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Happy summer days with my girl -- :D


Well, it was Sunday, it was nice outside, and Precious reminded me it had been some time since she and I had some QT...

... so, I loaded the princess up in the truck, and off we went to the park -- :D

Here's our first lady, Precious, whom I adopted 4 years ago --

-- and next the trail, with an impatient girl at the other end of the leash -- !!

Since it was gross-hot-sunny, we headed straight for the forest --

-- with plenty of encouragement from the queen -- !!

Precious is red merle in color --

-- not brindle, not brown -- just red merle -- :D

Next, a little break, as a pre-cursor to her exploring ...


Bahaha --

"honey, look at that um, thing coming through the woods" -- :D

Note, too, Preccie is ALWAYS leashed in the park.

Ms. Pretty.

Her left eye is so blue, it's like the clear sky -- sorta spooky, very cool.

and now, we dance!

and then some more -- !!

She's so PROUD of her dancing skills -- !!

Oops - we caught her in a smile -- :D

Next, more land-roving -- :D

She smelled this stream out something fierce, and it's her prize -- for drinking, and for swimmin' --

-- and here's why she leashed --

-- FULL ALERT -- !!

Just a SMALL distraction -- !!

-- and they were gone before we knew it.

If Preccie were unleashed, the outing in the park wouldn't have been so pretty -- :(

So, with that, our outing is done, and our day is almost made...

Who-ever said life was boring never spent much time in nature --

-- it's SO beautiful -- sorta like the beautiful that makes you want to remain an earthling forever.

Thanks for looking -- !!

Please be responsible with our wonderful breed, whether it's from leashing them in parks, to knowing which dogs to introduce them to in such parks, depending on their temperaments, which makes us great owners.

THANKS, PRECCIE, for being great!