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Dante's home visit, though not as planned, still had a silver lining!


So, it was Sunday morning, and we were off to see if Dante was going to find his new digs --

-- this was in downstate New York -- in an area with a nice balance of nature and historic homes --

We arrive at his prospective home...

... and expect the likes of Bob Villa to come out more than anyone -- !!

Instead, we're greeted by little Bella, and her pit bull, Noel!

And here's the reason, we're here -- for Dante, the abuse case from West Virginia. His story is here.

Here was the potential match for Dante, 11 year old Noel, who is the queen of the roost.

Well, the meeting of the dog-minds didn't work out. We took the pups to a neutral field for a walk -- both leashed, meeting up intermittently.

Dante didn't mind this exercise, whereas Noel was too wound up with Dante, and he was visibly stressing her out.

So, we decided this wasn't a great fit for Dante, Noel or the family --

-- but this experience didn't stop Noel from still being the family love!

She has been their faithful companion for the past 11 years, and they got her as a puppy.

Noel is spoiled and fully integrated in this every day family --

-- here she is, at her roost in the kitchen!

What I liked about this home is that it shows an every-day family with small children, living happily with a pit bull, over the long-term --

-- so while new experiences are had --

-- and while the family lives and grows --

-- Noel is there, as a central part of it.

Her parents, Lisa and Michael, have strong views about their girl, too. Their extended families have pit bulls and staffies, and swear by them --

-- they swear by them as great companions, and show it as responsible owners.

This was a welcomed corner of the kitchen --

-- representin' with the current 2006 spbr calendar!

So here is the whole family --

-- and Noel flourishes as an only dog.

While Dante didn't work here, maybe Noel would be more accepting of a young male pup -- maybe even a puppy --

-- that challenge is for another day -- that's for sure -- !!

What's more important, though, is that while people are hemming and hawing about restricting ownership of this great breed, this family is reveling in their experience of having a pit bull as a family member --

-- and that says a lot.

Dante's perfect situation will come -- that's for sure.

I actually felt relieved leaving the visit with him, since both Lisa and Michael, plus myself, had a gut-feel that this wasn't a great match.

That's what the home-visits are for --

-- how else would you know? You wouldn't, really -- whereas this way, there was a definite answer, and we'll go back to square one with placing Dante.

Square one is a lot better choice than a poorly-fit home -- there's no rest in such a decision!

So, here's our boy, Dante.

Only three weeks since his rescue from his abusive home, and he looks fantastic!

He is a wonderful, dog, too -- and with his newly-found strength, he is going through the puppy-phase -- a phase I'm sure he missed out on the first time around, since he was tethered outside on logging chains.

This boy would be a WONDERFUL addition to an EXCEPTIONAL home --

-- if you're interested, fill out an adoption application here -- !!