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The pups enjoyed a complimentary day-spa over the weekend!


I received an email from Krista last week and she offered to treat my pups and fosters to a day-spa --

-- we couldn't resist that, so we loaded up and headed to her shop!

The bus, mind you, is a 1986 Chevy van, purchased from the US Army --

-- since then, it's been retrofitted with crates, so each pup can get her own window-seat!

Next, we arrive at Krista's place --

-- and the pups are ready to come off, one by one --

-- first, we meet Christa and her husband, Matt --

-- my Precious is on deck for a washing --

-- and before we know it, she's whisked up by Matt in to the tub!

She's tethered, and happy as a clam --

-- and when Krista washes her, she's almost gleeful with the bath --


Here, you can see Preccie's coat -- a red merle, along with her blue eye -- such traits, of blue eyes, often go hand in hand with merle coats.

Next, is our dear Victor --

-- he says, "I'm not dirty, I'm not dirty" --

-- well, a bath is still in order, big boy!

During the bathing, he's still full of the "look" -- !!

-- and then he shows is he's done -- !!

More on Victor can be found here -- he is available for adoption!

Next, we take a break to meet up with Krista's first cat, who was abandoned, and who Krista nursed back to total health -- GREAT WORK!

Spud comes for a quick dip --

-- and quickly thereafter, Daisy get her a bath -- !!

I love this picture -- I really do --

Daisy is a real sweetheart of a girl --

-- from all her prior abuse and mistreatment, meeting this girl you would never know she had seen darker days.

More on Daisy can be found here.

Here's our Daisy, cool as a cucumber as Krista clips her nails --

-- dark nails like Daisy's prove really difficult to clip, since you can't see the fleshy-quick through her dark nails --

-- alsways be extra careful when clipping dark nails!

Next, Daisy is loaded and another is unloaded...

... all as momma Precious oversees the activity -- !!

-- and the next out the chute is Thor --

-- Thor has made no effort to hide his disdain for the spa-day -- !!

Here, he's thinking,

"If I just IMAGINE myself out of here, maybe I'll be in greener pastures when I open my eyes -- !!"

More on Thor can be found here.

Here is Krista's Xena, who broke out of her crate while the baths were going on --

-- now, she's a spectator of the spectacle!

Finally, little Elvis gets his turn --

-- and while Elvis is very cute and sweet looking, he is a pit bull, and he shows the temperament of a pit bull, which the breed typically grows in to between one and two years.

More on the pit bull temperament can be found here.

Finally, Elvis is rinsed off and we're all done -- !!

Before we leave, we say good-bye to Krista's second cat, who was used as a breeder-cat for 15 years -- :(

She's a senior Himalayan cat, and is enjoying her autumn years watching the world go by at Krista's canine spa -- !!

THANK YOU, to kind people like Krista and Matt for donating your services to SPBR -- we're all happier because of your kindness!