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Over the past years, my experience with pit bulls has increased significantly --

-- I have interacted with them on a one-on-one basis, on a dog-on-dog basis, and with them as they meet new people and encounter new circumstances.

This page is a cheat-sheet on what I know about the breed -- why it's magnificent, and why it may not be for everyone.

If you have any comments or additions, please email them to me at We're all in this together to help these loves, and to improve society's understanding of them.


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Here's darling Shirelle, a foster who's up for adoption... she's a survivor -- an eight year old pit bull -- not many pit bulls make it to that age due to their owners' changing lifestyles, poor ownership, disease, etc --

-- Shirelle has made it, and she's a cancer survivor -- she deserves the life of a princess -- please consider her here --


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Here's dear Susi,
China's daughter... while
cute as a button, she still
has the temperament of a
pit bull puppy, which needs
consideration throughout
her entire life.



My boy Thor, who
I rescued at 7 weeks
of age -- a lovely boy,
with an exceptional



Here's Princess' girl,
Bunny. While she looks
like a mix, both her parents
are pit bulls -- and she will
have pit bull breed traits.



Thor and Spud on the sofa,
being potatoes... and Isobel... all
curled up in a ball -- :D



Little baby Iggy, looking
more like a gremlin than
a pit bull puppy!



Little Iggy, with his sister, Edith.
Edith showed signs of dominance at 5 weeks,
growling at the other puppies at the food bowl,
trying to dominate them and eat all the food -- !!

Food aggression is something that a good trainer
will be able to successfully remedy, though many
dogs, not just pit bulls, will naturally protect their
food bowl from other dogs through growling, sort of
their warning sign.



My three -- Spud, Precious and Thor.

Precious is the alpha, Spud is the wise old king...

... and Thor is the mischievous court jester --