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Victor wasn't one to let a birthday party invite go unanswered -- !!


Well, we had an invite to go to Je t'aime's birthday party this past weekend --

-- so, not knowing much about it, I packed up with my bestest overall temperament pup, Victor, and off we were -- !!

Here is the little t'aime --

-- basically, a rescued greyhound who is all the spoiled and emotional as a boy can get -- !!

And with that, the party began -- !!

First, the coveted cake --

-- which was already invaded by a paw -- !!

And my friend, Matt, and my foster pup, Victor.

Victor is also seen here, on his adoption page.

In short, this dog RULES.

He has 1 in 1,000 temperaments --

-- and he does exceptionally with ALL people, and ALL other dogs --

-- so, he was chosen to be a little breed example in a pool of otherwise black and white fluffy pups -- !!

First, Vic examines the spoils --

-- and thwarts the black dog behind him, who was convinced he had to mount Vic -- !!

And then, Victor was off, exploring the party premises -- :D

Now if this isn't one PROUD pup, I don't know what is -- !!

Finally, at the end of his little tour, he shakes off to let everyone know he's cool with everything -- :D

Next, he says his "hellos" to the birthday boy --

-- as the white fluffy floats in and out of the picture -- !!

And then, Vic, showing his superior cranium, drinks solely from his labeled bowl --


Next, Victor is ready for some EVENTS -- !!

And the first is paw-painting --

Now this boy is adventure-some..

... BUT, there's ONE problem...

... the plastic doesn't make for good footings -- !!

So in a moment, Victor has gone from being cool with paw painting, to absolutely against it -- !!

Not if we can help it -- !!

Hot-dogs are broken out, and the story quickly changes -- !!

Now Vic is a nothing short of a remote-control dog -- !!

And next, he's on to painting...

And now for the canvas -- !!

And with that, his masterpiece --


Next, the cleaning of his paws business --

-- he takes it all in stride -- !!

And then, bobbing for hotdogs -- !!

Note, this is a VERY tough situation if you don't know your dog --

-- with many dogs, this could spark a food-aggression fight.

Well, not with Victor --

-- he is that good.

Bahaha -- he's good, but he doesn't quite get this game -- at all -- !!

He looks up at us like, "ummmm -- !!"

And then, to close the chapter on that "game", he shakes off something fierce -- !!

Next, a ridiculous event to Vic --

-- everyone gets t-shirts -- !!

Look at little fluffy -- someone's got a CRUSH going on -- !!

Ahhh --

-- finally, after all that wait, the cake is divvied up -- !!

And with that, Vic gets his keep --

-- ASAP -- !!

Checking for crumbs, he finds none --- :D

And with that, the king rests on a cool little blanket he found on the floor.

So, after the party, Vic gets a treat-bag --

-- and all that's left over from it now is this, his name-tag -- !!

He also gets a very mod ska-ish 'kerchief --

-- and finally, his bowl --


So with that, we had an exceptional day at the party.

Victor worked a little bit to win quite a few skeptics over, with many saying at the end, "WOW -- he was the best dog here -- !!"

What a proud moment for us, and Vic delivered wonderfully.

Would such a party be an ideal setting for ANY pit bull?

Heck no -- !! Know your dogs, people, and put them in appropriate settings -- !!

Interested in adopting this prince?

Check him out here -- !!