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Come journey with us -- all through 2011!

Click the following to see our new calendar, cookbook, stickers & magnets and water bottles!

It's here, everyone -- the 2011 SPBR calendar!

At left is the cover page for the calendar, showing each month's picture at the bottom --

-- the page features our beloved Sophie, at Jenny's new dog-spa in Rochester, NY --

-- I LOVE IT! !



This calendar features:

- 13 large 18" x 12" pages, bound at the top

- professional-quality, 10.5" x 10.5" photographs

- off-set quality printing on hp Indigo presses, capable of 800 dpi

- 80 lb. glossy cardstock

- 100% rescued pit bulls, and photos of their adoptive homes!

These aren't some posed photographs, folks -- they're the best of the thousands of pictures I have taken taken over the past year in my journey rescuing this wonderful breed!!


At right, you'll find a typical page, printed on 18" x 12" glossy paper --

-- here, we have Mitzi & Tonka, and their rescue write-up, plus a picture of Tonka & a volunteer!

The fee for the calendars is $20, plus $5 shipping in the US and $10 shipping internationally --

-- for that, you can enjoy large-in-charge pictures of this stunning breed every day of the year!

All proceeds benefit SPBR and its future rescues.

We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so please ask your accountant about deducting the purchase price from your taxable income!


Here's our monthly line-up -- click on a picture for more detail!!
To order via PayPal or credit card...
In the US...




These calendars make great holiday gifts! Please pass the word to fellow dog lovers, or to those who just like a happy ending!

If you want to send a check or money order instead of using PayPal, or if you have an international order, make out your check or money order to "SPBR" and send it for $20 (per calendar) plus $5 shipping in the US or $10 internationally to:

SPBR Calendar
P.O. Box One
East Aurora, NY 14052


Don't forget our Camelbak water bottles -- they make great stocking stuffers!
Lovely Jenna from our forum has the latest SPBR Camelbak design -- my Elvis!

bottles - with flash --

bottles - without flash --


And here, at right, is our little model, Elvis --

-- a boy who I rescued from Philadelphia Animal Control back in 2004, along with his momma, Philly, and family. Learn more on them here.

Oh -- just one more picture of Elvis as a babyyyy... and if you want more, click here...

Next, a quick look at these gems...

So, in addition to many colors available for your choosing, we also have differing caps available for your bottles -- :D

At left, you'll see the choices --

-- the "bite-cap" and the "solid-cap".

The "bite-cap" is GREAT -- all you do to drink is flip up the bite-valve, bite on the nozzle and suck the water out -- there's a relief valve, so drinking is basically effortless, and you don't have to unscrew the cap to drink your liquid! Please note, it requires occassional disassembly and washing, as do most things!

Next, the "solid-cap" sort of is what it is -- if you want to drink, you need to unscrew the cap and you get liquid a-plenty! It is $3 less than the bite-cap.

The Camelbak bottles are printed and ready for shipping!!

They are 25 ounces, and are BPA-free.

The colors and styles available are below, and are as follows:

"bite-cap" style is $15 plus $4 shipping

"solid-cap" style is $12 plus $4 shipping


What does "BPA free" mean? Well, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

As for these new Camelbak bottles, I really love them.

Their smaller size makes them especially handy, and I like the loop-top, which makes fastening it easy, as well as looping it to your gear.

The bottles are virtually indestructible, and they make great gifts -- as well a statement of your beliefs -- !!


Bite-cap style bottles with Elvis logos --

more Elvis -- schooling Thor -- !!


Solid-cap style bottles with Precious logos --


And now, for a little family photo -- !!

And because we ALL need to eat, don't forget your SPBR Cookbook!

It's here -- our first COOK BOOK --

-- made by our lovely forum members!

This book is chock full of recipes for people and pooches alike --

-- and it costs only $10, shipped to your door -- !!

The recipes are simple and quick, and the books make great stocking stuffers or holiday "thank you for being a friend" gifts!

Inside, we also have some talk of SPBR and how much it means to us and our adopters --

-- priceless!!

Here's how to order!!


Don't forget the stickers & magnets!

Above, you'll find our new bumper sticker, measuring 3 x 11.5 inches, fresh off the press -- they feature my beloved Precious!

They are only $3 each, shipping included -- and you can order multiple quantities!


And too, where there's a sticker, a magnet will follow -- :D

To the right is the same motif, offered in a 2 x 4 inch format!

They are only $2 each, shipping included -- and you can order multiple quantities!


Click here for more great SPBR gift ideas!

THANK YOU for your support!