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The Street Dogs of India -- a reflection

misery --

I recently went to India for a wedding, and here are pictures of the street dogs I saw -- they are literally everywhere.

litter --

Obviously, there's a huge feeling of helplessness in seeing such poor dogs, puppies and the like, daily begging for food, getting hit by cars and with lesions and cysts everywhere -- :(

dog-man-cow --

My resolve from this? Keep SPBR alive and healthy, moving forward with the one direct focus of effectively saving and placing the dogs we're able -- minus the bureaucracy and static that negatively affect, and often destroy, such organizations -- that is our charge.

risky napping --

We are here for the long run, and we're doing what we can to help.

street pack --

On many occasions in India, I kept my breakfast or lunch in my pocket, and stopped and fed random dogs --

-- that was redeeming, and healing.

street corner --

Many Indians I was with said, "don't pet the dogs -- they carry diseases" --

-- but I did -- dogs are social beings, and they craved the affection.

canine siesta --

I also found the Indian family I was staying with keeping a small bowl of leftover food, which they gave to the street cows and street dogs daily --

shadow-chaser --

So, while I found plenty of heart-break in India, I also found loads and loads of natural and historical beauty -- !!

roti --

From an Indian's perspective, Namita writes --

"With so much of poverty and with so many children on the streets-- it's hard for people to show compassion for the animals, not that they don't feel anything but it's so stressful to live with so much sadness around that you close your eyes ... and walk through -- it's just a defense mechanism to go through another day in such tough situations.

As an Indian, instead of criticizing the situation, I say - what can I do to help?

And I would also like to add that Indians basically are compassionate towards animals -- they don't beat them, they feed them when and if they can, and they don't eat them.

mother & child --

So, there we are -- my India trip was definitely an eye-opener, and a revitalizer --

-- to see more pictures of the trip, click here --

-- it's a work in progress, and I still have more pictures to add --

-- enjoy!!