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Our winter meetup was a success!

Well, it was winter, and it was cold and wet outside --

-- but we had an in at the local training facility, and we had us a pit bull meet-up -- !!

Entering the door, you know you're in the right place -- !!

-- and then, to see Ms. Precious representin' just makes us feel better --

Inside the play-room, Precious' December mug keeps a watchful eye -- !!

And here we are --

-- 40' x 60' of indoor bliss -- !!

First, we have my Elvis --

-- a beautiful gift of a dog if there ever were one.

Here is Elvis as a baby, just as playful and sweet as he is today.

Elvis came from a high kill shelter in Phila --

-- just HOW someone could dump him at a shelter is beyond me.

He is a very sweet boy --

-- but he also possesses a mature pit bull temperament.

To me, that means he's fine 99% of the time with other dogs, and 100% of the time with people.

For the 1% of time with dogs that he has issues, it's when other pups aggress towards him, and then he wants to rumble.

Do I like that trait? Absolutely not.

Can I love it out of him? Umm -- no!

Can I manage it responsibly? Yes!

Elvis says, "Enough about me -- let's go to meet our guests -- !!"

First, he's off to Kath -- who enjoys a rare moment alone --

-- but not for long -- !!

Here's the rest of Kath's clan, husband Joe, chitlins, adopted Victor and foster Tricky --

-- a full house, in short -- !!

Next Elvie says a grand "HELLO" to Cooper's momma --

-- and here's Cooper and Dad.

Cooper was recently adopted from the Buffalo Animal Shelter and is doing well, with some obedience and lovin' --

-- great work -- !!

Next, we have Julia and SPBR's Sparkles, who came from a high-kill Ohio shelter, with babies in tow.

We can't forget Elvie's greeting to Ms. Julia -- !!

And here is our Sparkles --

-- who, you'd never know from the looks of it, LOVESSSS being held -- !!

She's just not a smiler, this girl -- !!

To me, she is a real beauty --

-- but then again, I'm partial towards the moo-pups -- !!

Sparkles is still available for adoption -- !!

Next we have Julie and her pup, Ms. Opal.

Opal is very much a sweet-heart, and Julie is her angel.

Julie found Opal running a busy highway and scooped her up, and then began a new chapter of both these girls' lives -- !!

Opal is verrryyy sensitive to diet, so Julie has her on a raw diet, and she's doing great -- !!

Here, Opal says, "let's PLAY" -- !!

Elvis says, "Yes, ma'am" -- !!

But not before an obligatory baby picture of Elvis -- again --

-- siggghhhh -- :D

Okay, our first meet-up if with Ms. Tricky.

Trick is fostered by Joe and family, and she is an EXCEPTIONAL dog --

-- and she is good with other dogs --

-- well, male dogs, I should say -- !!

Here's Tricky and Opal --

-- two females.

The approach, and all is sweet...

... and then Tricky goes in to Gremlin overdrive -- !!

Note, during this, how SWEET Opal is, not pushing back -- GOOD GIRL -- !!

Also note, too, that both owners of these pups are in total control of them -- so here's where the intro ends -- !!

Awww -- poor Ms. Opal --

-- she wants friends -- but Tricky's just not in the cards -- !!

Looking again at Ms. Opal, you see she's sort of like a pig --

-- she has NO hair (or fur!) on her head --

-- she's a realll beauty though, and her beautiful coat is a testament to her mom Julie's doing great by her -- !!

So, being good parents, Opal's elders give her a shot in the agility chute -- !!

-- and Opal obliges -- !!

Next, it's Elvie's turn --

-- he's quite apprehensive of the chute, but nothing a few snacks can't take care of -- !!

Aww -- good boy, Elvis -- !!

So, great work to Opal and her parents for being such a good match --

-- who says the best things in life aren't free -- ??!!

Now, on to Victor and Tricky...

... while Trick was a little tough with Opal, she is sooo submissive to King Vic --

-- and that's just the way it has to be for Joe and family to foster this girl --

-- good thinkin', Trick -- !!

Here's the family, decked out with their 4-leggers -- !!

And with Kig Vic, you can see he's sooo happy in his new digs -- especially compared to the fate he could have had, here.

Good boy, Vic -- you make us very proud -- :D

And too, Vic loovesss being off-leash --

-- here he is, running aroud naked, sans collar or leash -- !!

-- that is, until he's found and tethered -- !!

Happiness can be seen in a picture, and a smile, and Victor, with all his hugeness and might, is a gentle giant with this family, proving he and other pit bulls and pit-mixes can be wonderful family dogs.

Next, we see a two critical elements to any meet-up --

-- CRATES and BLANKETS -- !!

This is a great "time-out" place for pups who are getting over-heated, and also is a great place to put the pups when their parents want a break -- !!

Now, on to outside, and the Queen awaits us --

-- Queen Precious, that is -- !!

Precious and Vic --

-- a rare moment -- !!

Victor is the BEST at intros, because the boy just doesn't care about other pups that much -- !!

Instead of staring Precious down, trying to mount her, or making other commotion, he pays more attention to his surroundings -- he can't be bothered -- !!

And what that makes for is a great introduction, and having two of the largest, most powerful pups I have ever had GET ALONG GREAT -- !!

Good girl, Prec --

-- good boy, Vic -- !!

Vic's like, "Huh?"


Where Precious reallyyy excels though, is with people --

-- she's a love machine -- !!

And, if you've ever met Precious, you know it's IMPOSSIBLE to stay away from her kisses -- this girl was built to love, and she shows it -- !!

So, back inside, we've had us a successful day.

No fights, just a couple of snarls, and a good time for all -- !!

What makes me most happy is to see pups I've known for months or years, and to see them at meet-ups and get-togethers, flourishing.

This includes my own dogs, mind you -- !!

So, thank you to Coll for letting us borrow her facility, and thank you to all the responsible loving owners that came and did well by their pups.

And the final hint to a successful meet-up?


Here, Momma Sparkles enjoys some cheese in her Kong --

--- THANKS FOR COMING, ALL -- we had a great time!!