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Summertime, and the living is easy...

Well, it was mid-July, and we just happened to get a bunch of folks' schedules to work out, so we arranged for a mid-July picnic in Western New York.

First, the country setting...

and next, the DOGS and owners!

First, we had Sue come with her boys and boyfriend from Syracuse.

Here she is wth all her "three" -- !!

Here is Quinn, whom she rescued from the tough Hartford shelter --

-- QUITE the looker, huh??

Next, we had everyones' kids show up, and like ladies love outlaws, these babies loved stray dogs --

-- well, that's not entirely true -- we had no strays in the mix -- !!

Here's Court's daughter, with one of the Columbans, up for adoption here.

And don't forget Tracy's three, who made a whirl-wind trip to Maine to place Kiera, and on the way home to Long Island, detoured through Buffalo -- !!

Next is Court's son, with little Roman, an SPBR pup who has become a fine young gentleman.

Learn more about him here.

Then, we have our calendar girl and her mom --

-- Christa is Lucy's foster, and her daughter and Lucy were on the 2007 SPBR calendar!

the kids say, "mom, we're not on long island any more -- !!"

Next, we have the queen of the prom --


A proud SPBR pup she is, with her story here.

Well, two years in to the adoption, we can say this was a SUCCESS -- !!

Brookie overcame ALL the odds of life, and is finally in a wonderful, wonderful home -- truly blessed, everyone is.

Here's a key to pit bull ownership --

-- socialization!

You can see little Gordi here, saying, "UMMM -- what ARE you?"

Deference is a GOOD thing -- !!

After Gord realizes three legs are as good as four, she and Brook are little pals -- :D

I love this girl, and these pictures of her will get her on the 2008 calendar -- she's THAT stunning -- !!

Great work, Keith and Kell!

Next we have Lou, a little heart-breaker who has found his way in to Jodi's heart -- !!

This is like the movie "Love Story" -- and they just met -- !!

I didn't, I recall, hear ANY complaints coming from Louie's direction with this treatment -- !!

More walkin' and talkin' -- !!

Then we have Petey --

-- Petey-pie. Pizza. Pete.

Courtenay's boy.

Petey is 12 years old, and was being abandoned many years ago by an ugly divorce.

Court's mom took Petey in, and he eventually found his way to Court's home, where she did wonders by him.

The problem is, though, recently a tumor was found growing around Petey's heart, and it is inoperable.

He is on Lasix now to keep his fluid build-up down, but our boy is in the twilight of his life-time...

... it is, heartbreaking.

But, we have to remember the positives and the memories this boy has had, and has given to so many.

He is a blessing to his whole family, and to those in his life --

-- and he is going through life as we all eventually will.

I think he is so lucky to be loved so much.

Next, we have the remaining Forgotten girls, whose story is here.

Here, little Gordi shows Barbi the 'ol ankle bite -- !!


Well, things happen as they do, and Court here was asked after Mistie's surgery (at Court's left knee) to "watch" little Mist for a couple of days --

-- well, my error -- "watching" turned in to "ummm, can we talk?" --

-- Mistie is now Court's girl -- :D

I am happy though, that Mist is in such a great home -- I can see her whenever I want, and she's being socialized and loved by one of the best families I know.

Next, we have another "foster failure" --

-- and that would be with Tracy in Long Island.

You see, Tra was supposed to "watch" little Gordi till her placement --

-- and with that, you know the rest of the story -- !!

Here's Tra's daughter with one of the Columbans, Dot.

You can see the love here, and can be ensured Gordi will be well looked-after -- !!

I love it when kids interact with dogs and puppies.

For the kids, it teaches compassion and responsibility.

For the dogs, and especially the puppies, it shows them a part of life they're going to see an awful lot of -- kids!

So many dogs get given up for poor behavior around little ones, and with this socialization, we're preventing that!

So, here's Tracy with her newest, Gordi.

Well, you see, I named her Gordi when she was in rescue, and now she's a much more girlie name -- like "bella" or "twinkle" --


Anyway, here's the LAST of the Forgottens available for adoption -- Barbi!

If you're interested in her, give her a closer look here -- !!

Here, Barbi takes a much needed drink from the cutest of water bowls -- !!

And then, Petey our boy, exploring a Columban.

With that, we have a bit more playing, pawing and primping -- !!

Next, we have Bonnie, a saint, who helped us out in a pinch.

You see, Mitzi and her daughter, Trudy, were in foster and needed to find a new home to socialize them and to help them get along before they found their forever homes.

Their story before coming to rescue is nothing short of heart-breaking, and is here.

Well, with everyone helping out, little momma Mitzi is coming along like a queen, getting more comfortable with people, and realizing that she will never hurt so much again.... that, we promise.

Here's Bonnie and Mitz, with Mitz smiling like I've never seen her do so --

-- GREAT WORK, Bonnie!

-- and then, Mitzi's daughter, Trudy.

Trudy is a little shy around strangers, but she's working on it -- with Bonnie --

-- and here, she shows she still knows how to have some fun, and be a little bit puppy -- :D

Next, we have Ms. America, or Molly's baby, Nina.

More on Molly's babes can be found here.

Ms. Nina's mom, Kia, loves her girl very much, and spends HOURS bragging about her --

-- WE LOVE IT -- !!

This girl is like poetry in motion -- really -- :D

And then finally, the wild-card --

-- Mr. Gus.



Gus is a little man, indeed, but he is street smart -- !!

He knows deep inside that pit bulls may be stronger than he, but he's a smart boy.

When confronted, he starts the conversation with a growl --

-- and the others subside -- !!

Gus is Jodi's boy, and he fit right in with the group -- happy and comfortable with the smaller pups -- !!

So, with all the introductions done, we proceeded to have ourselves some fun -- !!

First, we found shelter...

and next we did some cookin'...

... and then we did some hanging out.

Note the CRATES in these pictures -- time outs are GREAT on picnics, and crates help pups and their parents relax -- !!

So, with that, Sue's boy settled down enough (after 2 hours of crazniess) to let us see his pretty coat --

-- and we had us some new beginnings, enjoying all the fun and beauty of the day.

With those "hellos", we had to prepare ourselves for some "good-byes" --

-- the ones that cut straight to your heart.

I don't know what else to say about such painful departures, except that they're part of life, and that living life to its fullest, giving and loving, proves to make the whole experience the most worthy.

With that, handsome, you have made many's lives wonderful, and you have had a loved and cherished life.

So thank you to everyone who made our outing more than that --

-- we made some good memories, shared some fun stories, grew some new friendships and reveled in the wonderful four-leggers that bless our lives.

Thanks for a great day, all!