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Meet Tiger & Trooper -- and the reason I still do dog rescue...


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Monday, March 24th, late afternoon

I get an email from an ACO in Ohio, asking me to help with two pups they recently took in as strays. I offer to help, and sense no urgency.



Tuesday, March 25th, 9 AM

I get an email from the ACO to call her immediately. I do, and find out both boys had blood in their stool, and that snap-tests both came back positive for parvo, a virus that attacks the lining of the digestive system, disallowing the absorption of nutrients, and leading to death if left untreated.

The shelter says they want a decision on what to do with the pups -- either SPBR takes them, or they're euthanised, due to contamination risks and space constraints.



Tuesday, March 25th, 10 AM

I call 2-3 veterinarians, and get estimates ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 to treat Tiger and Trooper -- far more than we as a rescue have, especially with a litter going in for alteration surgery next week.



Tuesday, March 25th, 12 noon

The shelter calls and says they just had their strays for the day come in, and that these boys need a decision. I apologize, and tell them we can't afford the boys' treatments, and that they will need to be euthanized.



Tuesday, March 25th, 12:02 PM

I post the sad news about the boys on our forum, and throw out there that if anyone can help to get the boys from Ohio to Buffalo, to call my cell phone.



Tuesday, March 25th, 12:05 PM

Julie, from our forum, calls me to help. She says she can transport the boys, and I tell her to go for it, with no idea on how to afford their treatment.



Tuesday, March 25th, 2 PM

I call Jamie, a vet tech at a local clinic, and she mentions Parvaid, a remedy that a local rescue uses on its parvo pups with great success. I call the rep on the site, and overnight the homeopathic remedy to SPBR.



Tuesday, March 25th, 4 PM

I get a call from Julie, who is at the shelter. The staff says one of the pups, Tiger, has started throwing up. Julie asks if she should take just Trooper, and we agree that Tiger has to come too. I call up Denise, an SPBR adopter and a Veterinarian, and get wise counsel on antiobiotics, parvo and the potential problems we may have.



Tuesday, March 25th, 5 PM

I make a few phone calls and arrange forster for Trooper wih Julie, and Tiger with Noelle. I cannot personally take either dog, for risk of spreading the parvo to my precious foster pups -- the forest pups. These forest pups had sarcoptic mange initially, and they're already immuno-compromised.



Tuesday, March 25th, 8 PM

Armed with our homeopathic tea ingredient lists, Noelle and I hit the local supermarket, Wegmans. Our check-out includes bleach, beef paste, eccinachea, minced garlic, spearment tea, chamomile tea, honey, oats, pedialite, etc. etc --

-- with that, we also have lactic ringers and clavamox. The boys will be immediately put on the clavamox to prevent secondary infection, which occcurs when the parvo rips their stomach linings out.

Leaving Wegmans, I have succesfully depleted the grocery gift card my parents gave me as an Easter present -- just don't tell them!



Tuesday, March 25th, 10 PM

Noelle and I meet up with Julie and the two pups. The boys are shaking a bit when they see me, but their fear quickly turns to tails wagging. I give Noelle and Julie their tea ingredients and meds, and they're off, each with their respective pup.



Wednesday, March 26th, 1 AM

Tiger drank a lot of water -- threw up a bit of it, Trooper had little appetite. The GOOD news is that both boys kept down their antibiotic.



Wednesday, March 26th, 5 AM

Noelle reports that Tiger ate a whole bowl of raw chicken and veg mix, and he KEPT IT DOWN -- !!



Wednesday, March 26th, 7 AM

As I shower, I notice I have energy anew -- all from these boys. I'm more positive and enthusiastic to face the day. To many, these are "just another dog -- and there will be more" -- but to me, they give me inspiration, hope, and they help me live for the moment -- for they truly deserve to live. They bring out the best in me, and they allow me to meet amazing people like Julie and Noelle -- for all of that, I am motivated to help more, and I am thankful I can.




Wednesday, March 26th, 10 AM

To be continued....


April 3rd - Victory is upon us!

Well, one week later, I can honestly now say that these pups are almost out of their parvo-induced state -- !!

Here's little Tiger, showing the world how healthy he is, and what he thinks of parvo -- !!

Then here, from another angle, we see this bug, snug and arrogant as he can be --


-- and all we can say is "WOW" -- !!

In the other foster home is our GIRL, Tessa --

-- not "Trooper" --

-- Tessa is indeed a little lady!

Tessa's foster mom, Julie, has performed nothing less than a miracle for this girl, giving her 24/7 care over the past week, including Dr. Claudia's guidance and Carol from Buffalo Humane's kindness.

You wouldn't believe the past week we had --

-- filled with text messages like "he POOPED" or "she ATE" --

-- these were the words that smiles are made of --

-- seeing these pups come in iffy, then having parvo hit them hard, and then having them recover!

Now, you can see, we're almost out of the woods with the parvo --

-- and we took a big risk --

-- a $4,200 risk.

Our local pet hospital quoted us $330 intake per dog, plus $180 maintenance per pup, daily, as the parvo ran its course.

If you do the quick math on that, for the 10 days we've been caring for these loves, the numbers are daunting.

Instead, we leveraged our relationships, homeopathic remedies, western medicines, and most importantly, the absolute kindness and giving of Julie and Noelle.

Now Tiger and Tessa are experiencing things they've never had before --

-- feelings of not being sick, feelings of love, and feelings of kindness.

So, for us, this is what it's all about --

-- this is why rescue can be absolutely so rewarding.

When else in life can you team up with others to pull off such a selfless thing?

When else would I have met or seen such kindness the likes of Julie and Noelle? Never!

So, we're still getting minute by minute updates on these pups' progress on our forum, and you can see the thread here -- it's got 4,200 views so far -- !!

And we have many, many people to thank for their kindness, advice and generosity during this past week.

These were dead dogs walking, from their plight in the parvo-infested pen, to their needing to "move" because new intakes.

Well, mostly because of Julie and Noelle, these two have life anew, and they will be able to experience their first springtime.


Above is a video that Julie posted of baby Tess last night -- priceless.

If you can't see the video, you can link to it here.


Here is one of our heroes, Julie, with Tessa.

Julie summed up everything best about this experience when she said,

"She's revived my spirit as well. After a long cold winter, I guess I needed her as much as she needed me."

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.