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Another summer picnic with our pups -- happy living!


Well, some forum members from pb-smiles got things organized for a CT meet-up, so that we did...

And meet we did -- !!

At Wickham Park, in CT, in early August, 2007.

What a great setting -- perfect shade, plenty of food, and plenty of pups -- !!

I came without a pup, since I had originally brought little Barbi to CT the prior day so she could go HOME with her new mom and dad, pictured at right --- !!!

Barbi's new mom is a Hartford polics officer, and her dad is a corrections officer -- great work, all, especially Christene, with the home visit -- !!

So, arriving at the picnic, we see signs -- plenty of em -- !!

Yes, I'll admit, it was my birthday -- :D

-- and too, it was some others' birth-days...

... specifically, Tiffany's Blues, originally from Athens, GA, whose wonderful story is found here.

Today, we had 5 of the babies representin', as you'll see...


First, we have a little craziness with two SPBR pups, little Ms. Akira (the blue brindle) and Poppa Louie, the buckskin boy.

Little Creb watches intently --

-- LOOKING GOOD, mind you -- !!

Creb has come MILES since his start in the rescue. His difficult past can be found here.

GREAT WORK, Jill and Martin!

OOOHHH too, don't forget Ms. Sugar.

Sugar is Tiff's sister -- Tiff being the momma of the blues in these pictures -- the birthday kids.

Sugar faced the same fate as Tiff and her babies down South, euthanasia.

Sandy and Summer worked extensively with Christene in CT, who fostered Sugar...

... and who then fell in love with her, and adopted her -- !!

Sugar is a wonderful girl, yet is dog aggressive with new pups -- Christene and her husband are doing really well by her -- great work!

Sugar's original adoption page is here.

Next is some more detail on little Ms. Akira, one of the blues celebrating her first BIRTHDAY!

Akira was adopted by Lauri and Giovanni in Hartford --

-- she is a looker!

Here she is as a baby -- awww -- !!

Well, the blue brindle is certainly nothing short of STUNNING -- !!

But wait, she sees another dog in the distance...

... and it's her long-lost brother, Finlay -- !!

Finlay was adopted by Emily and Channing in New Hampshire, and has had a GREAT first year at life --

-- again, what a PRETTY boy -- !!

And because we can never get enough baby pictures, more AWWW -- !!

Well, brother and sister re-unite, and they're a sea of brindle -- !!

Here they are, with their proud mommas --

-- everyone's beautiful -- !!

And the amazing thing is, for me, with these two, is that they're both LOVE-BUGS --

-- absolutely sweet and playful personalities -- :D

Here, you can see Fin's lack of caring about much, as he lays on the ground for Lexi and her brother to inspect him -- !!!

So, getting back to playing, we have Poppa Louie and little Akira, facing off.

Actually, this is a critical time in their "play assessment" -- as owners, you have to ask, "How are they going to do with each other?"

Well, here's the first sign to sweetness --

-- the play-bows come out, and all's looking good -- !!

Bahahaha -- nothing but play here --

-- Mike Vick, can you see us now??!!

Next, the two get a little vocal and playfu, as their parents carefully watch.

And then they decide that playing standing up is wayyyy too much work, so they resign themselves to the ground -- :D

Not for long, Poppa -- !!

Now it's more loving than playing, as Akira assumes the non-alpha position.

And then, Poppa Louie sniffs Akira and the two are lovers yeat again -- :D

Great work, Heather and Kath, for doing great by Poppa -- !!

Next, we have more great ownership pics, this time with more Sugar...

Here's Christene, with Sugar --

-- and she's the person who knows Sugar best.

The problem with blue pit bulls is that many, many people want them solely for their color, disregarding the pit bull temperament, and potential pitfalls that ignoring breed-traits like dog aggression can bring.

Well, with Christene, she lives with Sugar and three other pups, and is constantly working on Sugar, acclimating her to her new family --

-- and from the picture at the left, you can see the love is given back by our girl -- !!

Unquestioned beauty.

Deserved respect.

You've finally got it, Sugar -- and no more babies -- ever -- we promise -- !!

So, back to Akira --

-- she finds another sibling in the mix...

And this time, it's ROMEO -- now living happily with Gina and John on Long Island.

Here's our boy as a baby -- a baby adonis, of sorts -- !!

And then, there's everyone's heart-throb --

-- MALCOLM -- !!

Mr. Malc. is proudly owned by Eric in Mass., and he is spoiled and obedient -- two traits that rarely come together -- !!

Here is our Mr. America, as a lad -- !!

And Malcolm has a WONDERFUL temperament --

-- so sweet and not showing signs of aggression, which is wonderful!

Owners of adolescent pit bulls have to remember, though, that dog aggression can oftentimes show up at 12-20 months -- so it's often a wait-and-see question.

Next, Long Island representin' --

-- and Alissa and her girl Lola are in the mix -- !!

OOOHHH -- and then we have little Jo-Jo, now Titan, who is from Georgia, too.

Titan was going dumped int he shelter for his intense mange -- the worst his vet had ever seen.

He then developed pneumonia, and was treated for both.

This horrible manged developed, mind you, when his prior "owners" were busy spray-painting Titan with purple paint --


Titan has, amazingly, the SWEETEST personality -- you'd never know this boy had a bad day in his life, playing with him --

-- he sorta screams, "HEY, look at ME -- I'm making up for lost TIME -- !!"

Well, miracles do happen, and Wendy in CT has taken this boy under her wing.

He has come MILES since coming up North, and now has warts as his biggest problem -- !!

These warts are a result of his compromised immune system, and although they look gross, they eventually just shrivel up and fall off -- we'll take that!

Wendy, you are an angel.

And then, who do we see, but our little HARVEY -- !!

Harvey is Mighty's brother, and had a hell of a start to life, here.

Well, Mary and her family in CT adopted little Harv and did WONDERS by him again, helping him put weight on, and helping him love his new sister -- !!

Here's Mary and family --

-- thank you so much for blessing this boy's life -- !!

And you can see, you really can, that this boy is happy -- !!

Next, we have Erika, with her boys, Tank and Moose.

These boys were taken in a rescue situation, and Erika failed at fostering them badly, adopting them both -- !!

The good thing about babies is that while they can play a lot, they also sleep A LOT -- !!

Here's little Moose, with Tracy's daughter -- :D

So, to continue the Lawn Gisland theme, we have our pb-smiles moderators representin' the Island, Tracy and Gina -- :D

And too, Tracy's other daughter.

Kids always come in tow to these events, helping both the dogs acclimate to these happy little faces, and helping the kids grow up in to animal-respecting adults -- !!

Hahah -- Blaze, Tracy's girl, has a little fun with Tracy's older daughter --

-- all this is done with a small audience, intently watching the play -- !!

Alissa came in the LI car, too...

... as well as...


-- Ms. Storm, Gina's main girl -- !!

Whoa --

-- does it feel like someone's watching you -- ??!!

Well, Ms. Storm, you are a beauty and a princess --

-- and you just got yourself on next year's SPBR calendar with this picture -- !!

And too, don't forget the Jersey folks, here with Kristen and her beloved Maia, sporting her new Blocky collar -- :D

And then there's Frank, Kristen's roommate --

-- who can COOK COOK COOK --

-- okay, who brings such delicacies to a camp-out??

Lucky, we were -- !!

Finally, with everyone in attendance, we sit an tawk, tawk tawk.

Eric and Kell, here, talk of the Marilyn Manson concert they went to the night before --

-- umm... they went more for the crowd than the performer -- :D

And here, you see what a REAL birth-day this was, with custom table-cloths -- !!

And too, plenty of pups, and plenty of behaving --

-- this is what makes us proud, responsible owners of our breed -- !!

Here's Emily, Channing's girlfriend, from New Hampshire --

-- and Finlay...

... you know you've got a GREAT applicant when they adopt their pup, Rox, at right, who was born with a cleft-palate of sorts.

Em and Chan love this girl 110% and work with their vet to make sure she has a normal, healthy life --


And with Alissa, we have Beth, from Connecticut.

Beth has been wonderful with the rescue, helping when we have lost dogs that need scouting out, and helping immensely prepare for the day's picnic.


Next, a rather silly Romeo.

You know life is good when your eyes google because you smile too wide -- !!

And here, we see sister Lexi (center) with her siblings --

-- now's time for your baby picture, Lex -- !!

AWW -- little baby -- !!

So, with everyone's bellies full of great food, and the dogs played-out, now's the reason why we're here --

-- the blues' BIRTH-DAY -- !!

First, Malc gets his cap --

-- and then Lexi --

-- next, Romeo --

-- then Finlay --

-- and finally, Ms. Akira -- !!

Well, these loves couldn't be any happier with the day, even if they have to wear these silly HATS -- !!

Akira keeps her hat on as long as it doesn't affect her hunt for the cake -- !!

-- and a princess she is -- :D

Then, our Mr. Malcolm looks all but silly with his hat on --

-- but note, his PROUD DAD -- !!

I had over 100 applications for Malcolm, and we chose Eric -- he has proven himself the perfect choice -- :D

Just a little more Malcolm eye-candy...

... who can resist -- ??

And then, he reverts to his child-hood roots -- chewin' -- !!

So there we have it -- and our picnic draws to a close.

A year ago, Sandy and Summer in Georgia gave it their all to save momma Tiff and her litter, plus Sugar, from a drug bust.

Some wonderful people, like these adopters and Tim & Kari in PA, made these loves' lives worth living.

And for that, we're thankful.

Instead of "unleashing" 8 more pit bulls on society, as many would say, we instead placed these pups in magnificent homes, all of which are working day by day, inch by inch, to improve this breed's public image.

And for that, we can be nothing but thankgful.

What deserving lives these are, these loves, and what blessed homes they have flourished in.

THANK YOU, everyone, for a great day, and let's do it again -- SOON!