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Our Valentine's Day notables and quotables, and a winner!!


This past weekend, Chelle, a moderator from our pb-smiles forum, put out the call for Valentine's Day rescued pit bulls -- and responses she got -- !!

At right is Chelle, with one of her "other" hobbies --

-- and she is verrryyy well-rounded, mind you --

-- she has two tarantulas and three teenage boys that share her household -- !!

Okay -- on to our first contestant -- Josie in Ohio -- !!

Josie is an SPBR dog, whose story can be found here.

You can tell that Ms. Josie's new posh life is quite the hit -- !!

Great work to Amy, who has done so well by her -- :D

Next, we have rescued Gina, and foster Sparkles, who is an SPBR pup, and who is still up for adoption here.

Julia, her foster, writes --

"Well what do I say about that picture....Sparkles and Gina love their pink hoodies, they love the pink chair, and each other. One day Sparkles decided to join her best buddy Gina in the chair. Despite the extreme cuteness, Gina was not too thrilled because Sparkles took the window spot!! It was a very cold day so Gina stayed in the chair and went to sleep wishing someone would adopt Sparkles so she could have her throne back!"

Next, there's Gracie, who's realy saying to her momma, "Why are you making me sit in the snow with this ridiculous pendant on -- ??"


Alyss writes --

"I spent all of my after school time Monday and Tuesday on making a heart necklace from a craft kit I got years ago. On Wednesday it was time for the photo shoot; I took Gracie, my pittie, outside for the shoot. Little did I know that it was 10 degrees outside... so I only took a few pictures. Fortunately Grace cooperated and we got one decent picture of her (but that was only before the decided she would try to eat the poor necklace I worked so hard on!). Then we spent the rest of the night snuggling by the wood stove doing homework... and today Gracie got lots-o-hugs and kisses (plus a bunch of Valentine-themed cookies!).

Happy Valentine's Day!"

And then, our Duncan, aka Waffles --

-- ahhhh --

-- another SPBR pup, whose story began here.

Great work in Boston, all!

Next is Eric, from the forum, in a revealing pose with Kat's Tonka --

-- it looks like these two were luvin' it up on the sofa -- !!

And then, Gracie -- her momma, Alyssa, writes --

"My girl won't wear pink! I just got a new computer and dont have proper editing software. This is a pic of her with her true love, her Daddy."

Finally, we have Erin and her girl, Sassy.

Erin writes --

"Okay my daughter spent all day putting on lipstick and kissing the paper."

And the winner is...


I mean, how can you resist the love in this picture -- !!

Sassy is a loveable black pit-mix rescue --

-- a dog that has less than 1% chance of rescue from most pounds because (1) she's a pit mix and (2) because she's black -- people adopt black and brindles the least --


Well, not according to Erin and her daughter -- !!

Many hours were spent loving, beading and kissing for this victory, and Erin will get a pink Nalgene for her efforts -- !!

Thank you, to Erin, Sassy and daughter for reminding us that the best things in life are definitely free, and that while Sassy doesn't care how big your annual bonus was or what kind of car you drive, Erin, she does care that you saved her life, and that you've done fabulously with integrating her in to your every day American home --