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Elvis and Precious certainly do dispel some pit bull myths!


While we were driving the other day, I was listening to Sirius radio's comedy station --

-- the comic was decrying pit bulls, of all things...

... what he was saying was how "ugly" the were, and that they were basically sharks with leashes on --

-- well, he has never seen my Precious, at right, to enjoy the beauty of her red merle coat...

... nor has he appreciated the black eyeliner on her upper right lid, which compliments her perfectly...

... and he has never seen her play --

-- playing, while on her back, wagging her tail, thump thump thumping with her body --

-- which can be seen in action here --

... and to Precious, the comic doesn't matter --

-- nor does he matter to me, nor does the ignorant crowd's laughs at his attempts to combine pit bulls and humor --

-- Precious also doesn't know about breed bans, animal cruelty, or starvation --

-- and neither does her side kick.... shown next...

... Elvis!

Little Elvie certainly doesn't fit the "ugly" persona either --

-- he is actually a beautiful example of the breed, fed a raw diet since he was weaned, and full of life and love...

... while Elvis is sweet and beautiful, he is also a pit bull, and he needs to be treated like one --

-- what does this mean? Well first, one must acknowledge and manage his typical trait of dog aggression --

-- not a strong trait, but a trait he grew in to at 12-15 months --

-- a typical trait, more of which can be found here --

After Elvis has been seen for who he is, there's so much MORE of him --

-- like here --

-- just LOOK at his lower lip -- it's as if God made him with a smile, dressing him with black lipstick!

And his smile -- the smile that won me over to the breed 10 years ago when I adopted Spud...

Elvis is still quite a puppy, playing with toys like a puppy, butt up in the air!

So, there's Elvis -- still a lad at 1-1/2 years, but no longer a puppy --

-- thankfully!

And as quickly as he came, he left...

So, there's my answer to the "comic", who was searching for material --

-- the reality of knowing this breed improves almost everyone's perception of these wonderful dogs --

-- those who choose to stick with the media's perceptions of these "beasts" should be exposed to these loves as often as possible --

-- and that's where we come in, through responsible, proud ownership!

Thank you for looking, and we hope you enjoyed the photos!