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These loves were on the brink of survival -- and are far from broken!


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Friday, March 3rd, 2006

I opened this email from a fellow West Virgina rescuer --


A plea from Miracle ...

I've laid on the cold ground in the rain and snow for many days and nights, hoping someone would help me. While my belly hurt very bad from being hungry and thirsty, I would pray each night for a
Guardian Angel to give me food and tell me they loved me.

Then today it happened... a very nice woman came to where my sister and brothers were laying and unhooked the heavy logging chains that were tied around our necks."

"She gave us food, water, petted us and held us close to try and keep us warm. I don't know who this woman is yet, but I know I love her already.

I heard the woman say I was going to need medical help. I'm not sure what that means, but she told me she would do everything she could to help me as she rubbed my head with tears running down her face."

"She looks so sad, and so tired herself. How will she find the strength to help me? She must be an angel... thank you God for sending her to us.

I've prayed a long time for someone to love me and now that's coming true. Will you please help me too?


Well, above are Miracle (now Dante), Hope (the little girl) and Chance, the boxer to the left.

Sometimes when you see pleas for help, you don't go through a rational Yes-or-No rundown in your head -- instead you just ask, "How can I help" -- and that was the case here.

Boxer rescue took in little Chance, and I arranged help for Dante and Hope.

Here is their journey to greener pastures...

First off, I arrived at the New York boxer rescue who took Chance, and who fostered the pit bulls for a day or so...

You sort of don't want to believe these visuals are true, and when you see them, there's almost nothing to say --

-- though this boy is clearly unbroken, and proved himself still sweet and, obviously, forgiving.

Next is little Hope, who couldn't find the strength to walk.

Little Hope has a skin condition, that's for sure --

-- what's more a concern is her bloated belly, much enlarged from the picture of late last week.

Our first stop -- the Jersey shelter who will care for little Hope.

Hope too is unbroken, proving herself a love --

-- she wags when she can, and licks your face if you get close to her --

Here is her angel --

-- her foster mom, who is a vet tech, and a pit bull lover --

Little Hope went to the vet immediately, where they deemed her NOT pregnant (thankfully!) --

-- they will watch her stomach, and she is on antibiotics.

She also has two forms of mange -- demodectic and sarcoptic --

-- one is transmissible, one is not.

So, I say goodbye to this little girl, and have full confidence in her recovery.

Now, it's time for Hope to begin her new life.

On the way to her room, there are many victory-postings on the wall --

-- and they're not all just labs and goldens --

-- this is an exceptional shelter -- and is truly a "shelter" --

-- they believe in pit bulls, and they adopt them out to great homes --

-- many baby and adult pit bulls have been immensely blessed coming thtough these doors --

-- here the dogs are assessed, trained and set up fine to become perfect ambassadors of the breed!

Hope makes it to her crate --

-- and EATS -- !!

So, Hope on her way, we give Dante a closer look --

-- from some angles, he looks fine --

-- and from others, he needs a lot of work --

-- what is pervasive though is his beauty --

-- and how any human could neglect -- or abuse -- such sweet dogs is beyond belief --

-- how did this person sleep at night?

After hours of driving, and a quick stop at the raw food store, we arrive home, safe and sound --

-- and Spud is the first to enjoy the spoils --

-- femurs were on sale at the raw food store -- !!

Chewing bones is a critical part of a raw diet, massaging the pups' gums and cleaning their teeth.

Bones like this are HIGH VALUE treats, and need to be enjoyed in the solitude of a crate, away from other pups --

-- and we can see that Dante has found his little spot, and is content --

-- his tail is wagging and his jaws are chewing -- !!

Last night, Dante enjoyed a meal of Performance Dog, which is a combination of tripe, beef and tracheae -- plus, he had his femur for dessert -- !!

This morning, he indulged himself in lamb-veg mix, which included ground bones and organs.

Never have I seen a dog so worthy of the word "feast", and I promised him that he will never go hungry again!!


So, here begins the journey of three dogs, badly neglected and abused -

-- I cannot speak enough of how sweet this boy is -- his tail is wagging and he is happy to be around everyone --

-- so much, that it's embarrassing. I am a bit ashamed for what these dogs had to see from their prior "owner" --

-- but I am so thankful for people like Missy in WV to Tina in NY to Karyn in NJ -- they are great people who are showing these dogs that people can be worthy of their presence --

-- come watch these loves grow, and if you know you're worthy, fill out an adoption application here!


May, 2006 udpate!

Well, two months in to their recovery, little Dante and Ms. Hope are showing some real beauty --

-- here's Ms. Hope, fully recovered from her demodex and sarcoptic mange --

-- she can't resist but show the joy in her face from the kindness and love she has been shown in the past two months --

-- and now, it's time for the more important aspects of life, such as taking some time to smell spring's beauty!

Next, we have Dante, who I am fostering --

-- and there is no question of the beautiful young man he has grown in to --

He is handsome, and he has a LOVELY temperament to boot --

-- I just can't say enough about this boy --

-- he's playful, kind and loving -- something his prior "owner" couldn't strip from him --

-- so, the spring has shown these two loves that healing can and did indeed happen --

-- both Dante and Hope are available for adoption, and if you're interested, an application can be found at the top of this page --

-- what they showed me, and what they somehow told me in pictures like this, is the reward and joy in helping these poor, loving souls was a gift from them that far outweighed any of the work --

-- THANK YOU, all, for your kind emails, care and donations -- together, we made a world of difference for these two loves!


And now, for a recap --


... and after...


... and after...


Okay -- that really felt good!