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Always look for the silver lining... that's Yoda's mantra -- !!


Click here to see how our boy is getting along!


Here's the ongoing story of little Yoda, a boy whose life started out on the wrong foot --

-- Yoda was originally seen by a good samaritan, being thrown out the window of a car going 50 MPH in rural Ohio --

-- she scooped up this little prince, and took him to the vet.

After coming to rescue, he was treated with a prince's diet, socialized, neutered and began treatement for demodex mange...

... and that's just the start...


Next, I got an email from Stephanie, a vet tech and riding instructor at a local stable --

-- she offered to foster Yoda and to ensure his medical treatment went forward smoothly --

-- here, we approach the stable --


Inside, we're greeted by Steph and her rescued pit/lab mix, Chyna --


Chyna give Yodies the old one-over, while Yoda plops himself down on the PRETTIEST of beds and goes to work on Chyna's rawhide --

-- NOTE the tolerance here of Chyna, allowing Yoda in her her house, allowing him on her bed, and allowing him to chew her hide -- !!

Steph obviously knows Chyna very well, and that she would allow such chicanery from Yoda, thus the invite -- !!


Next, we meet Thor...

... he's Steph's rescued Persian cat...


... the funniest thing is that Steph said, "Even though he looks nasty, he's really a happy, sweet boy --

-- that's just how he looks -- !!"


All the while, Yoda is bed-hopping, jumping to another of Chyna's beds, and finding another of her bones -- !!


Ummm, you've come a lon way, baby -- !!

Steph writes:

"Yoda is doing great! He has fit right in with no problems at all.  He is a great little dog and I am amazed at how well he crates, rides in the car, gets along with all animals and people, and adapts to new situations. "


Here he is, enjoying a sofa moment -- Chyna's like, "Oh... my... God... !!"

Steph continues --

"He got to see one of the vets today and was diagnosed with a few problems and I have started him on some medications.  He does have demodex, which you knew, and he is now on ivermectin, once a day orally in his food.  This will be much easier on him since he reacted so badly to the Mitaban. "


"He will need to receive this everyday for several months to treat the demodex.  Even then it can take 6-12 months to resolve, as he is an adult dog.  

He also has a bacterial infection in his ears and is on Baytril otic for that for 10 days.  I am giving him a bath with a medicated shampoo a few times a week and he is on an antibiotic for his skin also, since he has seborrhea and a skin infection. "

Here, Yodies meets kittie Thor -- !!


As you can tell, Yoda is blessed by Steph -- she has the ability and the time to spend helping him recover, and for that I am very thankful.

Here, she shows me Chyna's prowess in obedience, with full clicker training -- !!

The clicker is used to emphasize positive behavior, and is accompanied by a treat. More on it can be found here.

Just you wait, Yodies -- you'll be a clicker-trained junkie after a while -- !!

These are ALL great things for little Yoda, making him more attractive to a forever-home, when he gets all better -- !!



... drool-drool..



Next, to the stable...

... Steph is testing Yoda here to ensure he's basically not nuts around the horses --

-- she wants him to have a low prey (and realistic) drive, basically respecting the horses, and not trying to challenge them, which wouldn't work too well -- !!

She is also looking for a general level of respect from Yoda to the horses, so he doesn't overstep his bounds and get hurt --


I give bid a little nose-rub, watching my finger carefully, and makign sure there's a bar between us -- !!


Speedy careens his eyes downwards to give little Yodies a look...


... and Yoda visits with the other ponies and the like --

-- SO FAR, SO GOOD, YODA -- !!


Here's the big test, and the big PASS --

-- he's docile around the horses, and very watchful -- !!


Next to the chicken coop --


-- imagine what's going through these girls' minds when they see Yoda -- !!


Yoda passes here, too, and even lets Steph get in the coop to retrieve some eggs -- !!


So, Yoda passes all his tests, and is ready to inspect his crate.

Here, Steph is putting wire ties on the edges of the crate --

-- even though Yoda is not a crate escaper, wire ties are CRITICAL on most crates, because if a dog ever decides to try and break out and gets stuck half-way, they can easily be choked to death --

-- the wire-ties prevent such potential problems --


Chyna give me the thumbs-up, too, accepting her new foster brother --


Before we leave, I notice Steph even took Chyna for her Canine Good Citizen --

-- and Chyna PASSED --

-- GREAT WORK, Steph -- !!

More on the CGC can be found here --

-- this makes little Chyna a true ambassador of the breed -- !!


With that, Steph loads the pups' toy balls with snacks, as little Thor watches all the action --


-- and we are all set.

Little Yodies is in a great foster home, continuing his ascent out of his past life, which left him pretty down --

-- THANK YOU to the wonderful people like Stephanie out there who are generous and kind enough to help with the special cases like Yoda --

-- and watch for updates -- we're going to see this boy shine in no time, as he continues to rise out of the ashes -- !!


Yoda update!

Well, there's three essential aspects to great fostering --

-- first, picture updates (because we love them so!) --

-- second, socialization of the pup --

-- and third, obedience --

-- here, it looks like Stephanie has done all the above -- !!


She writes --

"He is doing great and is such a wonderful dog. I call him my little man!

Here he is showing off his new obedience skills with some doggie friends. As you can see he is fantastic with other dogs and has already learned down stay and sit stay."


"The other dogs are my friend's Bullmastiff "Lance", Mastiff/Lab mix "Klaude", and my pup "Chyna" Lab/Pit mix. All rescue dogs and obedience stars. Yoda has some great role models!!!


Well, everyone is winning here, especially Yoda, who is blossoming in to a proper young man --

-- I am so happy for his success, too, this being one of my first times to trust fosters, especially after past stories like this --

-- GREAT WORK, Steph!