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WHAT a week!!!

We had a GREAT week, going home for Thanksgiving... and along the way spreading some joy. Here I am at Striker's placement, with his new love, a rescued Jack Russell / Beagle mix...


Jim came over with his FOUND girl, TINA -- !!! Jim found his little girl TWO MONTHS after she was stolen out of his yard -- GOOD WORK JIM! Click HERE for their story --



So, a 7 hour drive... with a car full of poopers... um, I mean puppers -- :D



Our first stop, heaven on earth... and Pino's forever home...



Pino is Dea's son, and his new momma is in my Mom's prayer group -- little Pino will now live on a 40 acre peach farm -- story to come!



Next, to my parents... and little Elvis is full of exploration... !



First, the cast of characters -- my niece, Izzy, and nephew, Jack...



... who both quickly pre-empt me for Thomas the Train --



Elvis says a "SAL-LUTE" with tongue wagging...



Izzy break-dances away from him -- it's moon-walk time -- !!



Izzy loves her stuffed animal kitty, too -- !



The kids become quickly tired of my antics, so Elvis and I move on to the next bebbie...



... and that's Mike, Jack's twin -- we're playing cash-register this morning...



Elvis quickly makes chaos of order, and Mike cries... in short, we're audi...



... to the dishwasher... and Elvis likes what he sees!



Hike it up there, chub-boy!



Next, it's dinner, and foster Pansy enjoys some loving from Izzer-ba-jizzer...



Carol loves on little Midnight... a returned pup from Satin's litter, because "the cat ran away the day we got Midnight and didn't come back" --



-- well, Midnight shows Carol what a little ham she is.. !



Next, Joey, my brother-in-law, and Jack -- um -- Joe and I do NOT look alike -- he's married to my s-i-s-t-e-r, remember!


On our way home, we stopped in Mass and met up with some foster-friends -- here's a baby and his boy...



... and the pit bull persona continues -- loving and licking -- and teaching this little man what a magnificent breed this is...



... shhhh.... don't tell him he's only a foster!



Next to Mom, who adopted this lovely Shepherd / Pit mix from the local shelter...



... the love of them...



The family... complete!



Just to compare, foster Nibbles is a German Shepherd / pit mix, too -- the sweetest boy ever -- caught on the wrong side of a divorce, and thrown in a kill shelter -- THANK YOU SHERRY FOR HELPING HIM OUT! He is up for adoption here.



On our ride back up to CT, we meet up with Linda, a proud Momma to Joshy, a 100 lb. Golden --


-- I couldn't be happier -- Linda is an exceptional Mom to her pups, and Dea is the best female I have ever had --

-- story to follow --



-- our last leg of the trip saw Midnight going to her new home with the newlywed couple and the wise greyhound / weinereimer rescue --



-- finally back at home, little Pansy gnaws on a frozen mackerel --



-- and says, "I'm a big girl -- I can eat it all by myself -- !!"



-- Nibbies settles in for the night, and we finally rest --



Oh, the things you learn on home-visits -- what wonderful, caring people there are out there -- and I am eternally thankful to have the energy and ability to help these loves..