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Our 14 Apr 2012 playdate at Lorna's --
fun, fun, FUN!!


Well, LET the GAMES begin -- !!

Every month, near Buffalo, we meet up at Lorna's kennel --

-- mostly SPBR-adopted dogs, and all for SOCIALIZING and FUN --

-- good folk, GREAT dogs --

-- we LOVE it!!

At right, Ginger-Sadie, adopted from Dave and family --

-- who are ALL at the PLAYDATE today -- !!

Next, former child model NORA from ELLA & 8, from WV --

-- their story, here.

And here, our lovely little man, BUDDY --

-- now CODY --

-- who came from the rough streets of Manhattan --

-- a stray -- :(

Now he's BLESSED!!

Hahaha --

-- we're not sure WHAT is going on with Cody's tongue here, but we're sure he's a HAPPY boy -- !!!

His story, here.

Here, miss Ginger-Sadie again --

-- why the name?

She was "Sadie" as a foster --

-- then "Ginger" in her new home --

-- now she's just plain HAPPY!!

Her story, here.

Here baby picture, below!!

Then our RUDY --

-- confiscated in a FIGHTING RING in NYC, he's now HAPPY and SOCIALIZED --

-- and ADOPTABLE!!

If you're interested in a sweet boy, fill out an adoption application here!!

Then, as promised, Angie and Dave's 3 sons --

-- running about, socializing and being SOCIALIZED!!

Aww --

-- and here's Angie's little JUNIOR --

-- from the Tuscaloosa 10 -- !!

His story here.

His baby picture, below!!


-- she LOVES me --

-- the BEST kind of love --


Mister Cody-pants --

-- as if, for a moment, remembering his tough past --


Seee --

-- within a moment, he's HAPPY again --

-- shown with our volunteer CARRIE!!

More boys, boys, boys!!

Cody with his momma --

-- who is SPBR's Kristy's MOMMA -- !!

And then, from WILLOW and 9 --

-- mist WALDO -- !!!

SOOOO handsome!!

Their LONG story here.

His adorable baby picture, below!!

Here, next is our PRINCESS --

-- our little SURVIVOR --

-- remember miss OLIVIA, who was dying with PNEUMONIA on Christmas-EVE, nonetheless?

Remember the Rochester Emergency Clinic that treated her like she was a disposable?

Well, proudly, here she is -- still standing --

-- and THRIVING!!!

Her big story, here --

-- and her baby video, in the "box", here --

She says --

"THANKS to Cindy, Jason, Mike, and mostly, LORNA" --

-- just PERFECT!!!

Here, Olivia's little sister, Layla --

-- now happily at home in Buffalo --

-- he parents were getting MARRIED this play-date day --

-- we LOVE it -- !!

Her baby picture, here --

Here's our girl, lovin' on her momma --

-- LOVE the BUTTERSCOTCH coat, baby!!

She says,

"THANKS all, for getting me a LONG, LONG way out of the West Virginny KILL-POUND" --

-- we say, "It's the LEAST we could DO, baby!!"

Next, Nick's JAZ --

-- remember Nick, my co-pilot on many a long transport??

Well, this is his healthy girl, JAZ, who's a rescue also --

-- she just LOVES her people!!

Neither Nick nor we cropped her ears --

-- that's how she came to rescue --

-- but just IMAGINE her with BIG floppy ears!!

Either way, she's a LOVE and is LOVED!!

Hahaha --

-- as she enjoys life, wouldn't you know it, a random butt-sniffer appears!!

Next, our Elzaha --

-- or "Zaha" for short --

-- pulled from the WV pound with 2 babies --

-- she's a young PRINCESS herself!!

Just LOOK at Zaha's coat and spots --


She's being fostered by Tommy in Buffalo now --

-- who's doing GREAT with her -- !!


Haha -- our little land-shark Rudy passes by --

-- he may be bruised from his prior fighting days, but not TOO much --

-- and he's CERTAINLY not BROKEN!!

Queen Jaz gets a drink, and subtly reminds everyone of her SIZE -- !!

Well ain't this the LIFE??!!

More huggins --

-- and lovins' --

-- these dogs just DEMAND it -- !!

Even here, Ginger Sadie with her human brother --

-- happy as a princess --


What we like, too, is that these events teach the kids kindness, compassion, patience and gentleness with the dogs --

-- GREAT all around, since those are skills that last a LIFETIME!!

Thump thump --

-- Ginger-Sadie loving on me again -- !!

Here, mist CODY being happy as a clam, with his MOMMA, of course!!

And then, more of our Zaha --

-- in all her BEAUTY!!

As you can tell, miss Zaha just LOVEEESSSS her treats!!

She doesn't love the camera, though, so this was a worthy COMPRIMISE --

-- treats for pics -- !!

As you can see here, with Willow's Willie (now Kilo) --

-- she's a SHARER -- !!

That a girl could BE so PRETTY --

-- and in the KILL-POUND --

-- just baffling.

Well, baby, we're happy we could help you!!

Love the dog --

-- see the treat??!!

Again, proving her incredible sweetness with another pup, Ginger-Sadie, at her side --

-- as long as everyone get a treat, everything will be FINE!!


Hahah --

-- even with babies, everyone keeps focused on the reward --

-- and nobody gets nasty --


Her senior portrait, of sorts --

-- just a PERFECT little LADY!!

And by the way, she is a HEARING dog --

-- YAYYY!!!

"Hi, I'm BEAUTIFUL, may I HELP you??!!"

Why don't WE help HER, by finding her the BESTEST of HOMES!!

With that, if you're interested in adopting this PRINCESS, find more on her here -- !!

Ohhh --

-- don't forget, the apple doesn't fall too FAR from the TREE --

-- here's HOOCH, adopted by foster TOMMY --

-- Zaha's baby BOY --

-- what a BEAUTY he is himself!!

So there we are --

-- beauty and brains in one package --

-- and HIGHLY adoptable!!!

If you're interested in her, again, check her petfinder listing out here.

Back on the human-front, SPBR's Lorna (left) and Kristy inspect the 4-legged play -- !!

That said, we get to our ASPEN --

-- miss PRETTY --

-- miss SURVIVOR --

-- who Lorna has made a PRINCESS!

Lorna is fostering Aspen, and she is adoptable to a pit bull-savvy home --

-- she is a strong girl, but she also listens FANASTICALLY, thanks to Lorna!

Her long history here.

As a comparison, here's how she came to spbr -- about one day from being dead --

-- awful.

Well now, you can see, she lays at her master Lorna's feet --

-- and she's got that LOVE of LIFE in her EYES --

-- and for that, we LOVE lorna -- <3

Next, on to momma Jenna --

-- who came to SPBR pregnant and out of luck --

-- just a day before she was to be dumped at the kill pound.

Well now, our DAWN has ADOPTED her, and we just LOVE this girl --

-- so FULL of play and life --

-- and NO MORE BABIES, ever!!

Her story, here.

Here, Jenna patiently waits for her treat, being a perfect lady.

I tell you, this girl came to SPBR a hormonal MESS --

-- she tried to EAT ME every time I'd take her outside, or feed her --

-- because she was SO protective about her BABIES!

Each day, I'd approach the bathroom with a baby-gate in hand, shielding me from this super-momma!

Well now, all has subsided and she's a perfect LADY!!

Next, Angela's cute son --

-- and while there IS a dog treat in this PICTURE, don't WORRY -- NO, I wasn't feeding him those!!

Finally, another Willie (now Kilo) shot --

-- one of Willow's babes.

Here he is as a pip-squeek!

Here's our boy TODAY --

-- happy as a little PRINCE, he is!!

I tell you, we're so PROUD of our ADOPTERS --

-- and of our VOLUNTEERS, who get such great ADOPTERS!!

Next, Jen and her girl visit --

-- Jen was prior in Seattle (which we lovveee) --

-- and she's going to Miami next --

-- OUCH -- Dade County disallows pit bulls --

-- so she's thinking of options for her girl!!

This little lady escaped the Manhattan kill-pound --

-- so we'll help her escape this unfortunate fet, too --

-- or else we'll tell Jen to live just outside of Dade County!!


Finally --

-- just FINALLY --

-- we meet Faith's pups, who are going on transport.

Here's our big boy Max, with foster Katie's daughter --

-- WHAT a big MUSH -- !!

Don't forget, lest Katie and family helped SPBR by fostering this families, they were ALREADY on the EUTHANASIA schedule in Cleveland -- :(

Their big, fun victory, here.

And then, miss Rizzo --

-- ooohhhh -- what big PAWS you have, Rizzo -- !!

Here's our Max, just before going home --

-- ohhh Maxxxx, who was your poppaaaa, a walllrusss???

Hahaha --

-- we love you, pretty boy!!

And with that, good-bye kisses are given , and everyone's off to their adoptive homes.

THANK YOU to Lorna & pals, Kristy, Katie, Chrissie, Renee and all the other SPBR volunteers who have worked SO HARD to make this day of fun and play a reality --

-- all these smiles, smooches and sprints are a reality because of YOU --

-- and THANK YOU too to our GREAT adopters -- !!

See y'all next month!!