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The Mass. puppy party went great, and the babies are almost ready to go home!


Click here to see individual descriptions of each pup!


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Well, this past weekend brought a lot of rain to our meeting, but thankfully that didn't stop anyone from coming to see their new loves --

-- two by two they came in to get some shelter from the storm --

-- and in the process, a perfect picture came through -- !!

Next, babies were kissed dry -- !!

Here's Chris and Anne, who traveled all the way from Rochester, NY to see their boy, Spike --

-- the yearning --

-- and the embrace -- !!

Quite the smush going on here -- !!

Foster Victor even came, and was a little gentleman --

-- more on him later -- !!

Angel's babies were altered last week, and are now ready for their home-visits --

-- here's their litter -- some beautiful brindles, and some tans --

-- and then we have Grace's babies --

-- and little Taylor, quite the lady, and irresistible with her smushed face -- !!

Taylor takes the high road and goes for a ride on Chris -- !!

Next, Angela balances one of Angel's beauties on her lap --

-- and another of Angel's babies finds forever hugs with Michelle and family --

-- THANK YOU for doing the home-visit, Mel!

And then there's Lily --

-- who came with her brood all the way from Atlanta --

-- and she's up and gone home -- to suburban Mass --

-- THANK YOU for the home-visit, Judy!

All this happens Anne talks and talks to Spike about future days to come --

-- and Spike makes his momma smile --

-- how couldn't she??!!


Jenn, Jim and family are making their adoptions a family affair -- a beauty of each household -- !!

And finally, we get updated mug-shots of Karma's litter for their page --

So, with that, eyes are starting to become heavy --

-- very heavy -- !!

And the babies doze off, one by one --

-- so now it's time for Victor to come out - !!

More on this wonderful boy can be found here -- !!

And before we know it, the next day, we're 450 miles away, doing dear Lila's home-visit and placement --

-- Lila is going to an all-American family --

-- the parents live in this house, and their daughter and husband live next door -- !!

Little Lila's life has begun --

-- she will be this babies' best friend, and that is just fine by her!

So with that, we're almost there --

-- a lot of peoples' hard work is paying off --

-- the positive energy of those who said "I want to make a difference for these poor souls" is now a dream come true for these pups --

THANK YOU ALL, for helping and for making making these loves' lives complete!


If you're interested in adopting, please visit the babes' page here.