken --

-- so we figured, let's bring her along --

-- after all, the benefit is really for dogs like HER -- !!

So, the day of the prom, here's our girl --

-- note her "large bone" structure --



You can see, her upper lip has healed quite nicely --

-- and her face is back-to-pretty --

-- and she's HAPPY -- !!

Don't forget to ac-cess-or-ize, baby -- !!

Here's Deana, our Secretary, at Marta's house, in downstate, ready to ROLL -- !!

Before long, we're in the city --

-- near 50th and Broadway --

-- and here's our contingent, r-e-p-r-e-s-e-n-t-i-n' -- !!!

And finally, don't forget our Misses Mike Tyson --

-- walking with PURPOSE -- !!

At Times Square...

... and most importantly, at Carolines, the comedy club for the benefit -- !!

Inside, we know we're at the right place --

-- and down to the cellar we head!!

Well, THAT didn't take LONG, ladies -- !!

The dolls of spbr meet the men of Rescue Ink -- !!

And immediately, the pigster gets some man-lovins -- !!

At left is Big Ant, from Rescue Ink --

-- an SPBR adopter last year...

... as you can see here --

-- the proud poppa of baby Romulus -- !!

Well, back at the event, he shows us on his phone how BIG his boy has gotten -- !!

And it's happiness and laughter --

-- oh, Romey, how blessed you are -- !!

Enough said -- !!

Next, the beers start flowing, and the smiles start a' comin' -- !!!

And the Pigster is all eyes on me --

-- which I don't blame her --

-- she's not sure WHAT the heck is going on --

-- but she attributes me to love, comfort, care and play --

-- and I am so proud she knows she can lean on me when things get uncertain...

Next, our VIDEO is being played -- !!

And a little to the vixen beneath the TV -- !!

Our Cassie --

-- showing off her new old-skool F4F t-shirt -- !!

And the Pigster, absorbing all the love she can -- !!

Yes, Piglet -- I'm still here -- :D

So now, more jokes, and we're almost ready to go in to the auditorium...

... while Jo's niece comes --

-- who REALLY NEEDS some humor --

-- she's a cutter in NYC, working 15 hour days on her FEET --

-- we say "WELCOME" -- !!

Another "moment" --

-- as hands wrap around arms, and everyone gets friendlier -- !!

The Pig gets a pie pan of water -- :D

... and she comes to me for some lovin's --

Inside the auditorium, we seat --

-- and watch our video -- again -- :D

I swear, I've watched it 1,000 times -- !!

The table-markers --

-- how appropriate -- !!

Hahaha -- Miss Piggy gets her own special place -- !!

The programs --

-- and finally, JUSTIN -- !!

At the end of the stand-ups, Dina and I took the Piglet up --

-- and she had SOOO much fun, mouthing the mic, and enjoying her fame --

-- now THIS is the notoriety this girl should be getting -- NOT in a fighting ring --

-- she was a PRINCESS with ALL people AND dogs -- !!!

Next, the RI guys represent --

-- and afterwards, we say our "hellos" and "goodbyes" to the great SPBR volunteers who hailed from CT, NY, NJ and elsewere to help show their support and love for these beautiful dogs --

-- and YES, Piggy -- I'm STILL HERE -- !!!

So, a big THANK YOU to the fine folks at Funny for Fido for starting something small and growing it in to a great event --

-- this event, while fun, also helps our volunteers to recharge and celebrate -- for putting a lot of hard and long hours in during the past year to save as many dogs -- and inspire as many people -- as we can.



Here's our video that was played at the event -- enjoy -- and make sure your sound is ON!!