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Winter blessings, indeed!


Well, it's the middle of winter, and this is where I do most of my spbr work -- in bed with the dogs!

At right, my Precious...

... and at left, my Thor.

It's easy to look at these two and say, "I love you with all my life -- you're so great -- you're a wonderful part of each day "

-- and to forget where they came from.

Well, I am thankful where these two came from --

-- both from people, rescuers, who looked at the world a little differently than most, and who said, "these dogs deserve a chance."

Here's their view, high atop the bed!

Well, to me, I'm thankful with all my life for that "chance" that was given Thor and Precious.

Both of them were in high-kill, low-chance situations -- Precious in a Missouri pound, and Thor in an Ohio court case, only 4 weeks old.

So, instead of ending up mere statistics, these two have flourished, and have given me so much love it often hurts, and have set a standard in my head of "how I can best spend my time" --

-- with them!

So, with the blessing of these two, a big THANK YOU goes out to all the folks who help spbr, and who help great dogs get in to wonderful homes.

The people who say, "Well, money is tight, and I don't have a lot of extra time, but I'm going to make things work for this one dog!"

For us, this also means the folks in far away places like New Hampshire, Missouri, Michigan and the like who trek out to strangers' homes, to do home visits and report back to spbr on the adopter's eligibility.

It also means the animal care workers who say, "Instead of surfing the web at work, I'm going to get our dogs the exposure they deserve, so they make it out of the pound alive."

And to me, mostly, it's a big THANK YOU to the dogs --

-- for proving to us they can be wonderful, forgiving, caring companions.

From the moment the dog who is brought in to animal control from a fighting ring, tranquilized, there are folks saying, "this isn't a bad dog -- it's a dog in a bad situation" --

-- and then, for the greatest reward of all, for that dog to slowly warm up to its rescuers, and respond with a puppy hop across the lawn, forgetting its past of being forced to fight, forced to hate --

-- and proving, instead, that it can love and that it can be trusted --

-- well, that is everything.

That proves to us that YES, these are God's creatures, and YES they do deserve loving, caring lives and finally that YES they are able to be normal, every day pets in today's society, with responsible ownership.

So, for us, we're thankful each day to awaken and indeed say, "Thank you God for another day of living -- and for another day of giving" -- because while the day-to-day measures of rescue are hard, its rewards are immense.

Again, THANK YOU to all those out there who believe in spbr to foster, volunteer and most importantly, ADOPT -- !!

You mean the world to us, and you're being rewarded each day through the love and gratitude your dogs show you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -- we're honored to be able to help such deserving souls!