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What a difference 24 hours makes -- !!


Well, work was over, it was Friday night, and we had a date with a foster home in Vermont --

-- so driving we began --

-- and the next morning, we woke up here --

-- beautiful country, and great folks --

-- Eric and Renee wanted to help SPBR, so they contacted me with interest in fostering --

-- and here's where they spend there time --

-- heaven on earth, in a way -- !!

And here's their foster -- little Cheyenne -- a girl that was in a bind --

Chey hasn't had an easy youth, but is ready to move on from her past first year --

She is one year old, and still very much puppy --

She is part Jack Russell Terrier mix, we think, and she LOVES to play -- !!

Some action shots of the little lady -- !!

And here's her foster brother, Bruce, who Eric and Renee rescued from Jersey --

-- they were told he was a "boxer mix" -- they were a bit surprised when they saw him -- !!

He's a sweet-heart through and through, and converted yet another family to pit bull love -- :D

So, little Chey is now in a foster family, and is still available for adoption --

-- if you're interested in her, check her out here --

-- and if you ever have need to, stop by Vermont on your travels --

-- beautiful country -- !!

Next, to Dobbs Ferry in downstate New York --

There, Bridget and Vinny hop to get their forever homes -- !!

Bridget meets Michelle, her new momma --

-- Michelle and her daughter hail from Long Island --

-- they were pre-approved, due to Joyce's kindess in doing their hom-visit on LI --

-- THANK YOU Joyce -- !!

The puppies act like puppies, so Teressa gets out the snackies -- !!

Before all hell breaks loose, Vinny breaks in to a sit --

-- and Bridget well, um, wants a cookie -- !!

Next, Bridgie meets her new sister --

-- and is a bit aloof -- !!

Vinny comes in to share the love -- !!

-- and Bridgie settles right in --

Vinny does, too, and the family gains composure for their "family shot" --

-- perfect -- !!

So, let the memories begin --

-- Vinny, now "Jersey", has got himself a new best friend -- !!

Bridget has settled in as one of the girls, and couldn't be happier --

-- especially since she's away from Vinny's nips -- !!

Little Phoebe had a scheduled placement, but we couldn't connect with the adopters --

-- so home she came --

-- and that's okay -- she actually didn't seem to be bothered by it one bit -- !!

It's fun to see these loves go from little-uns to sprinting squirts --

-- motorin' --

And with that, their energy wanes --

-- Phoebe shakes it off --

-- and she's ready to go inside --

-- if you're interested in adopting Phoebe, click here --

THANK YOU, ALL, for an enjoyable 24 hours -- !!

It sure beat watching bowling on this cold winter's Saturday, and you helped these loves get some great homes -- !!