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More media, more problems...

Owning a pit bull responsibly can get pretty fulfilling and detached after a while --

-- when you've read up on the breed, learned your dog's temperament, and made her world work for her, the dog, you feel like you're on your merry way --

-- well, that is until you tell a family member or a friend how PROUD you are of your little princess --

-- and then, often, after tellingthese folks about your pups, these once "comrades" will look at you with an evil eye -- trying to peer deep in tou your soul, before saying --

"I never thought YOU would have one of those -- and I would never have one of them."

I get this a LOT -- from people who have never even SEEN a pit bull before --

-- you know, average, every day people who are overall suburban in dempgraphic, and somewhat homogeneous as to their backgrounds.

Recently, in the forum, I started a "newsfeeder", which searches news articles with "pit bull" in the subject line daily and pulls them to a forum here --

-- well, now I can see where every day America gets its negative view of this breed -- go ahead, give some of the articles a look here.

Well, from those articles you can see the need for some -- ANY -- positive pit bull press --

-- those articles, day after day, are 99% negative pit bull press --

-- how can this be?

Some people in the forum have even asked we remove this newsfeed, because it's overall depressing --

-- well, to me, it shows how much work we, as responsible, loving breed owners, have to do --

-- because while we're happy with our own dogs and their world, the breed itself still needs help --

-- good PR, good press, whatever you call it --

-- and with the Internet and the rapid dissemination of such "shock stories", such negativity will continue, because it gets hits and clicks by curious readers -- :(

So, for me what this means is a hyper-vigilance with placements --

-- I have recently re-directed many applicants for pups to my forum --

-- I tell them I would REALLY appreciate their participation on the forum before their adopting a dog from SPBR --

-- and with their participation, we forum members get to see this person's angle on the pup (are they serious?) and also, most happily, we get updates after the adoption as this pup grows and flourishes --

-- and to me, the adopter, there is no better feeling -- :D

The forum also helps owners when they're in a bind --

-- for example, many pit bull puppies "grow" in to dog aggression at around 1-2 years --

-- this is something that generally can't be "loved" or "trained" out of them --

-- and this is an okay breed trait (not a great one), that can be managed with 800 knowledgeable fans on the forum helping the owner in need --

And with the forum, these owners get answers and can try different remedies for behavioral, diet, socialization, etc. issues instead of going directly to the dreaded "Plan B" --

-- that is, taking the pup to a "shelter", hoping they'll find a "great home" --

-- well, to me, there's almost a unanimous chance that dog will get euthanised at the shelter --

-- and that is sad.

But what's more sad for this pup is the chance he'll get adopted out point-blank at the shelter, without a home-visit, without a primer to the owner on pit bulls, and with almost certain failure -- or a life of cruelty in fighting, or just as bad, being tied outside because he was a "bad dog" --

So, that's where we are today --

-- sticking to your dogs is great -- and being proud of them is everything --

-- but there's a growing *bling* factor of publicizing negative pit bull press, and pushing none of the positive press --

-- so next time you're talking to someone about your beloved pup and they start to look at you like you're an untouchable becasue of your breed choice, go theextra mile to emphasize proper placement and ownership of these dogs, and show them how much love your dog has to give --