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It's Buffalo's 2008 Bark in the Park -- SPBR success!!


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Well, how do you present a rescue at a local SPCA event -- ??

First off, you start with a parking spot --

-- and stay in the lines -- !!

Next, you bring the homeless dogs --

-- all of 'em --

-- the moms, the dads, the seniors, the babies...

... and too, a carpet or turf for people to sit on to get all the lovin' that's comin' -- :D

Then there's the accessories -- !!

Here's little Troy --

-- but not so little any more --

-- airbrushed by his Dad -- supersize -- !!

And too, a video of of pit bull myths made by our great volunteers --

-- this is a favorite one -- !!

Moreeee accessories --

-- cards, magnets, tug toys...

... calendars, books, samples, water bottles, window stickers --

-- you name it, we've got it -- !!

Well, there we go -- our table is complete --

-- well, almost...

.... as final touches we get the "adopt me" shirts on sparkles --

-- a LITTLE tight there, lady -- !!!


And lastly -- and most importantly --

-- our great volunteers -- !!!

So next, come the families --

-- reading our materials, asking questions, and petting the loves.

Julie and Leah sport their SPBR t-shirts --

-- and a word to the wise, Cafe Press shirts run a little small -- :D

Next, to the ladies in blue --

-- lovin' on little Remi --

-- and before you know it, they're interested in our little man, and Jared gets them a card with rescue contact infos --

-- complete -- !!

Here, Jared gives lovins' to little Emoo, who came to rescue with a "get them outta here" mandate --

-- well that, we did -- and he thrived -- !!

All this boy needed was a little lovin', and flourish he did -- !!

Next, Julie loves on little Thor --

-- with his wrinkly coat --- :D

Alicia then chats up her favorite foster, Ms. Goldie --

-- who came all the way from Tennessee to get her second chance on life -- !!

And more guests --

-- from the SPCA and elsewhere -- :D

By now, it's 11 AM, and getting mighty warm --

-- and thankfully, the baby pool arrives -- !!

Meg takes little Thor to the well...

... and in he goes -- !!

Honestly though, he'd rather be with his foster mom -- !!

Here's a quick booth shot, busy as can be...

... and Thor gets some more spot-lighting -- :D

... more pets...

... and she even pulls in another SPCA volunteer to keep our little man happy -- !!

With that, it's off to the dog-walk, and Leah tries to quick-change un-noticed --

-- ain't happenin' -- !!

Then, Coll takes the babies off to their walk...

... and we hang back to look at various stuff --

-- including Leah's newest tattoo...

... which fits quite nicely on her leg -- !!

And here's her neck --

-- would you call that a necklace??

I don't know what you call it, but it looks good!

And next, on to a turtle who came along for the ride --

-- and a very lazy and VERY spoiled English bull-doggy -- !!

The event was great, supplying free lunches --

-- it's been a while since I've had bread stick to the back of my teeth -- !!

-- and before we know it, the walkers are returning.

Ms. Barkles, Mom of the year, is happily back...

... and the babies are like, "Whew -- that's over, right??!!"


And then, more smiles and pets...

... and in her spare moments, Meg teaches little Emoo how to "sit" --

-- and next, Mr. Brindle learns his "sit", too!

He says, "Whatever, people --

-- it's child's play -- !!"

Then, the SPCA volunteers are back, stalking their baby -- !!

Thor succumbs to their lovins' --

-- very willingly -- !!

And then, our Mac --

-- the 13 year old SPBR recently took in, lest he get taken to the Queens pound --

-- what a MAJESTIC boy -- !!

This little guy was the best, asking with each dog for permission first to pet the pups --

-- great parenting there -- !!

Aww --

-- then there's Bentley, an English Bull Terrier --

-- beautiful!!

And don't forget Leah's childhood pup, who Julia's parents adopted and have done a great job vetting and caring for --

-- she's smilin' again -- !!


And then, the day slowly comes to an end --

-- but not before we notice some oddities -- !!

First off, what's wrong with this picture -- ??!!


It looks like crates are needed to put your pups in while you pee --

-- to avoid having to take them in the lovely loos with you -- !!

And then, this Boston in tow says, "I'm outta here" -- !!


So, how did our babies do -- ??

Well first, little Mr. Emoo, the love muffin...

... will be at home in Conn. with his new parents --

-- here happy as a clam in their arms -- !!

Then for the boys, Brindle and Thor, who escaped a pound in SC with their momma to come to greener pastures at SPBR.

Here's our boy Thor, with his new momma AnnaMaria and son --

-- at home in down-state New York.

And then, Brindle --

-- who now calls New Jersey Home.

These are wonderful adopters, Dorian and family.

They recently lost their Chili to cancer at 4-1/2 years --

-- her passing ripped through their family, and through their little girl's heart.

Well, we've done a big part in doing good by this little angel, and by our little Brindle --

-- and that means the world to us.

This is a view through Dorian's wind-shield --

-- while Chili certainly hasn't been replaced, the family has mended itself with its new addition --

-- little Brindle, who was slated for death in mid-summer, due to shelter over-crowding.

Instead, Julia and Julie instead made his life possible!

So, there you go --

-- we had a great, great day at the Bark in the Park...

... we had fun as friends and as fellow pit bull enthusiasts...

... and most importantly, helped convince many, many people how the successful ownership of our beloved breed can be one of life's greatest gifts.

Thank you, all, for a great day!!