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Dogs or no dogs, our 2012 meetup was A LOT of FUN!!

SOOO, all WORK and no PLAY makes us a DULL GROUP --

-- so a PICNIC we HAD --!!

Though, nobody told me the tent, popcorn, chair, table and grille rental would be a LOTTA work -- !!

Well, thanks to out GREAT VOLUNTEERS again, we set everything up with EASE!!

And next, Lady's litter showed up!

Lady is from WV, and her babies, here a almost ADOPTED --

-- 7 of the 8 have homes!!

Learn more about them here.

ANYWAY, here's the group --

-- most all of them SPBR pups --

-- and, *gasp* -- all the dogs GETTING ALONG --

-- great work, all!!

Here, Larry and family, so kind to foster one of our moo-pups, lower right, who's adoptable here.

And then, Will and Carolyn, with their PRETTY BOY, Bentley!!

This boy's ears are NOT cropped -- he's just HAPPY!

His story, here.

Here, an honorary spbr alum, Katie's Macey --

-- a pretty girl, all in her own!!

And next, one of Lady's babies --

-- with a stylish foster mom getting her along, to boot!

And here, another of Lady's --

-- with the CUTEST of BABIES --

-- Jamie's NIECE --

-- JUST LOVE the TINKERBELL jacket -- !!

And next, another Coco-Puff, Guy with his little girl BAILEY!!

She's oh-so-PRETTY!!

And then, finally, the princess --

-- inside and out --

-- Pebbles.

Schedules for euthanasia in Carolina --

-- and again, she was TOO GOOD of a DOG!!!

Nobody could euthanise her --

-- so, off to SPBR she came!

Her adoption page, here.

And here, with Pebbles --

-- our ASPEN!!

You won't BELIEVE how Aspen USED to LOOK --

-- check it out, here.

I add, this success is ALL because of foster LORNA blessing ASPEN in her LIFE!!!

And next, the girls, PLAYING --


-- and they LOVE each other -- !!

Awww --

-- they stop for a KISS!!

And then, Aspen just SUCCUMBS -- !!


-- she's out of control here, and Pebbles deflects to a more sane world -- !!

Next, our JAMIE --

-- with two MORE of LADY'S loves --

-- in their best EASTER garb --

-- Easter, Christmas --

-- ALL the SAME -- !!

And a big THANK YOU to Jamie for being so SWEET in her helping all the children and dogs she runs across --

-- this woman is an ANGEL on EARTH, I tell you!!

Next, Larry's girl and foster baby --

-- so ADOPTABLE and SWEET our MOO is --

-- adopt her HERE, people -- !!

And next, Jamie's boy --

-- CHARM --

-- left for dead on the Indian Res., this boy, so BEAUTIFUL, is now the APPLE of Jamie's EYE!!

And yep, why not --

-- back to Caro and her PRECIOUS package of a Lilly-babe -- !!

Hahah --

-- what's a little sprinkle here and there --

-- ingenious Chey doesn't even get wet -- !!

Next, our super-foster and best-buddy, LEAH, with a Lady-babe --

-- everyone's warm and HYDRATED -- !!

Aww --

-- the BEAUTY of the BRINDLE, people -- !!

And here, guests from afar --

-- Julie from Allegany and Namita from Cleveland --

-- all happy --

-- almost TOO much -- !!

Haha --

-- Jamie's niece again, making GOOD USE of her time --

-- EATING -- !!

Oh, we forgot to tell you, we rented a POPCORN maker too --

-- it's WORTH IT, for your next rental -- !!

More cuddles and ooohhhs --

-- and aaahhhs!!

Volunteer Sue, with Lady's lovelies --

-- body heat, people, will keep you WARM --

-- the puppers know what WELL!!

Chey's bestie, GREG, with a another happy little brindle girl --

-- wait, HE'S happier -- !!

And here, our KELLY with another of Lady's striped BABES -- !!

OMG --

-- is SOMEONE going HUNTING rabbit??!!

Haha -- Caro gets a baby UNADORNED --

-- though NOT for LONG --

-- MORE to COME!!

And here, our marathon runner, volunteer JEN takes some time off the trail and hits the BOTTLE and BABY instead --

-- she looks HAPPY doing it - !!

Hahaha --

-- baby doesn't mind, either -- !!

Oh, the TRAVESTY -- !!

More FUTURE blackmail PICTURES -- !!

And here, Suzy's BF, Chris --

-- THANKS for HELPING, Chris -- !!


-- ol' Caro finally got her baby ALL dressed UP -- !!

And REALLY, she seems to ENJOY it --

-- probably because she's WARM -- !!

Aww --

-- you've come a LONG way from scary WV, babies --

-- your futures are BRIGHT and HAPPY --

-- that is, after your upcoming SPAY and NEUTER surgeries -- !!

So, there we go --

-- a great event --

-- and volunteer Katie and son Derrick agree --

-- well, sort of -- !!

THERE we GO --

-- momma knows HOW to make her boy SMILE -- !!

And TOO, don't forget all the GREAT dogs we have ADOPTABLE still --

-- babies, adolescents and ADULTS --

-- they're all at, here.

Again, THANKS to all who made the day an ENJOYABLE one --

-- no FIGHTS, great FOOD, lovely PEOPLE and HAPPY DOGS --

-- it's ALL we could have WISHED for -- :)

See you next year -- !!

Soo, day becomes night, and we get some rain -- THANK GOD we rented the CIRCUS TENT!!


-- CAN'T forget THIS --

-- thanks to my gals Chey, Renee, Leah and Chrissie who came around SUNDAY to help with the DETAILS --

-- and YES, we're GLAD the PORTA-POTTY didn't SLIP OFF the kubota -- !!