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Happy days -- Elvis and his momma Philly...


Here's momma Philly, who came to rescue in September, 2004, with puppies in tow --

-- to her right (your left), you can see her baby Elvis --



-- here is baby Elvis, at 2 weeks --

-- I must admit, I was smitten with him from the start -



8 months later, Elvis has grown up in to a handsome young man, and Philly is his best friend, still awaiting her forever home --

-- some rescues will raise puppies till they're weaned from their mommas, adopt the puppies out, and the mommas will languish in the shelter, because they're adults, only to see an unfortunate fate within weeks --

-- not here -- we love our moms as much as our puppies, and I'd rather adopt an adult than a puppy ANY day -- !!

Adults have proven temperaments, and they don't pee in their beds -- !!



Elvis and Philly play like two peas in a pod, basically with Elvis always seeing how much he can get away with --- !!



Elvie often TRIES to be the dominant one, which momma pretends to allow...



... to a point, and then she lays down the law, which Elvie obeys -- !!



Elvis is a wonderful dog -- he is happy, playful, and loves to play with all my other pups and fosters --



Elvis, still being puppy, will often grab Philly's jowls --

-- she lets him do this, to the point where she'll cry to have him stop --

-- that's where I step in and monitor their play -- :D



Here, Philly and Elvie share a sniff --



-- but not for long --

-- back to playing -- !!



You can see here, Philly's letting Elvis have the alpha position, just for play --



Finally, these two are tired out -- !!



So, another happy summer day complete!

Interested in a lovely girl like Philly? She's a sweetheart, is nice and small, and is a real bed-bug -- she sleeps on her BACK when she's happy, with all legs in the air --

-- and let me tell you, she's always happy -- !!

If interested, fill out an adoption application by clicking here -- !!