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Here's a chance to come watch the Giants CRUSH Vick's Eagles on 20 November at the Metlife Stadium!!



Here's the beauty of the situation --

In mid-October, Tracey from Pittie Full Productions emailed SPBR -- she had bought two fantastic tickets to the upcoming Giants / Eagles game in the New Meadowlands, in NJ on 20th November --

-- and she wanted to donate them to SPBR -- !!

The seats are on the Giants side (of course), and they're field-side. Here's the fabulous view you'll get --


Now, the details -- !!

First off, Tracey said she paid $700 for the pair of these tickets -- we know, the tickets say $280 for both, but that's not market price for such phenomenal seats!! They'll come as a pair, so y'all can enjoy the game with a friend!

Also, we hope hope hope Mike Vick is playing for the Eagles, since Tracey said her group will give an ADDITIONAL $25 to SPBR each time Vick is SACKED -- !!

For the raffle, we're selling tickets at $5 each -- and the more you buy, the less they cost per ticket! All proceeds will go firstly to our rescue's veterinary bill and secondly to our dog food bill --

-- and SPBR is a pit bull rescue, through and through, recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the US Government.

Next, we'll stop selling tickets at 1,000 sales -- I know, I know -- a high number -- but please remember, the proceeds go entirely to caring for our rescued pit bulls -- again, a worthy endeavor!!

So, below you can buy your TICKETS -- !!

1 for $5
2 for $9

3 for $13

5 for $21
10 for $40

The above sales are through PayPal. If you'd like to purchase them by other means, email me at

Next, after you've bought your ticket, we'll email you a counting number for each ticket you buy --

-- and then, on 14 November, we'll choose a random number through Excel, devised here and seen as follows --

Finally, the winner will meet Tracey & pals at the Metlife Stadium to get their tickets on game day --

So really, why we're doing this is because we believe in pit bulls like Piggy, at left.

She and two other pit bulls came to SPBR from Manhattan, where they were seized in a dog fighting raid. The dogs were in tatters.

Over the next months, after surgeries and care, these dogs all lived to love again, and are now thriving at SPBR, looking for the most perfect of homes! Learn more on Piggy & Vick here.

We love our little Piggy as our own -- her snorts, her compact little body, her willingness to please -- she is truly an angel.

So please support our cause through this raffle -- whether you're making a stand against Mike Vick in Jersey that cold November day or even if you just want great tickets, your donation will be used for the core of what we believe in --

-- rescuing and loving these dogs and finding them deserving, loving homes --

-- it's the least we can do -- they so deserve it --



Click here for more great SPBR gift ideas!

THANK YOU for your support!