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After a year in foster with SPBR, Jackson has LANDED!

This is the story of Jackson --

-- sweet, sweet Jackson --

-- who really shouldn't be alive --

-- and now, through some WONDERFUL people, he is home -- forever.

Life in Louisiana

In March, 2009, we received the following from Jillian --

"Bam-Bam is a one year old Boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. His story will break your heart. As a young puppy he was brought to a shelter in Louisiana by someone that witnessed him being beaten with a 2 x 4."

"As a result of the abuse, Bam-Bam's eye was permanently injured and his back leg was fractured. His injuries healed at the shelter without surgical intervention.

Although he now has a bowed back leg and a noticeably prominent eye, he gets around just fine, thank you, and his vet reports that he is not in any pain. According to his caretakers he is happy, healthy, and has a wonderful disposition. "

"Bam-Bam has lived in a couple of different shelters in hopes that he would get enough exposure to find his forever home. He gets along well with other dogs but has not been tested with cats or children yet. Bam-Bam will need a guardian who will teach him some basic doggie house manners and house-train him. He will be neutered upon finding his forever home.

Though Bam-Bam had a rough start in life he still loves people. He is looking for a safe and loving home Please call us if you think you'd like to share yours with him."

Well, if this doesn't break your heart --


We met up with Jillian and her wonderful Dad -- whose work you can see here --

-- and we knew we had to help this boy.

After some back and forth, Julie in Buffalo offered to foster this boy, and we named him "Jackson" --

-- and UPWARD he began to climb -- !!

Big THANKS to Julie -- for without her offer, this was Jillian's response --

"He is a great dog and they really hate to see him go.  If there is anything y'all could do to help place him, please let me know. 

If not, he will return to bark shelter in louisiana ."


Life in New York

So next, Jack became the most NORMAL of dogs at Julie's --

-- hanging out on the sofa, playing with Julie's Opal and Zoe, and living the life he SHOULD have had, before his abuse.

You can see our little man filling in to his handsome boxer-mix physique here.

The thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Jackson as that he ALWAYS has the attitude that, "Hey -- here I am -- and I WANT TO be alive -- love me for who I am, and I'll be a good boy."

Here's Jack in Julie's yard --

-- after intense running with Julie's Zoe, Jackson would go to this "rest" stance, since his back legs tired easily --

-- this tiring got BETTER, we tell you, as time went on -- so he rarely did it at year's end -- !!

The adoption -- Jacinda and Jack

We really held off on adopters for Jackson --

-- for he needed the most special of homes --

-- to feel love and caring for the rest of his days.

Well, we found that in Jacinda's application --

Here is Jacinda (in white), Julie and Jack --

-- at the adoption.

Jacinda is a care-giver in her day-job, and she looked at Jackson and said, "I can."

And she did --


Here's our boy, first time away from his foster momma --

-- with his new mom.

After some scratches, sniffs and rubs --

-- he says,

"I'm home."

And with that, ONWARD to Maine they went -- !!

Jacinda is SO great that she's going to keep Jack on his raw diet --

-- and she EVEN bought him a DIAPER BAG --

-- or a "tote" as most guys would call it -- !!

Don't forget his personalized blankie -- !!

L.L. Bean all the way, Jack -- !!

Next, Julie gives Jack some little send-off hints --

"When you meet Mertle the Turtle (Jacinda's other pet), be SWEET to him -- !!"

And with that, kisses good-bye...

Life in Maine...

Next, Jackson arrives at home in Maine --

-- Jacinda writes --

"Jackson is adjusting nicely! He has the run of the house, we upgraded his crate so that now he is in Menkaura's HUGE crate with lot's of room to stretch and play and roll around!"

"Jackson is in love with my Dad who I believe is in one of these pictures. They spend Mondays together while I am at work. Jackson is "grampy's boy."

Jackson went to the vet and had blood work done, etc, he was very good and LOVED Dr. Bryant."

"Jackson of course charmed all the ladies in the office and had them in tears when they heard his story.

They all adore this little man greatly. Jackson is going to need some surgery on his right leg at some point, a knee fusion that is going to put the little guy out of action for some time but in the end he'll be better and stronger than ever."

"Dr. Bryant is an orthopedic specialist so he knows his stuff and Jackson is in supreme hands.

On Tuesday, Mr. Jackson went to daycare where he spend a couple of hours getting use to all the sounds and smells. Amanda (who we adore) spent a lot of time with him, building trust and getting to know one another."

"Jackson touched the hearts of so many people in Maine before he even arrived. Now that he is here, there are no words, Jackson is simply adored and loved beyond words by so many people. Jackson is loving being the only child for now, he's soaking up the love and attention and is warming up to new people quickly. What can I say, Jacks is a sweet pea."

"In the pictures you will see his new collar from K9 Closet, I had it gift wrapped and tagged "Welcome Home Jackson", he has his diaper bag and blanket with his name on them, that picture with the bag in it was his first day off to daycare. His new bed arrives on Friday, for now he has a super huge, super soft pillow he crashes on at night next to me on the couch.

He's adjusting, I am adjusting, Mertle is not adjusting (he slams up against his tank when he sees Jackson ) and Jackson just looks at him and moves on to attack his stuffed frog."

"Jackson is home and he's loved, he is so loved. More pictures to come, I promise, always, trust me, youll get sick of me posting all the time.

Jackson sends his LOVE to SPBR, especially Julie

So, Jackson is home --

-- after the long haul.

What is so great about this story isn't just about the dog --

-- but it's about the people --

-- and the good in people.

So, instead of being like (seemingly) the rest of the world who said, "Nope - sorry - can't help" --

-- Jack instead found love and caring with these caring, loving souls.

There is a creator out there, who made Jackson, and who I am sure pained to see him abused, who now looks at Jackson and to all those who helped him and says,

"Thank you."

And with that, Jackson re-defines "why we do what we do" --

-- this is truly the joy of life.