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  Smilin' Pitbull Rescue

Pups for Adoption | Click here to see our Happy Endings!


Yup, it's Redman -- our happy-go-lucky Redman -- they love each other -- story to follow! Below is a picture of where he came from -- and he's come SO far -- thanks to a wonderful forever home!


Well, Nicole is a little globe-trotter and an ambassador for the breed... traveling from SC to NY to CT before she decided to settle down, and spreading good pit bull will all along the way!!

Nicole originally showed up at 6 weeks old in a South Carolinian's driveway, because the person "heard the woman did pit bull rescue" -- well, thankfully for Nicole, she was taken in and the steps were underway to find her the perfect home!

After traveling to SPBR in CT, Nicole's best applicant turned up in Hartford -- a family with breed experience that treated Nicole's arrival like the welcoming of a new family member!

Along's Nicole's journey to her forever-home, I stopped by my parents' house to celebrate their 42nd anniversary. Of course, Nicole and Thor tagged along. My niece, Izzy (above left) LOVED Nicole, and Nicole was a proper little lady with Izz, following her everywhere and being her little girlfriend -- GOOD WORK NICOLE!!

After a weekend of playing with my niece and nephews, Nicole went to West Hartford, to her forever home. Talk about DOTING -- they LOVE her -- having her little bowl and crate and life already awaiting her!!

Nicole did a lot during her time with me. She helped change my family's view of pit bulls, which is not an easy chore, she got Izzer thinking about adopting a little brown puppy, and she made a Connecticut couple's life complete -- here's what they say -- she is "swimming at the Farmington River, attending barbecues with lots of kids, and stealing all of the attention on walks at the West Hartford Reservoir" -- now just think if that person in South Carolina hadn't heard his neighbor was in to pit bull rescue... GREAT WORK NICOLE!!!

Smilin' Pitbull Nalgene bottles are finally available!

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Nalgene water bottles are the best out there! They're made of super-tough Lexan plastic, never leak, and hold 32 oz. of liquid.

The colors available (from left to right) are moss green, firefly yellow, sapphire blue, glacier blue, pretty pink and ruby red.

If you are interested in purchasing a Nalgene bottle (or two!), I suggest using PayPal -- it's free, and easy to use.

To purchase this item via PayPal, select bottle color below:

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If you really want a water bottle and really don't want to use PayPal, email me at -- the bottles are $13 plus $3 shipping in the US! Below is an example of the front and back of the bottles.

Our Featured Pets...

Redman is a great example of the pit bull temperament. He was found in rural West Virginia, being abused by children, who were throwing sticks and stones at him. He was then fostered in an outdoor pen at a shelter. He was recently transported to Connecticut for fostering and evaluation. Well, he's FANTASTIC. He is great with all other dogs, small and large, and doesn't worry about alpha-challenges or other nonsense. All Redman wants to do is be loved on -- he especially likes to be scratched on his muzzle! He is in excellent health -- his teeth are pearl white, his coat is beautiful, and he is a happy, happy boy!

Casey displays a lot of what bad and good happens to this breed. Her owner originally heard of a young kid living down the street, selling pit bull puppies. When Mike visited the house, he was shocked by what he saw -- puppies with flea infestations so bad there were scab areas from concentrated biting, and a "father" willing to adopt out the puppies at 5 weeks, unaltered. Mike adopted Casey, to save her from her horrible situation, and her potentially worse future, in the hands of an irresponsible owner. Mike soon found out that puppy-ownership is more work than he had time for, so he called us to help him out. THANK YOU MIKE -- we'll get MANY applications for Casey, I'm sure, and we'll get her in to a great home! Since arriving, little Casey has had a blast, playing with Thor and company, and keeping Spud out of her dog-bed!

Little Hunny was born at the wrong time... and at the right time. Although she was found an urban stray by ACOs, she was taken in by two fairy godmothers with over 30 years combined rescue experience. This girl has angels watching over her, as well as a lovely new Lupine collar and leash, and the potential to make life a real treat for her new forever home!

Bumper stickers are available -- featuring my beloved rescues, Spud and Precious!! Click the sticker below for more information!!

Click here for merchandiseClick here for merchandise


Domino needs your prayers. We had a puppy and momma visit to the vet today, and Domino needs to be putting more weight on. He is the runt of the litter and needs to bulk up -- we are syringe-feeding him and monitoring his temperature -- please say a word for him when you can. We have a wonderful vet and receive great advice and treatment -- for that we can't say enough --

SUNDAY UPDATE: I stayed up through night with this little man, syringe-feeding him with supplements, reseting his heating pad and taking his temperature -- he is doing BETTER, thankfully, and will swallow voluntarily -- thank you all for your kind words -- keep the prayers coming!!

SUNDAY NIGHT: Little Dom is a champ. He is downing 25cc supplements like they're nobody's business, and he's now found a more natural heating pad -- his siblings (below) !! -- keep up the good work, little man!

MONDAY AM: It's not even 9 AM and little Dom has packed away 50cc's of supplement already -- he has such strong will to live -- I put the syringe in the corner of his mouth, and he just looks at me with his big black eyes as he readily swallows the mixture -- GOOD BOY, DOM!

Wednesday PM: My Dad came for to days to help, and fed Domino every two hours -- DOM'S PUT ON .5 lbs -- that's a GREAT start!

Now, to the puppers...

First, our respects to momma Philly -- GOOD GIRL, MOMMA!! Philly will be up for adoption, with her babies, in mid-October --

Now, on to the babies!!

The puppies just turned four weeks old. In the past week, they got their first worming (ewww!) -- it wasn't pretty, but it's better those worms are now out of their systems!! We had a vet check-up today, and everyone is doing pretty well, except for Domino. He is my main focus now, so I will update the pictures, etc. in a day or so, once Dom puts on some weight.

Puppies' names are as follows, left to right:

Italics indicates strong interest has already been shown in this pup

Row 1 (closest): Dakota (M), Jodi (F), Domino (M), Teddy (M), Flora (F)

Row 2: Chewy (M), Bella (F), Linus (M), Piglet (M), Elvis (M)

Week 4...

Week 3...

Week 2...

Princess Dea and her 13 puppies...

Dea's story is a difficult one. We received a call from an active-duty soldier a month ago, saying that he couldn't keep his pup in his military housing and that he needed help with his her, a pit bull named Dea (pronounced DAY-uh). Dea, he told us, was purchased in Italy, when the soldier lived there, and was a great girl. Her name means Godess in Italian and Latin -- it is absoltuely true. We were sort of flippant regarding this soldier's commitment to Dea, until he volunteered to drive her 4 hours each way to a foster home.

Upon seeing Dea, there are few words to describe her. She is beautiful - with majestic coloring and gentle features. Her temperament is by far one of the best we have seen in a pit bull. She has no interest in dogs, people or most other non-sense. When we took her to the vet last week for a pregnancy check-up, she waddled around the vet's reception area, saying "hi" to small children, boston terriers and labradors -- exceptional.

Dea had her puppies on September 16th, and they are presently in a foster home. She had 13 puppies, all of which appear healthy. She is a great mother, but such a large litter requires extensive supervision. Per the vet's suggestion, each puppy is weighed daily and compared to the prior day's weight to ensure the puppy is getting fed and growing. If this is not the case, the puppy is hand-fed with a syringe. This is exhausting and time-consuming work, but absolutely worthwhile for these loves.

Dea and her puppies are available on November 13th, after her and their alterations. Dea is a princess -- no question. She has a scratch on her left cornea (see picture below) because her prior owner didn't ever leash her, and let her run after a cat who defended itself. Also, Dea's prior litter wasn't so lucky. Dea slipped out the door the night of her delivery, and the owner couldn't find her. Dea had the litter under his house, in December, and many of the puppies did not make it.

Please understand that these puppies and mother are at the residence of another foster home. We will do our best to make arrangements for visitation, likely beginning at four weeks. Please say a prayer for these brave little souls.

Puppies' names are as follows, left to right:

Italics indicates strong interest has already been shown in this pup

Row 1 (closest): Pino (M), Belinda (F), Dante (M), Bianca (F), Dino (M)

Row 2: Enzo (M), Flavio (M), Guido (M), Isabella (F)

Row 3: Lia (F), Luigi (M), Mimi (F), Rosa (F)

Week 1, Day 1...

Satin and her 10 lab-mix puppies

Satin was surrendered to a local shelter by her prior "owner", pregnant. She carried the puppies for a majority of the term at the shelter, and gave birth to the pups in foster care on September 17th. The puppies will be ready for adoption on November 18th.

Satin and her pups are lab-mix, plain and simple. Her demeanor, personality, body shape, and all-black litter are a tell-tale that she is a lab-mix -- a nice change for us, indeed!

This is likely Satin's first litter -- she was very nervous giving birth, but did great. She is a wonderful mother, and eats 4-5 meals per day, and keeps her puppies pristine and her whelping box clean!

Please note, this is a courtesy listing for a local foster home. Arrangements to meet the puppies will happily be made when they are 4 weeks old.

Puppies' names are as follows, left to right:

Italics indicates strong interest has already been shown in this pup

Row 1 (closest): Mora (f), Indigo (f), Pepper (f), Raven (m), Guinness (m)

Row 2: Storm (m), Binky(f), Midnight (f), Licorice (f), Jet (f)

Week 1, Day 2...

The type of ADOPTER we love!!

I just got this email from Dusty, who came to see Linus yesterday... WOO HOO for LINUS!! -- now Dusty's only gotta wait a little over a month for Linus -- on pins and needles!! Here it is --

Hi Eric --

It's Dusty again. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm being a pain, but I'm just very excited.

I definitely would like to adopt Linus.

I'm not sure why, I just feel like my search for the right puppy is finally over. It makes me nervous to make such a huge decision based on meeting a three week old puppy, but both Ellen and I agreed he was the right one.

Like I said, I own my own landscape design company, and Linus is going to come to work with me everyday. Also, Ellen is a dog trainer, and she has been teaching me for months how to properly clicker train a puppy/dog. When I have him properly trained he will get to be her demonstration dog for when she starts offering group classes. Linus will meet tons of new people and dogs all the time and he will get LOTS of exercise. As Ellen says, "A tired dog is a good dog."

I've read Diane Jessup's, "The Working Pit Bull," every website I can find about Pits, and about 8 other books so far on training. I expect Linus to be a true ambassador for his breed, and I'm so excited I already have bought some toys for him.

If you have any questions about my application just give me a call. We'll work the home visit however you would like -- whatever is best for you and Linus. I have a large fenced in yard with three ponds, and lots of areas for him to explore and chase squirrels.

Also, I would like to spend time with him as he gets older so whenever is good for you I'll travel back up, preferably on the weekends, I guess I still have to work, hopefully I'll soon have an extra mouth to feed.

Thanks again, and tell Linus I said hello.


Modern Dog Magazine -- "PANT PANT" say Spud and Thor!!

Click here subscription information!Click here subscription information!Click here subscription information!

Well, subscribing to Modern Dog may not get Spud and Thor a date with their dream-poodle, but it will definitely make them more savvy dogs -- and will help their guardian owner be a little bit cooler -- !! To learn more about Modern Dog, click here.

Modern Dog is offering discount subscriptions to Petfinder users -- click on any of the magazines above for more information -- $14 goes a long way with this subscription, helping this rescue, too!

Who knows, too, Preccie might get a date with one of the beautiful people -- Regis -- I can see it now -- "Regis and Preccie Lee" -- !!

Happy Endings...

Well, it's been about a month since I've heard from Mary, who adopted Foxxy -- here's what she had to say:

"Hi Eric, I have to tell you about the wonderful Foxxy girl. I have been dealing with a lot of grief in the last year and Foxxy has been the cure. I grew up in my town which is the only reason I have a house here . It's become a very upscale community not a mutt in town. There are a lot of envious dog class pedigree owners when the meet Foxxy. She is sooooooooo smart. Comes when called (knows her wonderful name), sits, retrieves, is a real lady on the leash, and loving. She is sweet and gentle likes kids, cats, dogs, joggers, walkers and couches.

People think she is a rare breed or (some of the guesses) part boxer, whippet, minature pinscher, rat terrier, fox terrier, pit bull and lab cattle dog. She is an incredible jumper and loves to run through the house and side body slam the couch. The cows come over to her (they are dog wary) and lick her. She licks their noses back. She has never flinched and I give you great credit for the loving care you gave her. Can she eat mackeral or any other fish? Once she gets over car sickness i'll try to take her to visit one of her siblings.

There is not a pitbull living in my town . When I tell people where I got her I think it raises their estimation of pitbulls. Foxxy is doing her small part for your cause. Thank you again. Sincerely, Mary --"


THANK YOU to the good folks at PetAg!!!

I just received a call from a representative at PetAg, who makes Esbilac, a milk supplement for puppies and nursing mothers. PetAg made a donation of Esbilac to Smilin' Pitbull Rescue -- THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This means a lot to us, since Philly is presently eating 5-6 meals a day, all supplemented with Esbilac.

The PetAg rep. also told me of their Breeder's Club which offers discounts on Esbilac through collected UPC bar-codes. This club is open to breeders (which we aren't) and rescues (which we are!). So, if anyone out there would like to cut-out their UPCs from PetAg products and donate them to SPBR, we'd be forever thankful! Pet Ag's site is here and I can be contacted at for mailing information of the UPCs.

Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts -- this means so much to us!

We proudly use ParvoStop!!

ParvoStopT is an E.P.A. registered Disinfectant and Cleanser designed to control Canine parvovirus as well as general disinfection and cleansing of animal quarters and kennels.

ParvoStopT is different from commonly used disinfectants in that it penetrates the biofilms present in kennel and cages. Biofilms are formed through microbial activity and protect the pathogenic organisms by preventing disinfectants from contacting the organisms. Chlorine, a commonly used disinfectant, has been shown not to penetrate biofilms and has a tendency to be bound up by alkaline and hard water, further decreasing the effectiveness of the chlorine treatment. BioSecure's site is here.

In short, parvo is an extremely deadly virus. With this product and the great customer support at BioSecure, we are doing our part to ensure our little-uns become happy, healthy adults!

Who We Are

My name is Eric, and I live in Stamford, CT. My rescuing started 7 years ago with my Spud, who was at a kill shelter in Upstate NY. Since then, I have expanded my rescuing to pups as far away as Louisiana, and placements as varied as California and Nova Scotia.

My highest concern is the welfare of the pup involved in an adoption. Each pup is fully vetted before placement, which includes spay / neuter, shots, worming and heartworm test. I also micro-chip all dogs that I place, with consent of the new adopter -- more information can be found at the Home Again site here.

Spay / neuters are done at my local vet, who is not my lowest-cost option, but is superior, in my eyes. This hospital uses vicryl suture material, isofluorane anesthesia, IV sedations and is very comfortable with pediatric alterations. I had both my Precious and my Thor altered at this vet.

Many of the dogs posted on my Petfinder listing are cross-posts for other rescues; they are available in the New England or Midwestern states. Please contact me regarding the dog of your dreams, and we'll arrange transport from there!

All adoptions are accompanied by an adoption contract, where the adopter agrees on basic, reasonable ownership precepts. These include agreeing on a dog who will live indoors, who will not be used for working or fighting purposes, who will not be altered cosmetically in any way and who will be returned to me, the rescuer, should the dog ever need to be surrendered. I perform homechecks with every adoption, and enjoy updates on the pup's progress from time to time. If you are unable to adopt, but would still like to help by making a donation, click here -- we will let you know exactly where your money goes!

When I foster pregnant females or nursing mothers, I supplement their raw diet with Esbilac milk supplement. More on Esbilac can be found at the PetAg site here. I also supplement their base Oma's chicken/veg mix with fatty duck and beef, salmon oil, goat, North Atlantic Salmon, organs and plenty of fatty marrow and bone-dust. Omas has a product, Performance Dog, which has tripe, beef, bone and trachea in it that I use also. THANKS, BARBARA for your advice!

I am the proud owner of Spud, Precious and Thor - all rescues. Precious was left in the back yard by her prior "owners" when they moved from their home -- some wonderful neighbors fed Preccie until her rescue. She has undergone heartworm treatment since I adopted her, and is now a regular princess. Here are Precious, Spud and myself in the Adirondacks last year.

So, you're interested in adopting a pup? The next step is to fill out an adoption application -- click on little Boo below for the application --

Click here for the adoption application
Click on Boo for the app!

Princess Precious

Precious sports a martingale-style Blocky Dog collar -- which she can't slip out of and that also keeps her the prettiest girl on the block! Click below for their site -- no affiliation, just love their stuff!!

Click here for the Blocky Dog site!


Well, little Thor has been asking me for his own section for weeks now, so I can't refuse... here is Thor at play...

Here is Thor and Casey -- nothing too alpha about my boy here -- "I'd rather play on my back!!"

We can't forget this session -- with little Hunny, who was deemed "highly dog aggressive" and almost put down for it -- this was BEFORE she met Thor!!

Gwynn's pups, Moni and Adrian, are at a loss for words when Thor pulls his "I'll just stretch out and chill on my back" move during the middle of play -- :D

Slideshows of My Past Rescues

Below are some informative and entertaining slide-shows on the whole rescue process -- just click on the one you're interested in --

What I feed my Dogs

I am a strong believer in raw-feeding my dogs and fosters. I have fed puppies as young as 6 weeks a raw diet (they preferred it over dry kibble!) and also feed adult dogs the same. I converted to raw when my love, Spud, developed cancerous mass cell tumors. I first looked at the food I was feeding Spud (low-grade kibble) and was amazed to find the additives and low-quality ingredients of the kibble. My Mom is a breast-cancer survivor, and one thing her group preaches to cancer survivors is a healthy diet, to thwart further cancer growth and to strengthen the body. Further, many in the canine cancer worId think that grains in traditional dog foods feed cancer cells, so I was definite in finding a food that was grain-free. I researched the raw diet extensively, tried making my own concoctions, and finally came to Oma's Pride, of CT. Their products are antibiotic and preservative-free, and they are an exceptional group of people, thoroughly committed to raw feeding and the welfare of animals. Oma's operation is so top-shelf that they use the same ingredients and processing equipment to supply the cafeteria at the local school district! As you can see in the picture, Thor is enjoying a frozen mackerel. Thor has been raised on a raw diet since 6 weeks -- he is now 10 months old and a beauty .

Here is a primer on raw feeding:

I distribute Oma's Pride -- give their product a look at -- if you are interested in the diet and live in the CT/NY/NJ area, and I can be contacted at

Here is a link to join my Oma's CT/NJ/NY group --

Click here to join erics-omas
Click to join erics-omas

THANK YOU to all the great adopters out there !

Little Ella was dumped in a rescuer's driveway. This little girl made it up to Connecticut and was adopted in to a young family in the countryside. Ella's best friend is 4-years old, and that's just fine by her -- GOOD JOB, ELLA!!!

The tub-puppies are from Daisy's and Gwynn's litter. Everyone's adopted now except Daisy, who is on my petfinder site. Daisy is a sweetheart and is an ultra-rare red brindle -- or that's at least what we tell her whan she prances down the street, like a little lady!

PB-Smiles, an online group of pit bull lovers and rescuers

Here you'll find a kinder, gentler group of friends that loves the pit bull terrier and enjoys talking about their pups, rescue and every day pit bull issues. Personal attacks and lurking are not encouraged, and the list will be periodically updated to reflect this. Below is a membership sign-up -- we'd love to have you!
Subscribe to pb-smiles
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Pictures of the Week

Thor and Casey met and became new best-playmates!

Thor and Preccie get some coveted couch-time and all worries are forgotten -- :)

Little Casey fits like a bug-in-a-rug in her made-for-baby basket...

Spud embarrasses himself trying to wedge in to Casey's basket -- thanks for making us laugh, Spudder!!

SPBR Logo-wear -- click on the desired item below to look cool, and to support pit bull rescue!

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Adopting a friend

If you are interested in any of my featured pets, please contact me at for an adoption application.

Past pupper updates!!!

First, our respects to momma Philly -- GOOD GIRL, MOMMA!! Philly will be up for adoption, with her babies, in mid-October --

Now, on to the babies!!

Well, the sun is finally shining on little Philly. She was dumped at a Philadelphia shelter in early September, and due to some great lawyers and some great rescuers, little Philly and her two-week old puppies are now in foster care. Philly is such a sweetheart that, when approached with five other motherless two-week olds, she said, "SURE, COME ON IN" -- so now they're 10, and with Philly, they're 11 -- and they're all looking for outstanding homes. See my "pups for adoption" link above.

Old (but still good) News

If polygamy were legal, this would fit the bill --

John and his wife stopped by from the Hamptons tonight to adopt Cubbie. They passed their homecheck yesterday with flying colors (THANKS CHERYL!) --

-- John is in love with Cubbie -- there's no other way to say it -- John looked at 100s of pups on Petfinder and ended on Cubbie -- determined to adopt him --

-- from John's application, he wrote, "I work at home so the dog will never be alone. I will not even visit friends unless they allow the dog to come with me. I took my last dog to outdoor cafes, shops (East Hampton is very dog friendly), recording studios (on the rare occasions that I work outside of my home), etc. I have 2 acres of land with 1/2 acre fenced in and live 1/2mile from the bay and 3 miles from the ocean. The dog will have a very good life."

-- an hour after their departure, I received a call, and looking at my caller-ID, realized it was John -- "oh no, the dreaded 'we're returning him call'" I thought" --

-- it was John, indeed, and he asked if Cubbie could eat tonight, since he was recently neutered -- PHEW, I thought -- I said, "sure, a premium dry food and water -- he might have diarrhea from the diet change" --

-- and John said, "we were thinking chicken and rice" -- I quickly corrected "oh yes, chicken, water and rice" -- PERFECT --

Cubbie is spending this evening in John's Manhattan apartment, to be whisked to John's East Hampton house tomorrow...

This is a long way from Cubbie's "impound #69" days at the city pound, when there was reservation on his "adoptability" because of his kennel cough --

-- this is why I do it, and this is why I love it --

Well, all I can say is, Brock is blessed -- in my most endearing West Virginian accent. I was first informed of Brock through Terry, who I worked with in the past on Southern transports. Terry knew of Brock's family in West Virginia and that they needed to surrender Brock because of a new baby in the family and too much commotion for a small house.

Little Brock had all the strikes against him -- he was a pit bull, adult, male, in a high-fighting area saturated with pit bulls already, and he was black. Black and brindle dogs are the least adopted out.

BUT, little Brock had some things GOING for him -- he is a sweet-heart, and he likes cats -- GOOD BOY BROCK!!

Next enter Dana, a hair-dresser in Stratford. Dana emailed me and basically said, "I've looked at hundreds of dogs on PetFinder, and Brock is for me." Dana has two cats, and that was the dealer-closer for Dana.

I then drove to meet Brock's parents half-way, in Hershey, PA. His momma cried giving him up, and asked to be in future contact with little Brock. Then, Dana and his sister came and visited Brock. One word for them -- WONDERFUL -- they grew up volunteering at the local shelter, so Dana knows his dogs. He played with Brock, but was also always asserting his alpha-ness, making Brock earn praise, petting and treats -- exactly what a newly re-homed adult pit bull needs, structure and discipline.

Nowadays, Brock is doing great with Dana, carefully integrating with his cats and living the life he deserves. I have a new hair-cutter (thankfully!) and Dana even adopted Brock's middle name with him -- Lee -- so, that's Brock Lee to you and me -- ;)

It's the little things that count. Little Mushy (above) was a stray in Long Island, 5 mos. old, picked up by Animal Control on July 20th. She was a brindle pit bull -- a dog with less than 5% of survival and flourishing. She had many strikes against her -- she was a stray, she wasn't an itsy-bitsy baby any more, she was a pit bull, she was brindle, and she was in a high-kill shelter.

Dee, from Real Dog RSQ, pulled little Mushy and Mushy was transported to me by Benni last Monday -- a day Benni took off from work just for Mushy. I had Mushy spayed and HW tested at my vet -- she came through the procedures with flying colors. Mushy's description and pictures then went up on my Petfinder site.

Late last week, I got a call from Bill in VT. I didn't know Bill, and didn't take him too seriously, since he lives 4 hours from me. I took him seriously when he said he wanted to come visit Mushy on Sunday, driving 8 hours just for a "look see" visit. Bill came and fell in love with this little dear. She is such a princess.

I told Bill about home-checks and the like, and he agreed. He went off, on his four hour drive, thinking about Mush. I then called Lynn, of Vermont Pug Rescue, asking for help with a home-visit in her home town of Ludlow, VT, where Bill lives. Lynn did the homecheck within a day, and Bill PASSED!!!

Today, Bill drove another 4 hours to meet me at home to adopt Mushy. He was so proud of her, sitting on the front lawn, with her in his lap. He even read up on the raw food diet and wants to keep her on it. Bill is a teacher and also a part-time web-site designer. He offered to help me spruce up my web-site, not just in the short term, but as it develops.

So, Bill and Mushy are now off again, on a four hour ride to Vermont, where Mushy will go to school with him, pal around with him, and forget the days of being a stray on Long Island, wondering where her next meal will come from.

THIS is what it's all about, an I am so proud to be a part of it. Thank you Bill, Dee, Benni, Lynn and Petfinder -- I am so happy for her!

Little Amber, the Boston Terrier from NJ, has found a new lease on life! She was originally in a household where she was kept outside all day as a puppy and generally neglected. Since her rescue and placement, she's now the best friend to a special needs child with Down Syndrome. The father recently wrote and said that his daughter hadn't advanced beyond saying just "mom" or "dad" -- within two days of Amber's arrival, their daughter was saying "doggie" -- GOOD WORK, AMBER!

Here is the story of five puppies, Nero, Eve, Foxy, Lady and Hunny. All from the same litter, and dumped in an overnight box at a shelter in WV. The shelter staff, being GREAT, put the word out to place these puppies in to outstanding homes. These pups, because they are brindle, were mistaken as pit bull mixes -- we are almost 100% sure they are instead cattle dog / lab mixes instead -- their temperaments and body structures and closer to these breeds than that of a pit bull. We gave fostering, prepping and placing these pups a shot -- we think you'll agree, these loves are in seventh heaven today!

Where we've gone...

Here are these little loves today, in homes around New England -- each pup was fully vetted prior placement, including spays and neuters, vaccinations, worming and micropchipping. What a FANTASTIC bunch of adopters, too!! When I arrived for home-visits with the pups, I found such amenities as pink collars, shaggy rugs, and cat toys awaiting these loves! Also, everyone did great with getting the right size crate for their pup, to keep their love's crate-training and house-breaking in full swing!

Prior Pictures of the Week

My parents came to visit this past weekend -- Thor continued to be an ambassador for the breed, winning my parents over every minute -- good work, Thor!

Here's little Thor -- being beautiful and camera-ready as always -- :)

Here is the hand-off of dear Cubbie, a pit bull puppy from the Hartford, CT pound. Dear Elaine rescued Cub on his kill-date, and he is sooo happy for it!!

This is my dear Thor, at 10 months. Thor and his litter-mates were rescued at six weeks, from a court quarantine in Ohio. Since then, he is a real ambassador for the breed, loving and licking every dog, child and adult he meets!

Here is dear Nicole, a pit bull puppy, enjoying a summers day with my niece and nephews. Nicole came from South Carolina, dumped by a couple in a pick-up truck in a rescuer's driveway. Since then, she has been transported to CT, spayed, updated on her shots, wormed and placed in a perfect forever home -- HAPPY TAIL, NICOLE!

Smilin' Pitbull Rescue
Stamford, CT 06906
Phone: 917-921-6271


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