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The last of fall gave the fosters some well-deserved face-time!


It's the final weeks of fall, and things certainly are busy --

-- we've got 4 foster homes caring to the babies' every whim, plus some adults willing and ready to go to great forever homes.

We'll start with the large-brood -- !!

Here's Lox, surrendered because his owner was losing her house.

She called and called -- for months.

It was finally his pictures that made me give in -- I couldn't resist what a handsome pup he is -- !!

More on Lox, plus his adoption application, can be found here.


Mr. Lox is 5 years old, and he was a one-owner dog for all his life, prior to coming to foster.

He is very sweet, but quite honestly, acts more like a person than a dog -- !!


The side-shot of our boy -- beauty -- !!

Send in an application if you're interested in this dear boy -- he gets along great with others dogs, and has many endearing traits --

-- one of them being that he bunny-hops down stairs -- he's content and just fine with the simple things in life -- !!


and next... an impromptu puppy party...

Next, we load up the brood for a quickie puppy party at Geo's.

More on these loves, plus adoption applications, can be found here.

Arja meets Geo's wife, and she plays her "I'm just an innocent little baby" skit -- !!


Such a baby that Geo's wife gets her a special blanket -- !!


Forbidden fruit holds secret charm, and here the recycling bin is about as charming as it gets for these pups -- !!


Caroline takes a second for some huggin' from Geo --


Little Caro came along for the ride, too --

-- the favorite game with her is "guess my breed" --

-- we're still not there yet -- !!


... and Arja continues her quest...


... so much that older Caroline joins in...


... VICTORY -- !!

"The broth can is MINE" says Arja -- !!


Meanwhile, the rest of the pups have found their next teething-post --

-- the wood-pile -- !!


Here's a detail of beauty (and sweetheart), Maia --

-- still available -- !!


And then Ann and her family arrive --

-- there's certain times you just like people --

-- these parents had pins of their kids on, one in cheerleading, and one in football --

-- and of course, the pins matched their keychains --

-- what a great start -- !!


Caroline slows down for a hyper photo-op -- !!


And Ann has found Arja...


Arja keeps herself in the lime-light, bouncing around with glee...


... and blessed are the joymakers.

Eight of the 32 puppies are pending home-visits, with potential adopters that are outstanding!

Doreen and Brian are planning a puppy party in Mass. either the 12th or 13th of November (next weekend) for the Jersey girls and boys, found here. If you're interested in visiting, please submit an application and let me know you're interested in attending. If you've already submitted an app, please email me with interest in the upcoming pawwwtyy - !!

THANK YOU everyone for believing in these loves, and for helping them progress one step further out of their dismal starts to life --

-- YOU are making a world of difference for these loves -- !!