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Little Ivy proved herself a fine young lady at the county fair!!


I was invited to help a local rescue with booth-time at the county fair, so I scooped up little Ivy and we were off...


I chose Ivy simply because I could carry her -- Precious was too big, Spud was sleepy, Thor would just roll over on his back, and Elvis had gotten enough attention over the past week --

-- so, Ivy it was, and we were off...


Upon arriving, we met Kim, Joe and their pups, Percy (in her lap) and Hank...


Now this was an ironic meeting --

-- about 1-1/2 years ago, I pulled Percy from a Mississippi shelter for Chad of pug rescue --

-- little did we know that Percy was so mistreated that he would need both of his eyes removed, which Chad's rescue did.

More on Percy's story can be found here.

Percy has been infinitely blessed by Kim and Joe, who have since adopted him and who love him with all their hearts. They say he is much like a normal pup, and even goes up and down the stairs -- !!


Here you can see little Ivy giving Hank a run for his money --

-- watching a puggie wrinkle his already wrinkled nose is quite a treat -- !!


... and little Ivy ate up all of the attention, letting everyone "oohh" and "aahh" at her --


-- she even passed tests like this, where one boy was playing "ruler" with her (which I carefullly watched), and where the other boy was millimeters from stepping on her baby paws --


So, a good day was had by all, and we went home exhausted --

-- little Ivy slept for hours -- !!


Back at home, Spud and I got the hankering to head to the back 40...


Spud knows this area well, and it's very isolated, so he got some off-lead time --

-- he's enjoying it to its fullest -- !!

He's my only pup I will let off-lead -- there are deer in this area, and all the others would dart for them, presenting big problems --

-- all others except Thor, mind you, who doesn't seem to know what's going on when they're around -- !!


Summertime, and the living is easy...


So there we have it -- handsome Spud enjoying his day in the country sun, and little Ivy helping inch-by-inch to improve public opinion of this wonderful breed --