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Our boys are growin' up -- healthy!


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We had a very sick litter come to rescue back in Janury, 2008 --

-- and I called them the "forest pups" because they were found in a box, in the forest, in rural Ohio, with their dead mother --


More on them can be found here.

At right, is Troy.

And here is Troy's big brother, Romeo.

None of the litter was doing well -- underweight, stricken with sarcoptic mange, intestinal parasites, and overall poor health.

That is, neither was doing well till some great fosters, sheltesr and veterinarians pooled together to make...

... the recovered Romeo and Troy --

-- just two months later.

Here they are, all better from their ailments, and neutered and micro-chipped to boot -- !!

Romey and Troy are the last of the litter, and are looking for the best of homes.

Here's Troy, who had the steepest of the recoveries.


That belly -- that smug look on his face --

-- he's out of the forest, folks -- !!

He's also an active, alert boy --

-- clear eyes, beautiful coat, and a real snuggler -- !!

And then don't forget Romeo, here -- the biggest of the littermates.

Here, he's playing with brother Donnie, who Julia adopted.

To me, here, you see two absolute beauties --

-- who are ironically a black and a brindle pit bull --

-- statistically, blacks and brindles are the "least sought after" colors --

-- I say they're nothing but beauty -- !!

Don't forget, too, with these boys comes their playfulness and their dragon noises -- !!

This play is nothing short of a 1960s Godzilla movie -- !!

It's sort of like a resurrection of the dinosaurs when these two play --

-- I think they're both vying for dominance, but NEITHER will give it up -- !!

Hahaha -- a moment, stuck in time -- :D

And then, after that play, the boys are off to explore the pond.

The pond is a much bigger world than they've ever seen, at 3/4 of an acre --

-- so they approach it with caution -- !!

Donnie is the bravest of all, and enjoys a little slurp or two its waters.

With Donnie away, Romey wastes no time at all to chase little Troy around --

-- and before you know it, Troy's saying, "ummm -- is there something HUGE and OBNOXIOUS on my back -- ??"

Troy and Don then show Romey the NICE WAY to play --

-- like little gentlemen -- !!

And finally, it's back towards the house...

... that is, after a little hell-raising by ours truly, Romeys...

The best thing about this age is that the boys can be scooped up and carried away when they get too crazy --

-- something that won't last for long -- !!

With the bruisers at bay, Troy confidently prances through his kingdom - !!

So, with that, we're done, and these boys have MADE IT through SO MUCH -- !!

If you're interested in either Troy or Romey, please fill out an adoption application above!

As a quick side-note, you'll notice I have a happy, healthy lawn.

The lawn is only one year old, and I am a stickler for using ORGANIC fertilizers and food on it.

At right, is two of my favorite products made by the Espoma company -- the plant and pine feeders.

Most importantly, here is the lawn fertilizer I use -- Espoma Organic

With its organic nitrogen, it is safe to use the lawn after the fertilizer's application.

With the cheap synthetics, people, you have a heightened risk of lymphoma and other forms of cancer in your dog --

-- and really, is that worth the risk?

To me, NO, it's not worth the risk --

-- and here's my main reason why --

-- my Precious, who is an avid lawn lover -- !!

You see, when the Queen is out in the lawn, there are few idle moments --

-- instead she's always rubbing here, rubbing there, and a healthy, friendly fertilizer is a huge peace of mind -- !!

So, there we go --

-- Precious is a happy camper, as are the little lads, Romey, Troy and Donnie.

Again, if you're interested in adopting either of the two boys, please submit an application on them --

-- and ENJOY your SPRING -- before long, it'll be too hot out for your pups to enjoy plays in the lawn and the like -- !!