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The CT meet & greet went great -- and many are happily home!


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Well, after many, many months of hundreds of hours of work by many SPBR volunteers...

...these deserving pups were ready to meet their potential forever homes!

Shelly was kind enough to sponsor the event in Connecticut, and here you can see the girls (and boy in brown!) ready to have some fun and frolic!

It was late November, so bodies needed to be running to keep warm -- !!

First off, Charm, one of Sparkles' Ohio babies --

-- Charmer is a young lad...

... but even at this young age, he has quite the BEARD -- !!

Here's Charm's momma, Sparkles -- with NO beard, mind you --

-- looks like Sparks was venturing on the wild side her last mating season -- !!

She is thankfully spayed now, so her galavanting days are done -- !!

And next, Cosmo -- another bearded child of Sparkles --

I have been with these boys since early August, and to me they represent the beauty that rescue allows.

They were in a kill shelter, and but not for some amazing people, they wouldn't be going to their homes today.

Great people rule -- !!

Next, we have Shelly's water garden.

Shelly is a vet tech, so of course the pond has a rescue angle...

... and here it is.

You see the albino catfish in there?

Well, he's a rescue -- and instead of being fried up or thrown out, Shelly saved him -- !!

The water garden has a much-deserving fence, as can be seen with Ms. Dottie's curiousity -- !!

Here she is, examing the fish from the porch...

... and before we know it, all's good, and she's thankfully distracted to other events -- !!

Dottie is from Arkansas, and has been dumped back in shelters twice --

-- the last time, her trucker "owner" left her in a hotel room when he checked out.

What kind of man could leave such a beautiful face behind?

Next is Dottie's buddy, ms. tricky.

Tricky is from Arkansas, and almost had a needle in her vein when some kind folk named Danny and Sita arranged her escape to the North.

As you can see, Dot and Trick are peas in a pod, enjoying their run-around.

This is more like watching wrestling than seeing girls play -- !!

And here is our Dottie -- beautiful as the day is long.

She's no slouch, mind you, and she'd love an active home to run and play.

Here's her anti-gravity corner-cutting move -- :D

And then her "look dad" sprint -- !!

As Tricky restores her energy, Dot continues to roam...

... and then Tricky explodes out of the gate -- !!

Air Tricky.

Bahaha -- you can see who missed her turn here -- !!

The beauty of her build is amazing here.

And, as usual, Trick is out in front --

-- faster and smaller than our voluptuous Dot -- !!


Tricky even takes time to terrorize the babies...

... one at a time!

Here, Leo shows her some lip, and just like that, she's gone!

Now she's like, "What's NEXT??!!"

Next, Trick does a quick shake-off to prove all's well --

-- note the little spit particles flying -- !!

Then, our Delilah comes out of the gate --

-- just as pretty as the others, and a little more lady-like -- !!

Before she knows it, Dot is chasing her down the trail -- !!

Next, Dottie shows Leo the smack-down --

-- in a good way.

She's in a play-bow pose here, and she's helping Leo figure out the rules of life --

-- in short, big girls rule!

More Dottie --

-- our little Marilyn Monroe of the pit bull world -- !!

Dottie, dottie, the spotted pit bull hottie...

... has the young boys following her around town -- :D

All this time, Shelly's dear pups have been inside, waiting...

... and watching this play.

Next, we head indoors.

In the garage...

... you know you're in the right place -- !!

Next, the dog-room --

-- AWWW -- !!

Next, Shell's boy, Baron.

... and then, the jackets -- :D

To the kitchen!

Inside, we see Baron --

-- a beautiful gentleman of a pit bull.

Just think of the odds of one of these pups living this long --

-- with all the irresponsible owners dumping their pups, the general fear of the breed in society, and the diseases that plague our pups.

Baron's life is a celebration.

He is a stoic little guy, and he is nothing but comfort.

Baron gets top pecking order on most everything...

... including who gets kitchen rights -- !!

What a great boy.

Next, Baron's comrades sit, obediently, at the door.

The kitchen is off-limits -- !!

-- but a good dose of bedroom eyes gets them permission breaks -- :D

Next, it's snackie time.....

... and this should not be done at home, kids.

Only people who know their dogs inside-out should have high-value items (treats) and 4 pit bulls waiting for them, 1-by-1.

Shell is very competent in this department, and makes it look easy.

Outside, we are making memories, and the approved families start arriving to begin their adoptions and visits.

Here, Cosmo says, "HOME" -- !!

Little Charmer shows off his beard...

... and Cosmo is stealthily disguised in his new family, like he's been here all the time!

I have to give great credit to the volunteers we work with at our forum, --

-- these homes were visited prior to today's adoptions, and a big OKAY was given -- !!

The same with Charmer, who will celebrate life in Vermont!

I love this picture.

Outside, Tricky gets plenty of attention from prospects.

She did GREAT with her prospective home --

-- who even wanted to adopt her, but weren't at the right time in their lives to get her now.

SO, Tricky is AVAILABLE!

And then Ms. Dottie says, "what about me??"

Well, all things working, here may be Dottie's new sisters --

-- precious!

This family has a pre-existing 11 year old dog who was a little crabby during the meet up with Dottie (Dot was a princess!) -- we're going to try and meet up again in the future, but till then, DOTTIE is still AVAILABLE!

Lastly, little Leo finds a jacket...

... and a loving (and pretty!) home in Jersey -- :D

So, with the day done, we had us some hot dogs, beers and good conversation around the fire.

Thank you to everyone, every step of the way, who made this day possible. It's easily over 50 people.

You are making a world of difference for these dogs, and we're proud to be a part of it.