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Piggy vs. Vick -- how FUN -- !!

Everyone has their opinions about Mike Vick and his sordid past -- with pit bulls.

SPBR is strongly against the NFL's restating Mike Vick in to their money-making machine, and firmly believes that the NFL chose dollars over morals and values when allowing Vick to return to their capitalist regime.

I, myself, have a personal argument on why Vick should have been banned from the NFL, even after he "served his time" or whatever he called his short sentence for killing and torturing innocent pit bulls.

Here's my story -- in the Summer of 1992, when I volunteered at a Methodist Foster Home in Upstate NY, and was "big brother" to Roman --

Eric: Roman, we need to get this homework going -- reading and math and the like are really important to getting a good job in the future, and to being self-dependent.

Roman: I don't need to learn anything -- I don't.

Eric: Why?

Roman: Because when I grow up, I'm gonna be in the NFL and be rich.


All of us know, the odds of "making it" in the NFL were -- and are -- quite slim --

-- but my BIGGEST take-away from this conversation is the IMPACT the NFL had on Roman as a young African-American --

-- he looked up to it --

-- he wanted to be it --

-- we was betting his future on it.

Fast-forward: Mike Vick.

Mike Vick's abuse of pit bulls has been documented well in the media.

Heck, our forum even has a SUB-FORUM devoted to Mike Vick's disgrace -- here.

What I'm saying, sincerely, is that Vick came back in to the NFL, his example of dog fighting, to many youths in America, made dog-fighting acceptable and "cool" --

So, what are we gonna do about it?

Well, I am sure the NFL doesn't care what we think --

-- cash talks.

I'm sure Mike Vick doesn't care what we think --

-- he's back as QB for Philly, distancing himself from his sordid past.

Who does care is Darren Usher, in a small Florida company.

Darren's company, found here, has taken the Vick incidents to promote the awareness of dog-fighting, and to abolish this cruel blood-act --

-- not sport -- because sports are supposed to be fair.

That said, our forum folks voted and voted for SPBR on Darren's site, and we got 9 free Vick toys in the mail, all of which will go to our fosters --

-- how's THAT for morals and beliefs, and not focusing on the dirty-dollar -- ??!!

So here's an example of a Vick doll as we received it, and it's packaging --

-- WELL DONE -- !!

And next, inside, we find a plastic-ish doll --

-- nothing of substance, moral character, sustinence or societal fiber --

-- just a flimsy plastic doll.

We also find a smilin' quarterback --

-- a quarterback who after admitting guilt to animal cruelty and to tarnishing many chidrens' minds about "what's right" came right back to the NFL and said --

-- "more, please."


On the back, the infamous number 7 --

-- and more overall cheese.

Next, out comes Piggy.

Who is Piggy you ask?

Piggy came to SPBR in 2009, the victim of dog-fighting in NYC --

-- and here's how she came in the NYCACC --

-- bruised and broken.

Look at here eyes -- empty.

Look at her upper lip --

-- surgically removed by the ACC veterinarians, from severe wounds, and here, healing.

Look at her right ear -- mangled.

Look at her face -- scarred.

And, after a few months with some mighty fine people, look at our girl now --

-- there's HOPE in her little face --

-- and there's HEALING on her pretty body -- !!

Again, the events --

-- ear bit off, facial scars, lip removed --

-- all CHECK.

And that she still LOVES --

-- CHECK again -- !!

So, outside, the "meet-up" --

-- Pig and Vick --

-- at first she's suspicious --

-- can you BLAME HER??!!

Then, proving what a GREAT girl she is, she comes to ME for lovin's, over that bad old Vick toy -- !!

And MORE lovin's --

-- what an honor it is to have this girl trust and love a human again --

-- after all she's been through -- :(

Her hazel eyes --

-- her blue coat --

-- her white racing stripe --

-- did her prior "owners" think of these aspects when they fought her?

No, they thought of death and money -- that's it.

So next, Piglet warms up on Vick --

-- sort of getting her muscles and the like ready --

-- saying, "now it's time for ME to have some FUN" -- !!

Next, she takes her first bite --

-- YUM! -- !!!

And then, she tries Vick's many different positions, and finds joy in how easy he is to manipulate --

-- like a puppet -- !!

EEKS -- !!

A little spittle on our star's head --

-- hope the cameras catch that -- !!

After play, a quick exam reveals a minor scalping of Vick's head --

-- sort of like Piggy's head after she was fought, resulting in her scars --

-- an eye for an eye?

Sounds good!

Ohh -- now we can see our hero's interest is PIQUED -- !!

"Prepare for lift-off" -- !!


And da' Nom Nom Nom -- !!!

Our newest exam shows something embedded in Vick's head --




Ohhh -- that's gotta HURT!!

Maybe an INFECTION --

-- sorta like dogs biting each other in an incited incident --

-- like what happens in a "fight" -- ??!!

As Vick looks a little flustered, Piglet comes back in for round three --

-- and next, she finds his feet oh-so-tasty -- !!

Ouch -- again, that's gotta hurt --

-- losing your foot is sorta like getting your EAR or LIP ripped off, wouldn't you say, Vick?

Gotta say, you sorta saw this comin' -- !!

Look in our girl's eyes here --

-- pure BLISS -- !!

Again, a little spittle never hurt anyone -- !!


And here, our favorite photo --

-- a happy girl enjoying her toy --

-- and raising awareness at doing so -- !!


Hmm --

-- looks like there's someone still smiling here --

-- think it's because he KNOWS what he did to all his "dawgs" was far worse than this?


Sorry, Vick, all our electric shock-cables were out for repair this sunny day -- !!

And here, Piggy seems to be almost cloaking Vick in her spittle --

-- letting her every fluid fill and cover this horrid figure --

-- making him *almost* disappear.

"Houston, it appears there's limited visibility out of my right eye" -- sez Vick --

-- hmm -- can't IMAGINE handicapping dogs that fight, cutting their noses to force cocaine absorption on them, to make them act OUT of CHARACTER, can you, VICK??!!

Ahhh, the tears get in your eyes, huh Vick?

Seriously, I think you're full of crocodile tears, buddy.

Next, our princess shows her girly, pretty eyes as she enjoys her "play-time" -- !!

It's time for an exam --

-- and doctor, it isn't looking GOOD -- !!

It looks like Vick suffered some damage to his throwing arm --

-- better tell the NFL -- they need to repair it for Sunday's game -- !!

Whatever it costs, right, NFL? Gotta get that viewership!!

Hmm -- his torso --

-- ouch!

So, our villain, Vick, is down, but not out for the count --

-- and just as he did in dog-fighting, he'll battle till the end --

-- with no referee, no fairness, no rules --

Piggy is still up for the "play", so we say, "girl, you DESERVE IT" -- !!

The approach --

-- the descent --

-- and CONTACT -- !!

A happy, and determined, girl, with her PRIZE -- !!

OUCH -- again, that's gotta HURT, man -- !!

She's biting off your EAR --

-- sorta like her FIGHTER owners did when letting her ear get torn off in her "rounds" of fighting --

So, with that, I think we're almost done --

-- our "role model" is fortunately no more --

-- thankfully -- !!

But, from a small voice in the background (with counsel, of course), Vick asks,

"Where's my PLEA" -- ??!!

And to that, Piggy responds, "Right HERE, big boy -- !!"

And again, Piglet is allowed her due --

-- which is the least we can afford her.

And again, bliss.

Finally, after our last exam, our boy is done here --

-- still smiling, after assessing the situation and thinking, "I can still PLAY BALL, RIGHT??!!"

How could any "human" ever send such a girl in to a fight?

A happy, trying-to-please beauty such as this?

Well, no "human" can, as we know them --

-- and we're happy to give Piggy the life --

-- and joy --

-- that she deserves --

-- again, we have CONTACT -- !!

So, we're done here --

-- happy as clams, especially since Piggy got her due --

-- as did Vick.

Our girl is the last-dawg-smilin' here, and for that, we're proud -- !!

Smile smile smile --

-- nom nom nom -- !!

Bliss --

-- even with a removed upper lip --

-- now THAT'S a fighter to US -- overcoming all odds to STILL be HAPPY -- !!

And Piggy says, "In the end, I win --

-- those fighters may have disfigured my outside, by they didn't take my soul.

I'm still a good girl, and I deserve a great life in a happy home."


Piggy, we love you, and in our eyes, you're adoptable.

We have some final assessment to do with our lovely trainer, Colleen, and then you'll get the dream you always wanted -- and deserved --

-- a happy, kind, loving home.

So a big "THANK YOU" to Darren for his Vick toys, and a bigger THANK YOU to Piggy, for reassuring us that we ARE doing the RIGHT thing by rescuing and being the voice for these loving, misunderstood souls.

We love you, Piggy, and we're honored to help you.