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What started out an adoption
day ended up a pit bull
education day !


Well, we were invited to the local
Petco over the weekend, so we jumped
at the opportunity... a good chance to spread
the word on this wonderful breed, and hopeully
pique some interest in adoptions...


The pups I featured were
Crystal, dear Snowflake, Hunny and Philly...

... all sweethearts, and lovely with people and pets alike...



Here's Snowflake, spreading some love..



... TAGGED! I'm not sure who's kissing whom first -- !!



We brought some gear along, too, which everyone liked -- :D



Amy got everyone bagels, a worthy snack, and distraction, from other dogs at their Saturday trip to Petco...



... Philly is less picky than I am -- my bagels have to be scooped -- !!



Here's Crystal, enjoying one of the perks of an adoption day -- free rawhides!



I was happy to see all the little kids who had
such a positive experience with my fosters...
... none of them was scared of the pups, and
the pups reciprocated with licks and wags..!



Here's little Snowflake, being a PRINCESS --

-- this girl, when I got her a month ago, wouldn't even come out of her CRATE -- I had to drag her out to go on walks --

-- she was rescued from a 26-year old single mother in the Bronx whose 6 children, all under 10, were Snowflake's primary care-givers --

-- the kids used to color Snowflake with crayons, and hit her -- the teacher got Snowy when the mom thretened to throw her off her balcony -- ??!!



Well, little Snowflake has come along eons, and she is not going to another lame home --

-- when people start saying to me, "Oh, I have a nice outdoor kennel and run for her," I say "NEXT!"



Here's another of Snowflake showing her true colors -- forgiveness and loving...



THEN, we had to find the ferret pen --
I swear, the ferret was teasing little Hunny -- !!



Of course, the ferret
became Hunny's focus
and passion -- !



Next, to the rat
pen -- happy little souls --



Here's Hunny observing
their nap-time -- !!



This little girl was the
SWEETEST with Snowflake,
so gentle and calm...



More lovin'....



Just look at Snowflake's
eyes... so much love..

... and AVAILABLE!



So, the day went overall well -- no firm adoptions, which
is okay by me -- but a lot of talking, socializing and petting --
things we love, and that the pups live by -- !!